657 thoughts on “Amazing rains

  1. My prediction came true 😀 last week’s S TN like day for us
    Hope we get 20-25 mm more from the one from NW

  2. Storm’s 50 dbz spots becoming 45. It might restrengthen after it nears coast, we need to wait and see, but I think we’ll get only mod rains from that one

  3. Just read this.

    Kea hourly readings were 5.3 mm at 12:30, so it means 5.3 from 11:30 to 12:30. Now total is 20.6 mm.

    Believe it or not, IMD Nunga records 19 mm till 11:30 pm itself, so + 5.

    That means, my AWS and kea’s are gone because of those rains!! Cheers! My manual shows 24.8 mm which is more believable then 21 mm in AWS

  4. Rainfall in and around Chennai Region @ 11.30 pm

    in mm

    Poonamalle – 66
    Cheyyur – 49
    Sholinganallur – 42
    RK Pet – 37
    Guindy – 31
    Poondi – 30
    Kaveripakkam – 23
    Kancheepuram – 22
    Mailam – 22
    Nungambakkam – 19
    Meenambakkam – 19
    Arakkonam – 18
    Sholinghur – 17
    Katupakkam – 16
    Kalavai – 15
    Kolapakkam – 9
    Katpadi – 9
    Avadi – 7
    Madurantakam – 7

    Some one was asking about Tiruchy – 8 mm till 11.30 pm


    Poonamalle ARG has been over-reporting and Kanchipuram AWS has been under-reporting. Watch out for those two!

  6. rr increasing with active lightning flashes!! I think new cells are developing with moisture available near coast.

  7. lightning again 😮 rr increases here to 29 mm/hr and 31 mm/hr in kea

    BTW remember, our arg’s are damaged, so I’m gonna trust my manual only

    • the band is moving northwards as a whole. but more isolated tstorms forming, so about 10-15 mm more possible!

  8. vinodh na

    I tried to explain to jon how september weather set in early this year, but he just didn’t listen and said august is wetter! he is mugging up unlike us who learn 😛

    • It was still a good level match considering Fed’s form over the past 2 months.

      Btw I have told Novak, 1 week ago, Nadal might end the season without dropping a game or max 1.

    • Even I was at iyappanthangal when it rained. It rained with moderate intensity for more than 45 mins… It must be above 5 cm mark.

    • Sandy-You have to agree with the figures. That Poonamalee/Sriperumbudur beltwwas pounded like anything. The RR was pretty high and Kindly note that the TS probably took that curve near that area towards Central Madras n North Madras. I have observed that the place or spot where storms change direction is always battered as it stays a bit longer and the resultant pounding.

      • That direction change was also evident in the radar yesterday. Otherwise as I had posted few times yesterday, the storms were heading towards Mahabs/kalpakkam.

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