414 thoughts on “Wet August continues

  1. Good nite Maddy, Sorry you had to fight a lone battle for some time.BTW State of the Art RG to be installed in Anna Nagar West area today (18 August). Comes with 5 year manufacturer warranty, includes free replacement and service through the said period.

  2. Hi, I am new to this blog. I have been following the KEA site for the past 8 months. It is very informative and very useful for knowing about weather (local & global ) . I have been reading all the posts in your blog. Nice …
    Good work , Thanks keep it up…

    • from 10:30 to 11:30, there were mini popups providing light rains, heavy for 2 mins, but those heavy rains went just north of my place to nunga

  3. Has arrived..The much awaited RG for our area (Anna Nagar West) has arrived finally..Will get the installation done in few hours time..

    BTW State of the art RG Comes with 5 year manufacturer warranty, includes free replacement and service through the said period.

    A big thanks to our blogger Pypk Srikkant .Pleasure meeting him today morning…

  4. @novak

    No distractions/obstacles near rg right??? Do set it up firmly! Just tell me if it falls in the wind, I used to have a similar rg before I got my AWS and professional manual rain gauge which is accurate with markings. The bottle one is also quite accurate. Make sure you avoid parallax error!

  5. I’m sure all places in delta districts, cuddalore and pondy would’ve crossed 25 cm this august! I think virudhachalam,gingee and thanjavur crossed 40 cm! 😮


    New LPA needs to form for that,should happen by next weekend I think! Hope it forms in a low lat like this one and we get what South and Central TN got!

    • nope, it wasn’t. My AWS recorded 26 mm that spell, but my manual showed 34. Believe me, I was in Nunga only that day, it was around 4 cm from the afternoon spell. All weather stations miss out on these kind of rains, even IMD nungambakkam AWS was off by 3 mm. That one is always perfect, and when that misses out on rains, you know other stations would have missed out a lot.
      Nungambakkam beat my area by 6 mm that day including the midnight rains where you guys beat me by 2 mm. You beat us by 4 mm from noon spell.

  6. @kalaitnj90

    U serious??? Because I remember seeing Tanjavur with extremely high numbers for quite a few days, so surely atleast 30-35 if not 40!

  7. Superb conditions for storms today, but with all those storms in the past few days and looking at a somewhat stable atmosphere, storms are not likely today. But conditions might change!

  8. superb heating now! We might have a few isolated or even scattered storms, but they’ll struggle to reach the coast without sea breeze

    • I’m not confident about today unless it becomes really HOT. Atmosphere is quite stable, but conditions might change!

      • especially because of storms in the past few days, I was confident about storms yesterday and the day before and won against kea because conditions were right even though there wasn’t much heating compared to today 😀

  9. Hi everybody. I am residing in Kolathur. Can anyone let me know what was the rainfall amount yesterday in and around kolathur area ? ( we received 2 spells 8.15 to 8.40 pm & 11.10 to 11.30 pm). Will there be rainfall today also like yesterday night ?

    • hi, madhavaram close to ur place received 41 mm yesterday! Storms not a probability today, but there is a chance if it gets really hot!

  10. @novak

    Don’t worry! September conditions are prevailing this august from 2nd week 😀 And along with that, wettest SWM month coming in 13 days. Your wait won’t be long! 🙂

    • @Maddy-Where is Anna Nagar west? -Super question really. Ask Kar…He would say that it is in the heart of the city and for some reason did not visit that super area all these years. He would add that he saw the real world since his birth…

  11. @rame1975

    IMD Chennai is not too efficient. It misses out many places. But Madhavaram AWS records 41 mm, that is the official reading used by IMD too 🙂

    • Thanks for your info. I agree with you. IMD Chennai always updates data very late. Looking at other IMD websites ( Bengaluru , Hyderabad etc ..) they need to update the webpage design and also add more information. Moreover IMD Bengaluru provides info in Kannada also.


  12. Chennai Rainfall yesterday

    Madhavaram – 41
    Thiruvotriyur – 23
    Ennore – 12
    Parry’s – 10
    Nungambakkam – 5
    T.Nagar – 2
    Meenambakkam – trace

  13. @rame1975

    If you want more info regarding rainfall, ask our “Dataman” PJ!! He’s the master of rainfall data! 🙂

  14. The updates come in very late in IMD Chennai because they need to collect rainfall data from all the states as Nungambakkam is the met dept incharge of South India!! They give you TN rainfall by 12 pm, but it’s a bit faulty missing out 2-3 places many times. But Daily weather report, they do EVERYTHING, so it does take some time, but it should be done by 1-2 pm, not 4 pm!

    • OK no problem. I will comment regularly . I am eager to know about weather related things after visiting KEA website. Good site for everyone to know about info on weather


  15. PJ, what’s your mobile no? msg me in fb. I’m getting CDMA in a few days and will give that no. to you.

  16. hey! hey! instability increasing! 🙂 but I still don’t think we’ll have storms today, if not for a couple of isolated ones

  17. @PJ

    Is there any way to get rainfall data for ponneri, gingee and other places like that?? I feel they are very wet and need data badly!

  18. @PJ

    I’m making a list of wettest places in non-Ghat places in South India. Try to include more data and post this in your site too!

  19. Maddy, Here is the top 10 in this SWM till 17th August

    in mm

    1. Amgaon – 7720 (till 13th August)
    2. Hulikal – 7535
    3. Tamhini – 7460
    4. Mashtikatte – 6979
    5. Suralbhi – 6752
    6. Agumbe – 6718
    7. Talacauvery – 6715
    8. Yadur – 6489
    9. Kitwade – 6400
    10. Mani – 6356

    • omg!! Thanks for letting everyone know about this!
      Bad monsoon for NE india this year, Cherrapunji not even at 50 cm. But excess in south india! Madikeri 120 cm above normal now!

  20. u r rite.. pj.. ponneri,pulicat nd tada is getting whole lot of rain but unable to get amount of rainfall… even IMD report misses it many times…

  21. Wettest places in South India excluding Ghats, west coast and direct SWM rainfall.
    (Minimum 300 mm)
    June 1st – August 18th 2013


    Adilabad – 1274
    Nizamabad – 949
    Ramagundam – 924
    Medak – 789
    Hanmakonda – 745
    Hassan – 601
    Mahabubnagar – 562
    Rentachintala – 558
    Narsapur – 522
    Nalgonda – 520
    Vijayawada AP – 516
    Hyderabad – 499
    Nandigama – 498
    Hyderabad AP – 493
    Bapatla – 491
    Hakimpet – 486
    Pondicherry – 448
    Haveri – 445
    Chennai AP – 433
    Nellore – 422
    Chikmagalur – 412
    Machilipatnam – 408
    Bangalore – 387
    Kakinada – 381
    Gulbarga – 368
    Cuddalore – 367
    Bijapur – 359
    Davangere – 347
    Kurnool – 328
    Chennai – 325
    Bangalore HAL AP – 323
    Vellore – 323
    Tuni – 306
    Kavali – 302
    Kalingapatnam – 300


    There are many wetter places, but these are from the data available

  22. Storms possible in AP and interior Tamil Nadu today. Storms reaching TN coast is a doubt, but still possible. Thunderstorms possible in the interiors

    • look at pondy and cuddalore 😮 pondy crossed 30 cm this august!!

      Many places in TN crossed 30-35 cm this august!

  23. Chennai AP in good position because of the pre monsoon rains!! 91 mm and 27 mm! Nungambakkam missed out on those rains. If you exclude those, both nunga nd meena have got equal rains 😀

  24. Goa Rainfall in mm ending 8.30 am on 18.08.2013

    After a lull, monsoon picks up in Goa

    Sankhali – 155
    Valpoi – 151.6
    Ponda – 137.2
    Ela – 109.3
    Sanguem – 108.9
    Dabolim – 107.6
    Mormugao – 106.4
    Mapusa – 105
    Pernem    – 96.2
    Quepem – 90.6
    Margao – 86.9
    Canacona – 82.4
    Panaji – 75.1

    • yes, but storms should be able to sustain and convection should persist. if sea breeze sets in, we’ll have a better chance than this.

  25. Rain forecast for (Chennai) this week

    “Low” will develop in West Bengal , Chatisgarh,MP area.Convective rain will occur over Chennai regions.
    Totally 20-30 mm expected for this week.

    Wednesday -trace
    Saturday-4 mm

  26. List of rainfall data available to us in Chennai with owners
    Nungambakkam Anderson Road – Kea
    Mahalingapuram/T.Nagar – Sudharshan
    Padi – Srikanth
    Thiruvotriyur – Velayudham
    Parry’s – Velayudham
    Anna Nagar – Novak

    Soon to come:
    Anna Nagar West – Pradeep John

    IMD Gauges:

    Anna University
    Sathyabama University

  27. Thanjavur only 3 cm in daily report! IMD Chennai super inefficient! 6 cm in tn daily rainfall and 3 cm in daily report! Madhavaram and Ennore not even in the list 😡 👿

  28. List of rainfall data available to us in Chennai with owners
    Nungambakkam Anderson Road – Kea
    Mahalingapuram/T.Nagar – Sudharshan
    Padi – Srikanth
    Thiruvotriyur – Velayudham
    Parry’s – Velayudham
    Anna Nagar West – Novak
    Joel – Velachery
    Rajendran (hr649) – Guindy (now in USA)

    Soon to come:
    Anna Nagar West – Pradeep John

    IMD Gauges:

    Anna University
    Sathyabama University

  29. Tropical storm “TRAMI” is expected to move to Taiwan while the tropical depression will make landfall over eastern China. All travelling to Luzon, Philippines, Taiwan and eastern China should take caution. Both tropical cyclones have no significant effect on Thailand.

  30. @ Susa- Your post few hours back–The rg looks good enough! Where in Anna Nagar West?…

    Sorry, over sight..Mistook in for is…My home is between Tirumangalam bus stop and Anna Nagar Bus Depot..

  31. The chief amounts of rainfall (5 cm or
    more)  recorded at 0830 hours IST of today are: 

    Goa(Dabolim), Karwar and Jabalpur­11 each; Datia­10;
    Amritsar and Honavar­9 each; Vengurla, Nanded and Shirali­8 each; Panjim, Ratnagiri, Brahmapuri, Angul
    and Swaimadhopur­7  each  and Dehradun, Mahabeleshwar,  Damoh, Silchar, Krishnanagar  and Aligarh­5

  32.  A low pressure area has formed over north 
    Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas of Gangetic West Bengal
    with associated upper air cyclonic circulation extending upto
    mid­tropospheric levels.

  33. 18 August:
    Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at isolated 
    places over Odisha and coastal Karnataka.
    Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Madhya Pradesh, 
    Vidarbha, Chhattisgarh, Sub­Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, 
    Gengetic West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Konkan & Goa.

    19 August: 
    Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over 
    Odisha and coastal Karnataka.Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated 
    places over Madhya Pradesh, Vidarbha, Chhattisgarh, Sub­Himalayan
    West Bengal & Sikkim, Gengetic West Bengal, Jharkhand and Konkan & Goa

    20 August: 
    Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Madhya Pradesh, 
    Vidarbha, Chhattisgarh, Sub­ Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, Jharkhand, 
    coastal Karnataka and Konkan & Goa

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