563 thoughts on “Dry weather continues..

  1. “We will accept DRS when technology is foolproof. There’s nothing in between. Full stop,” Dalmiya told the Indian Express . “Let them come up with a system which is 100% correct. They couldn’t fix the Duckworth-Lewis problem in 15 years, what guarantee do we have about an error-free DRS?

    Why doesn’t BCCI boycott Duckworth-Lewis?

  2. Good Morning, Only 13 entries for August contest . Kea , it’s time you declare some worthy prize to attract more contest entries. Prizes can be given during Kea Meet.Can be for the first three places. Needless to say, start from the first contest (July 2013). ADMIN- Please take a call soon.

  3. woke up at 3.30am,as the sweat due to the humidity had accumulated close to 1mm over my forhead! and then nature rescued besant nagar with 2 sharp spells..one at 5am and another good one at 7.15am..now enjoying the pleasant aftermath..

  4. Woke up to torrential drizzles lashing Adyar… its all stopped now leaving behind just the humidity. Hope there are enough clouds to make it a less oppressive day today.

  5. Cauvery Water for Chennai
    Veernam Lake gets 1st inflow from Mettur Dam. Gets inflow of 2180 cusecs. The current storage is 0 Mcft. We will know how much it has risen by tomorrow.

  6. Net direct tax collections went up by 10.37 per cent to Rs.1.17 lakh crore during the April-July period of the current fiscal year as against Rs.1.06 lakh crore mopped up during the same four months of 2012-13.

    – The Hindu

      • not a chance. Do ppl really buy LG phones? Do they have an unlimited marketing budget like Samsung.

        I admit Samsung makes horrible phones. But how do they sell? Its all in the marketing. They are cash rich, they would do anything to kill Apple.

      • Yes, they will find it tough, at the same time they are bound to eat some % from Sam with this model. Im sure they would market it accordingly.

      • Do u know HTC makes better phones than shitty Galaxy phones with One X, Butterfly and the flagship One series?

        Problem is they have very limited marketing budget and they are struggling selling their phones.

      • You are right, my bro bought one HTC ONE X PLUS for his wife a month back. Fantastic specs with in built 64 gb. Great music n sound clarity. I was spell bound to say the least. That day I decided that enough of Sam phones for me.

      • @kea @novaknole – HTC has one of the worst service network. If you have any trouble with your phone, you are finished. I think Samsung design >>>> HTC. And like novaknole says Samsung is the market leader in displays – most vendors including Apple use their screens.

  7. HEATWAVE kills 10 in Shanghai.

    40.8 c was recorded on Wednesday. It was also the first time in history that Shanghai recorded 2 consecutive 40+days.

    Can they make it 3 in a row?

  8. JMDP survives huge scare.

    He was down 3-0 in 3rd set with double break down. Then Dodig served for the match at 5-4. But somehow DelPotro won 7-5 or maybe Dodig lost it

    • as soon as the torrential drizzle stopped, knew we were heading for a very uncomfortable day. Chennai rarely misses predictions for a hot and sultry day and here it is.

  9. As the candle light flame,
    Ur life may always be happiness claim;

    As the mountain high,
    U move without sigh;
    like the white linen flair,
    Purity is always an affair;
    As sunshine creates morning glory,
    fragrance fills years as flory;
    with the immaculate eternal smile,
    attached to u mile after mile;
    All darkness is far away,
    As light is on its way;

    Wish all of u a very Happy Ramadan

  10. Tn Rains at 08.30AM.

    VALPARA 11.6
    SALEM 6.8
    VELLORE 4.5
    TONDI 3.8
    CHENNAI AP 1.9
    MADURAI AP 0.5
    PAMBAN 0.2

  11. I do not know how many will agree this.

    It was lanina condition till July, this favours SWM, so we got bountiful rains. Now ENSO turned neutral, hence rains reduced as i forecasted on 28th July.

    Marginal ELNINO condition from here is possible, so SWM will withdraw on time.

    Positive ELNINO & below -0.5C LANINA & Negative IOD is favourable for NEM. This is the condition we have now and this will continue till December.

    Since the SWM withdrawal going to be on time, we will get NEM onset in advance, means before 15th October.

    This is what i feel

  12. The chief amounts of rainfall (2 cm or more) recorded at 1730 hours 
    IST of yesterday were: 

    Pendra and Coochbehar­4   each;   Sambalpur,   Kolkatta(Alp),  
    Rangia   and   Hoshangabad­3   each   and
    Ganganagar,   Bansthali,   Agartala,   Silchar,   Cherrapunji,   Dhubri,   Daltonganj,   Hutbay,
    Mahabaleshwar, Rajgarh and Medikeri­2 each

  13. IMD Analysis as of 0530 today.

    The low pressure area over north Jharkhand and adjoining Bihar & 
    east UttarPradesh persists with associated upper air cyclonic
    circulation extending upto mid­ tropospheric levels.

    The axis of monsoon trough passes through Ferozepur, Meerut,
    Lucknow, centre of low pressure area, Bankura, Haldia and thence southeastwards to eastcentral Bay of Bengal.

    The off shore trough from Karnataka coast to Kerala coast persists.

  14. 08   August: 
    Heavy  to  very  heavy  rainfall   would  occur  at
    isolated   places  over   Madhya  Pradesh,  Sub­
    Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim and Assam & Meghalaya.
    Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over
    Jharkhand, Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, 
    Himachal Pradesh and east Rajasthan.

    09 August:
    Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places 
    over west Madhya Pradesh, Sub­ Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim and Assam & Meghalaya. Heavy rainfall would occur at 
    isolated places over east Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, 
    Arunachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh
    and east Rajasthan.

    10 August: 
    Heavy to  very heavy  rainfall would occur at  isolated  places  over Assam & Meghalaya andUttarakhand.  
    Heavy rainfall would occur at isolated places over Sub­Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, west UttarPradesh,   Haryana,   Delhi   &   Chandigarh,   Himachal   Pradesh   and   east

  15. @ Kea Bloggers– HTC one X+ Vs Galaxy s3 /4..I was about to go for samsung,now this debate has confused me..can I get the final word?

  16. The chief amounts of rainfall (4 cm or more) recorded at
    0830 hours IST of today are: 

    Malda­12; Cherrapunji­11; Siliguri­10; Diamond Harbour­9; Shimla,
    Pantnagar,   Rewa,   Koraput   and   Agumbe­6   each;   Dehradun,   Pendra,   Kolkata(Alp)   and
    Daltonganj­5  each   and  Gorakhpur,   Medikeri,   Coochbehar,   Sheopuri,   Sambalpur,   Goalpara,
    Hirakud, Digha and Sawai Madhopur­4 each.

  17. @Parthasari– I had Samsung in my mind before Kea put his foot down..I am again back to limbo state!!although most reviews tend to state Ashwinds..i.e. HTC is definitely way ahead,but suspect on service

    • what is wrong with service? My HTC one screen broke in 11 months, sent it for repair. They replaced the screen free of cost.

      Within 2 weeks it broke again. They changed it again. Its working fine now for almost 5 months.

      • a HTC Desire has now spent more time going back and forth to the service center than being used. Been fighting a battle with them for over 3 months – 4 trips already and each time they send it back without even checking if the issue was resloved. They agreed to replace it about 3 weeks back – still no news 😛

        I personally prefer the Nexus line: regardless of manufacturer because I think Google makes sure the manufacturer are kept honest. Not to forget that updates are always first if you use a Nexus and the lack of bloatware.

        I love the One X’s design and camera. But its a great phone so long as the going is good.

    • In terms of service it is definitely SAMSUNG, i dont have any idea about HTC service.
      one thing i would say, both are good in higher end versions.

      One thing i would say is, do not see too much when buying a mobile.

      I am sure that you will not use 1 mobile for more than 2 years.

  18. Karnataka Rains at 08.30AM

    Agumbe 61MM(this is reduced rainfall, otherwise min of 10CM in a day).
    Madikeri 36MM
    Honavar 17MM
    Mangalore AP 14MM
    Karwar 13MM
    Shirali & Mangalore 4MM
    Balgaum & Kaddaji 1MM

  19. KEA,

    Please change the format, in my browser ‘avatar’ is not diaplaying, even i can’t find the posts & their replies, everything display is the same format.

    This is my suggestion

  20. The low pressure area over north Jharkhand  and  adjoining Bihar & east Uttar Pradesh  has
    merged   with   monsoon   trough.   However,   an   upper   air   cyclonic   circulation   over   Bihar   and
    neighbourhood extends upto mid­tropospheric levels.

  21. TN Rains at 08.30

    Devala (Nilgiris Dist) and Yercaud (Salem Dist) 3 each, Perungalur (Pudukkottai Dist), Thali (Krishnagiri Dist) and Naduvattam (Nilgiris Dist) 2 each and Tirupathur (Sivaganga Dist), Perundurai (Erode Dist), Tiruvaiyaru (Thanjavur Dist), Valparai pto (Coimbatore Dist), Rasipuram (Namakkal Dist), Pennagaram (Dharmapuri Dist), Gudalur Bazar (Nilgiris Dist), Kodaikanal (Dindigul Dist), Namakkal (Namakkal Dist), Venbavur and Padalur (both Perambalur Dist) and Mettur (Salem Dist) 1 each.

  22. KERALA Rains 08.30:
    Idukki 5, Kottayam and Kollam 3 each, Mavelikkara, Mancompu and Chengannur (all in Alappuzha district), Peermade and Thodupuzha (both in Idukki district) 2 each and Alappuzha, Kayamkulam, Haripad and Kayamkulam_Agri (all in Alappuzha district), Palakkad, Munnar (Idukki district), Thalasserry and Irikkur (both in Kannur district), Vaikom, Kumarakom, Kozha and Kanjirappally (all in Kottayam district), Angadippuram (Malappuram district), Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram district) and Mananthavady and Vythiri (both in Wayanad district) 1 each.

  23. KARNATAKA Rains 08.30:
    Subramanya (Dakshina Kannada dt) 8, Agumbe 6, Nilkund (Uttara Kannada dt) 5, Siddapura (Udupi dt), Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt), Madikeri 4 each; Sulya (Dakshina Kannada dt), Karkala, Kollur (both Udupi dt), Ankola (Uttara Kannada dt), Linganamakki(Shimoga dt), Sringeri, Kammaradi (both Chikmagalur dt) 3 each, Bantwal, Mani, Belthangady,Puttur, Uppinangady (all Dakshina Kannada dt), Honavar, Kumta (Uttara Kannada dt), Ponnampet (Kodagu dt), Talaguppa (Shimoga dt), Jayapura (Chikmagalur dt), Ballupet (Hassan dt) 2 each and Mangalore AP, Mudibidre, Dharmasthala (both Dakshina Kannada dt), Udupi, Kota (Udupi dt), Karwar, Bhatkal, Kadra, Sirsi, Jagalbet, Siddapura (all Uttara Kannada dt), Hubli (Dharwad dt), Murnadu, Napoklu, Harangi (all Kodagu dt), Sagar (Shimoga dt), Mudigere, Koppa, Balehonnur, Ajjampura, Shivani (all Chikmagalur dt), Sargur (Mysore dt), MM Hills (Chamarajanagar dt), Srirampura (Chitradurga dt)1 each.

    • Vel..I remember the proverb “Kakkaikkum than Kunchu Porkunchu.”..Really petty on this crows..In this computer(machine) world,man has to learn so many things from these crows..

  24. Flash News: Japan get Big Earth Quake

    Japan’s Meteorological Agency says it is investigating after it issued an alert for a very strong earthquake that turned out to be only a mild shake.

    Loud alarms rang from cellphones and TVs just before 5 p.m. Japan time on Thursday, warning of an earthquake of magnitude 7.8, which could cause severe damage. It said residents throughout Japan should be prepared for a jolt.

    A few minutes later the Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude 2.3 quake cantered in Wakayama prefecture, in western Japan. Under the Japanese system for measuring quakes, it barely registered.

    Broadcaster NHK said the agency blamed electronic noise for triggering the apparently false alarm.

    Japan beefed up its warning systems following a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 that killed more than 18,000 people.

    – The Hindu

  25. @joel

    It was noticable in radar too. A red spot developed a bit SE of airport all of a sudden, but dissipated quickly. Looks like it was velachery and other areas to the south

  26. Chengelpet and Kanchi areas might get the most today. The areas surrounding those, not the whole district. But decent rainfall possible for cheyyur covalam stretch too

  27. Rains in CM in other areas of Maharashtra

    Matheran 4,
    Valpoi Igatpuri Mahabaleshwar Gariadhar Botad 3 each,
    Wada Vasai Khalapur Poladpur Khedbrahma Malpur Vijaynagar
    Lodhika 2 each,
    Jawahar Mokhada Murbad Bhiwandi Santacruz Karjat Pen Mahad
    Mhasala Degad Vengurla Kankavli Sawantwadi Pernem Canacona
    Jamner Trimbak Vadgaon Ranpur 1 each,

    Koyana (N) and (P) 6 each,
    Lonavala (T) Dawdi Tamini 4 each,
    Lonavala (O) Shirgaon Ambone Dungarwadi Khopoli 3 each,
    Walvan Bhira 2 each,
    Shirota Bhivpuri Khand Dharavi 1

    Bhatsa 3,
    Vaitarna Upp Vaitarna 2 each,
    Vihar Tulsi 1 each


    Yesterday’s feeble off shore trough extending from South Gujarat coast
    to Maharashtra coast persists. Southwest Monsoon moderate to strong
    over North East, Central Arabian Sea and South East Arabian Sea and moderate over South West Arabian Sea.

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