470 thoughts on “Withdrawal of SWM begins from Pakistan


    Chennai: Saturday may see an isolated rain shower drifting in some area, but chances are less. Sunday will be dry and warm.Heat index may be around 38c. Rains intensity increasing from Wednesday.

    Forecast map by Vagaries:

  2. VAGARIES observation of SWM WITHDRAWAL

    The SWM has started withdrawing from Western and Central Pakistan.
    The trough in the extreme North of Pakistan is “pushing” down , and the resultant WD is causing the seasonal low to weaken and elongate, that is concentrated regions are not seen. North Pakistan continues to get rains with Islamabad getting 30 mms today.
    Possibly, complete Monsoon withdrawal parameters may develop by Tuesday over entire Pakistan.

    BB-11 is hovering in the UP region as a weak system. At the most, we can say it being embedded in the Monsoon Axis, is keeping active precipitation along the axis.
    Rainfall is persisting along the axis line in North MP and adjoining UP.
    As the system fizzles out by Saturday, rainfall will be shifted to the Eastern end of the axis.

    The western end of the monsoon axis is basically dry and has seen the SWM withdrawal commence.
    Coastal Sindh region may still see some very scattered light showers on Saturday…may dry up after Sunday. West winds prevail.

    Courtesy : Vagaries

  3. Sorry guys, i do not want to flood the blog with non-weather related articles / posts . Since no activity is in the weather front right now, i have posted the recent posts.
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  4. weather alert We will get early rain today.probably around 2-3 pm. very heavy rain possible for tv malai, kanchipuram, walaja, vandavasi, arakkonam, viluppuram, almost entire North interior and some parts of tiruvallur and kancheepuram districts. good day for bloggers.

  5. Lot of low clouds are coming in from south, southeast. Rayalaseema, vellore, kanchipuram, tiruvallur districts will be battered today. very heavy rain likely for tirupati, cuddapah and adjoining areas possible

  6. Seems to be a decent chance from the one nearing Nellore ..North -South movement seen along the east coast border. The one east of Blore too s following the same North-South movement though it has practically remained stationary for a long time.

  7. Gigantic storms all over interior TN and KTK. Movement from NNE or N ,so as our Thala has already stated, if the ones near Nellore survive and keep flanking, we could be in for some amazing rains!

  8. Sksvram, yeah! Lots of cumulus already around, we could have tstorms by noon itself, but they will mostly not reach us as wind is from NNE or N

      • Susa,Sks..–All the TS activity seems to be following Vertical North/ South pattern..Hence the Nellore one should sustain and not drift east wards into the ocean. Nil chances from the big one east of Blore.

  9. The chief amounts of
    rainfall (1cm or more) recorded 
    at 1730 hours IST of today are: 

    Bareilly and Dehradun­4 each;
    Passighat­3; Satna, Ambikapur, Khajuraho, Gorakhpur and Varanasi­ 2 each and Silchar, Jhansi
    and Valpari­1 each.

  10. The low pressure area over east Uttar Pradesh 
    and neighbourhood persists with associated
    upper air cyclonic circulation  extending upto 
    mid­tropospheric levels. 

  11. Last weeks report from 22-28 august, big deficit all over country excep central india

    Regions Actual Normal % Departure
    Rainfall (mm) Rainfall (mm) from LPA
    Country 38.2 54.1 -29%
    Northwest 23.6 44.6 -47%
    Central 55.7 59 -5%
    South 12.3 38.2 -68%
    East 61.5 81.6 -25%

  12. i feel that the TS fro North r much stronger than the TS fro West.. ya…many factors influence the intensity of TS.. i m jus saying in general.. i dnt knw whtr im rote r wrong..

  13. Good morning…SE winds in the morning?thats Sept pattern and also the right recipe for early onset of NE winds..think Partha also wrote on this topic

  14. The chief amounts of
    rainfall (1cm or more) recorded 
    at 1730 hours IST of yesterday were: 

    Bareilly and Dehradun­4 each; 
    Passighat­3; Satna, Ambikapur, 
    Khajuraho, Gorakhpur and Varanasi­ 2 each 
    and Silchar, Jhansi and Valpari­1 each

  15. Morning Bulletin

    The upper air cyclonic circulation over 
    Srilanka and neighbourhood  now lies
    over comorin area and adjoining Srilanka 
    extending upto 3.1 km above mean sea levels.

  16. September is almost here and we are inching closer to NEM everyday. SWM has started withdrawing and we are getting to the interesting part of the year. Let’s hope that this year is one of the few years that shows us why NEM is a force to be reckoned with. I hope all of you remember the early morning updates and the late nighters we’ve pulled. As a memory refresher, have this image 😀

  17. 31 August: 
    Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places 
    over Sub­Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim,Bihar,   east Uttar Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam 
    & Meghalaya, Tamilnadu  and Kerala.

    01 September:
    Heavy rainfall would occur at one or two places 
    over Sub­Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, 
    east Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam & Meghalaya,
    Tamilnadu and Kerala.

    02 September:  
    Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at one or  
    two  places over Sub­ Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim. 
    Heavy rainfall would occur at one or two places east Bihar,
    Arunachal Pradesh and Assam & Meghalaya

  18. Weather Outlook for subsequent 4 days from 03rd September to 07th September, 2013

    Rain/thundershower would occur at many places 
    over eastern and   northeastern states,
    Lakshadweep and peninsular India.

    Rain/thundershower  would  occur  at  a  few  places 
    over  western  Himalayan  region  and
    Andaman & Nicobar Island and isolated over remaining 
    parts of the country.

    Weather would be mainly dry over Punjab, Haryana, 
    Rajasthan and Gujarat.

  19. Temparature yesterday

    Yesterday‘s maximum temperatures were below normal by 4­7°C  over some parts of  north Madhya Pradesh   and 
    adjoining south Uttar Pradesh;   by 2­3°C over some parts of 
    west Uttar Pradesh, west Rajasthan, rest east Madhya Pradesh 
    and south Chhattisgarh.

    They were above normal by 2­ – 3°C over many parts of Gujarat and peninsular India and some parts of 
    Gangetic West Bengal and Assam &
    Meghalaya and nearly normal over rest parts of the country

  20. Preliminary Rainfall in Tamil Nadu on 31.08.2013

    in mm

    Glenmorgan Forebay – 92
    Glenmorgan Dam – 65
    Veppanapalli – 49
    Hosur – 47
    Sholayar – 44
    Sarcarsamakulam – 37
    Kotagiri – 32
    Gopichettipalayam – 32
    Taramangalam – 30
    Pykara – 29
    Periyakulam – 27
    Periyar – 26
    Andipatti – 25
    Chinnamanur – 23
    Bodinayakaur – 23
    Krishnagiri – 20
    Vaigai – 19
    Manimuthar – 18
    Thiruvarankulam – 18
    Namakkal – 18
    Tamaraipakkam – 17
    Pechiapari – 13
    Thunnakkadavu – 13
    Annur – 13
    Periyanayakkanpalayam – 12
    Tirunelvei – 12
    Kambam – 11
    Mukurthy – 10
    Eravangalar – 10
    Modakurichi – 10
    Mettur – 10
    Parson Valley – 10
    Aruppukottai – 10
    Elachipalayam – 10
    Sandyanallah – 10
    Uttukkuli – 10
    Kamudi- 10
    Kodaikanal – 10

    • @ PJ


      Gobichettipalayam (Erode Dist) 11, Shoolagiri (Krishnagiri Dist) 10, Thali (Krishnagiri Dist) 8, Rayakottah (Krishnagiri Dist) 7, Hosur (Krishnagiri Dist), Thalavadi (Erode Dist) and Ennore AWS (Tiruvallur Dist) 5 each, Denkanikottai (Krishnagiri Dist), Thiruvalangadu (Tiruvallur Dist) and Gudalur Bazar (Nilgiris Dist) 4 each, Periyanaickenpalayam (Coimbatore Dist), NeeDamangalam (Tiruvarur Dist), Anjatti (Krishnagiri Dist), Periyakulam AWS (Theni Dist), Gudiyatham (Vellore Dist) and Kattumannarkoil (Cuddalore Dist) 3 each, Palayamkottai (Tirunelveli Dist), Aruppukottai (Virudhunagar Dist), Watrap (Virudhunagar Dist), Marandahalli (Dharmapuri Dist), Naduvattam (Nilgiris Dist), Devala (Nilgiris Dist) and Thamaraipakkam (Tiruvallur Dist) 2 each and Karaikudi (Sivaganga Dist), Valparai pto (Coimbatore Dist), Yercaud (Salem Dist), Kothagiri (Nilgiris Dist), Peravurani (Thanjavur Dist), Chatrapatti (odanchatra (Dindigul Dist), Tiruvallur (Tiruvallur Dist), Mettur (Salem Dist), Chengam (Tiruvannamalai Dist), Perundurai (Erode Dist), Tirupathur pto (Vellore Dist), Kodaikanal (Dindigul Dist) and Annur (Coimbatore Dist) 1 each.

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