Wetter Days Ahead

So far, south and central parts of the coast and most parts of the interior Tamil Nadu have got exceptional rains. As the low pressure moves north, the rest of North Tamil Nadu coast and S.AP are expected to get rainfall from tonight till the weekend.

687 thoughts on “Wetter Days Ahead

  1. As expected, monstrous rains in South and central TN. But there is a decent chance for N.TN is those popups flank to the north-west

  2. Next storm is gonna be for Cuddalore-Pondy zone. We have around a 20% chance tonight, much better thsn previous days

    • Yes shankar, very bad indeed.. also usually n.blore gets more rain than city in jun-Aug, but this time its not the case.. hoping today’s rain is a sign of better things to come 🙂

  3. New IMD observatory at Trichy!! It’s located in the city. There’s one in the airport too,but it’s about 30 km from trichy

  4. @kar

    Hasn’t late august weather set in a bit too early??
    These kinds of rains are supposed to commence by August end!! Then September weather will commence by late august itself!!

  5. @kar

    18 cm in may?? Don’t tell only convective supercells!! There should’ve been atleast 1 hailstorm!!

    • Din’t you hear about the theatre collapse in Tirupattur that killed some 10 odd ppl in May…i was told it was half an hour of monstroous Hail hitting hard on the floor…with gusts…Unfortunatley i miss hailstomr everytime 😦

      • yeah, got the link just now!

        btw, was there hail in TBM in the 2007 storm?There was a hailstorm here in september 6th 2011 or something, the day when nunga got 3 cm in 10 mins with 548 mm/hr rains!

        But interior places despite being very hot and not as wet as coastal TN, experience supercells like these every year!

  6. @Sudharshan …

    I have never experienced hail in my life….The best chances to see hail in TN is from March-May and September-early october ….High chances in NW-TN regions of Dharmapuri,Krishnagiri,Hosur and Tirupattur (Continuation of SI-Ktka premonsoon showers) ..And nIlgirils and kodaikanal…..Besides u can have decent chances of Hail in other parts of interior TN also…In coast it’s very very rare…

    • But we get more rainfall, so it’s balanced!

      btw I heard Madurai and Coimbatore get hailstorms often too. Are you planning to go hail storm chasing this summer?? 😛

      • but north interior TN was left dry.. very dry conditions in vellore,dharmapuri dists.. radar shows plenty of activity over those places today

  7. @Sufharshan.

    That’s a lovely video…Waiting for September to witness those kinds of afternoon monsters….I was lucky to capture this one two years back… u mgih have seen this already…Early october 2011,near Tirupattur..

  8. Last year, september didn’t give many very violent supercells, but did give us 1 or 2 fairly strong ones!!. The strongest one was on september 26th I think.

  9. @kar

    But amazing rains that!! How long did it last?

    Jon, see the power of summer and september-early october storms?? 😀 😀

  10. @jon
    haha 😆 that’s cute from august, but this is supposed to be late august/partly september weather 😀

    10-15 cm for various places is what september storms can provide in ONE day!

  11. Susa,

    Any idea about any low in September of 1984…??

    The all time record of single day rainfall for Meenambakkam in September is 199mm on Sep 30,1984 ……

    Nunga’s record in September came from the 1996 low where it got 167mm in a day,which means rainfall thruoghout the day….

    But this 199mm…could it have been from a super cell ??

  12. @Kar

    I think 1984 September Meena 190 mm was from a low, because I read a report long ago saying that there were many low pressures forming in central bay during SWM which resulted in good rains in Andhra and Orissa, but didn’t read about Chennai. Should’ve been some thunderstormy day caused by the low

    • Should’ve been a huge/slow moving supercell CAUSED by a low unlike the other supercells. Or could’ve also been like what the rest of TN has been getting in the past few days, but much more severe

  13. I seen many place single day rainfall..but unable to see about madurai..what about madurai ?what is the highest rainfall in one day?can anyone get plzz..i eager to see

  14. These storms to the NW- WNW should go a bit south of us, but seeing the trend, they’ll flank to the N and NE,so chances are much better today

  15. 11:20 is the big finals. Will try my best to stay awake. Hardly slept for 4 hours last night.

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  16. Latest rainfall data…

    Yelagiri 34 mm
    Pudukotai 14 mm
    Kovilpatti 13 mm
    Kallakurichi 10 mm
    Ariyalur 6 mm
    Perambalur 5 mm

  17. Storms gonna affect cdl mahab stretch. But they should flank to the N and NE. Rains very much possible tomorrow 😀 😉

  18. monstrous storm in deltaz once again…. 5cm + rainfall fr thiruvarur dist…. 2hrs non stop rain…. nw stopped to drizzles… today perfect platform suitable fr t.storms… hot nd humid day…

  19. Today’s rain in and arnd blore – kanakapura 25mm, sahakarnagar 14mm, hesaraghatta 13mm, Hal ap 5mm, city aws 2mm.. expecting good numbers from yelahanka n gkvk.. @shankar, yes we had good rain till July 20th or so.. we should hopefully cross 100cm this year 🙂

    • forecast for next few days looks promising..but.it all depends how sep and oct goes for us….but last year sep was bad and oct was ok…but nov was awesome for ur area.north blore..i remember we got 120mm from nilam.in 2 days and 71mm on nov 5th ..and 45mm on nov 24th..

  20. @novak

    Sterday planned to go to ur cousins restaurant in funbori after visiting small iskcon temple near by, but entire plan was cancelled because of the severe heat wave

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  22. An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale jolted Maluku islands in Indonesia on Monday, but there was no potential for tsunami, the Meteorology and Geophysics Agency said.

    The quake hit the region early morning and the epicentre, with a depth of 121 km under seabed, was at 155 km northwest of Maluku Tenggara Barat of Maluku province, reported Xinhua citing an agency official.

    “We do not issue a tsunami warning. So far there is no report of damage as the centre of the quake was deep,” he said.


  23. @shankar, last nov was awesome as u said, 23cm we got, 400% excess.. but we got only 5.5cm in Sep n 7cm in Oct.. and on that 71mm day in nov, I was unfortunately in office and only witnessed the severe traffic jam on hebbal flyover 😦

  24. Rains at 08.30 AM in TN in MM

    Madurai and Trichy started getting rains.

    MADURAI AP 50.6
    SALEM 33.2
    KARAIKAL 14.7
    TONDI 1.1
    CHENNAI AP 0.8
    COONOOR 0.6

  25. The upper air cyclonic circulation over northwest & adjoining westcentral  Bay of Bengal &
    neighbourhood  between 2.1 Km to 5.8 Km above mean sea level.

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