545 thoughts on “More showers on the way

  1. Yellarum ippadiye amaithiya iruntha Yeppudi..! Yaravathu start pannungappa.. INDIA mela yarukkum akkaraiye illama pochu.. Ok.. Nane start pandren..

    ! !”””(*)””(
    ! !””””””””‘)
    ! !””””””””‘
    ! !
    ! ! 67th
    “INDEPENDENCE DAY” ADVANCE WISHES… My first wish for you…..

  2. Just found out the reason for the rains and the strange movement of clouds after a detailed discussion with Rajesh Sir.

    I can believe these rains.

    The heaviest rains on the way.

  3. Tomorrow the rains will intensify. Independence day celebrations in Chennai will not be possible – Reason UAC which exists from MSL to mid-troposphere (500 hpa) level north of Chennai. The trough from the UAC is pushing the clouds in an NE direction towards Chennai. Thats the reason clouds are moving like North east monsoon even though it is SW monsoon.

    This is the 1st time i am seeing this type of weather in my life in Chennai. People should see the wind direction in Radar above 5.0 km it shows NE. So whenever a UAC is there, the direction to see is above 5 km levels and not at 1.80 km

  4. Now I have a doubt, two weeks back when there was a heavy rainfall over South & central kerala, it was attributed to the pull effect of the low that was prevailing at that time in BoB.

    Why there is not much rain now in kerela due to this low ?

  5. Seems that huge cloud mass to the north of chennai is moving towards chennai in the s-e direction as per the radar animation

  6. My normal behaviour during such rains is to drive to elliots beach and enjoy the rains and weather..and I am off now..catch up after 1 hr

  7. These are not unusual rains!! These are the bands of the LPA and will come from NNW or N due to position of LPA and its circulation. Nothing unusual except for the position of the low in bay.

  8. UAC is ENE of Chennai.
    Rains possible today too,it will be heavier than yesterday, but not guaranteed to hit us

  9. Good Morning.. I hope chennai gets good rains today.Looking at the radar now it must be pouring in chennai now.. Let this be a rare August treat.
    The last time i heard we had such good rains in August was in 76. My parents told me.
    I am still in Newyork and missing all the fun in chennai.
    Here it is slowly transitioning from summer to fall

    • you had good rains 2 days ago right?? btw I was in new york 3 months ago, experienced a squall line. And also experienced Andrea in Boston airport! It was awesome!
      btw, Nungambakkam records 77 mm starting from yesterday midnight. Meenambakkam around 50-55 in the same period

      • sudarshan.. Even yesterday ( It is still wednesday night here ) we had good rains.. Its been raining on and off since May here.. But July was pretty hot and on some days it was awful.. it like just like a hot June day in chennai. The humidity was sapping.
        Now we have pleasant weather ( Max 24 and Min 15 C ).
        From now on it will slowly start climbing down

        Good to see rains in Namm chennai.. Not many days we get like this.Esp in SWM

      • hope you have a great winter! 😀 I’ll come there next summer too.
        But I did manage to catch quite a few severe thunderstorms 😀 one with a tornado warning too! 😮

        Next system already causing rains in mid-west! you’ll get rains soon!

      • I really dont like the winters here.. Winters in India are the best. Here as you might already know, winters are sober and dull.. ofcourse the biting cold
        i shud be back to India in December

  10. How can anyone forget similar rains in 2010?!?!? Ponneri got 18 cm in 1 day! Cholavaram 14 cm and red hills 11 cm. All in a few hours!! Nunga got 5 cm that day,rains came from NNE-NE

  11. Huge cloud mass approaching from NNE,it might hit us,slight chance. If it does,rains similar to yesterday but with higher rain rates

  12. Madhav infact its been raining in sp koil without any break since day before yesterday night. sometimes it was down to drizzles for a while.Today its bit heavier Decent rain for the last 3 hours no break at all. In the last two days chengalpet could have crossed at least 150mm. Very unusual rain for august i guess.

  13. Super Duper Rains in TN this morning
    Capital Leading the way so far

    Guys Chennai Rocking

    Chennai 56MM
    Madhavaram 38MM
    Mailam 26MM
    Kalavai 22MM
    Ennore & Virinjipuram 21MM
    Aduthurai 20MM
    Paiyur 19MM
    Hosur 18MM
    Tiruttani 10MM

  14. Hope catchments would have received gud rains though the chennai city have not received much from yesterday afternoon

  15. Does this not resemble a break monsoon condition. The rains in the norht seem to be retreatingto the foothills. No rains in the west coast or other parts of the country.
    In these scenarios typically Tamilnadu and south coastal AP and rayalseema get rains

  16. yeah susa

    In 2010 aug it was same as it is now… raining continously from midnight through out the day sometimes heavy and direction of clouds were from NE,we got 80mm from that low

  17. IMD Nungambakkam 58.1 mm till 8:30am 😮
    See everyone? AWS shows 56, so it’s also starting to malfunction because of these long spells. This is why my AWS and kea metsite are showing lower numbers,but my manual one is accurrate.

    IMD Nungambakkam 79.5 mm from wednesday. My house 74 mm

  18. Tambaram might be topper.

    Watch out for Chemba, Sholinganallur, Kalpakkam,Mahabalipuram, Sriperumbadur, Kadambathur and Thiruvallur. Don’t forget Poondi too

  19. @vijay

    np 😉

    Just be active here, I’ll post TBM data by noon! Just visit blog once or twice every hour!

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