158 thoughts on “Expecting good rainfall this week

  1. “Tonight could be the last day Nunga misses out. So guys south of us enjoy ur last moments. Nunga will rock starting tomorrow”

    -Our trollstar’s latest comment…Nah,He will never learn! 😀 ..What say Susa?

  2. sailudavey

    sea breeze onset will result in rise of humidity and dew point and cause development, sudden development in storms. You can find it by the rise of humidity and dew point and fall in temperature. Wind doesn’t always change to easterly direction like today as sea breeze was weak because of the low pressure close by, but on other days, it will change to e. Mainly, dew point and humidity will rise

  3. மழை தருமோ ஏன் மேகம் …
    மயங்குதம்மா எண்ணங்கள் யாவும் …
    தொஹைக்கு தூதுவன் யாரோ … தோல் தொட்ட தென்றலடி
    தொடர்ந்து நீ பாடும் ராகம் என்ன … பொன்வண்டே …. (மழை தருமோ)

    Old Song to Listen

  4. Due to 10% increase in Import Duty – Sudden Rise in Gold Rate

    Gold Rate in Delhi Today Evening :
    1 gm – 22 Karat = Rs. 2729.00
    1 gm – 24 Karat = Rs. 2924.00

    Gold Rate in Mumbai Today Evening :
    1 gm – 22 Karat = Rs. 2725.00
    1 gm – 24 Karat = Rs. 2922.00

    Gold Rate in Chennai Today Evening :
    1 gm – 22 Karat = Rs. 2787.00
    1 gm – 24 Karat = Rs. 2981.00

    Gold Rate in Kolkata Today Evening :
    1 gm – 22 Karat = Rs. 2748.00
    1 gm – 24 Karat = Rs. 2932.00

    • 10.10 Cheran Exp. Hello , BTW ,2005 October 25th I stepped into this city again from Bombay. Rest is History. Almost decent monsoon every year since then. 🙂

  5. Today – Rajya Sabha passed a Bill to make registration of marriages mandatory.

    The Registration of Births and Deaths (Amendment) Bill, 2012, which was passed by voice vote, seeks to provide compulsory registration of marriages irrespective of religion.

    The registration of marriages will not apply to those who have registered their marriage under any other law.

    At present, there is provision for registration of only births and deaths.

  6. what a monsterous cloud that is, starting from Arakkonam to deep down.

    Kanchi, Cheyyar(second spell), Vandavasi, Avaniapuram, Arani, Takkolam, Walajapet. Will be benefitted.

  7. When i left at 6.45PM there was no cloud around, when i near my house it was huge TS between Tambaram & Chengalpet. Intense lightning.

    That stretch has benefitted much.

  8. 19 people have been arrested in connection with the incidents of protests and violence in Jammu and Kishtwar districts, the Jammu Zone IG of police Rajesh Kumar said on Tuesday.

    “The arrested persons will go through rule of law, and those found innocents would be released”, he said.

    With today’s arrests, a total of 141 people have been taken into custody till now in connection with the incidents.

    Suresh Kumar, Principal Secretary (Home), said on Monday night that as many as 111 people have been arrested in Jammu during the past few days.

  9. clouds near Tirupati should target us.. but the hilly region would attract them, more chances of moving towards East…

  10. try to point out the tilting position of anvil in those giant stormsl… anvil tilt direction would be the direction movement of the storms… previous storm changed the track at the last moment..

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