633 thoughts on “Heavy rain lashes city

  1. after approx 39 minutes of relentless assault,the first group of TS have bid goodbye to besant nagar and it is now to drizzles..the heavy weightcousins are 50kms behind and lets hope for another treat

  2. Now arakonam getting battered..next poontha malli..then chennai city..little chance for dissipation. Note the bluish white storm..this will continue till Vee hours or morning…so overall adam will have around 60 mm+..let us see..

  3. for all those who have tuned in,it has been 39mins of non stop smashing rains and then a 5mins drizzles and then very heavy belting down for the last 4mins

  4. @Kea– yes,rupee,federer,TS all have been good..just to add in IBL,sindhu led awadhe warriors to the finals leading to a juicy encounter between sindhu and saina on sat

  5. Kudos to Rajesh Sir, what a prediction, wednesday for interiors, Thursday for the coastal areas. Thanks Sir.Btw, Kea what did I say in the evening, your 5mm for sure I said. Will be 50mm moro.

  6. Storms not moving again 😀 They’ll just collapse and extend, so rr will just increase and decrease. 😀

  7. Rainfall from the one of the best TS in this year

    Poondi – 59
    Avadi – 34
    Nungambakkam – 27
    Shollinganallur – 26
    Tiruvallur – 24
    Kancheepuram – 24
    Katpadi – 21
    Kaveripakkam – 19
    Guindy – 18
    Taramani – 13
    Poonamalle – 11

    The good news the heaviest rains to lash now, a thick red spot is coming.

  8. @rame1975

    Rainfall amounts will vary for every 100 metres! Madhavaram which is around 5 km from your place will never record the same rainfall amount as yours!

  9. Its been pouring in Anna Nagar West for last 20 mins (2nd spell) with over 100 mm/hr rains. Nunga 1.5 mm /hr. I cant believe it

    Novak see ur gauge. Its going to over flow.

    • Cheeka, Have a look into my posts in the evening by 6pm ,i was telling Ehsan that he would surely get his 5mm and posted the same at 8pm also in the blog. He lost all hopes ..i even posted that it is for us only and only thing is that it has to cross that 50 km radius n sustain. Thank God, we got a bountiful. Will copy paste my posts in the evening about sure shot rains for our area.

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