435 thoughts on “July makes up for June’s shortfall in Nunga

  1. It’s too early to say, but something tells me, this year , July might turn out to be the wettest SWM month for Nunga….and June the wettest SWM of Meena….Simple reason – We got too much in August,September in the last 3 years!

  2. The  chief   amounts   of   rainfall   (3   cm  or   more)   recorded   at   1730   hours  IST   of   today   are:

    Bramhapuri­11;   Dahanu­7;   Hirakud­5;   Sambalpur,   Balasore   and   Nagpur­4   each   and   Mumbai(SCZ),
    Mahabaleshwar and Bulsar­3 each.



  4. North Interior Andhra,Eastern Maharashtra,wetern MP,western UP,eastern Rajasthan,Delhi NCR will have good rain today

  5. Mettur Dam level- 106.97 ft, inflow 54515 cusecs,outflow-10800 cusecs
    Bhavani Sgr Dam level – 74.88 ft,inflow 1854 cusecs Outflow-3000 cusecs

  6. @ Selva ,In a ‘break’ monsoon, the low-level jetstream moves south and begins to flow south of Sri Lanka, shutting off the moisture supply to India and stopping the production of low-pressure systems..

  7. Sel,

    Thanks, jet streams are important that it should carry water.

    I saw that link you have provided, at present the wins knots are very low over India, it is nearly 10 knots only, that is why monsoon is weak.

      • PJ& partha

        jetstreams can be tracked at all level

        you can see that the polar front jet meanders across a country in a wave like pattern. These waves introduce pockets of colder air southwards and warmer northwards. The temperature change is demonstrated by looking at the air temperature at a high enough altitude in the atmosphere, where ground and sea temperatures do not affect it .around 1500 metres in altitude where the air pressure is around 850 hPa.

    • A strong cross-equatorial Low Level Jet-stream (LLJ) with core around
      850 hPa exists over the Indian Ocean and south Asia during the
      summer monsoon season, June to September. LLJ has its origin in the south Indian Ocean north of the Mascarene high as an easterly current, it crosses the equator in a narrow longitudinal belt close to the east African coast as a southerly current with speeds at times even as high as 100 knots, turns into a westerly current over the Arabian Sea and passes through India to the
      western Pacific Ocean.

  8. Good Morning…It was nice meeting our young and energetic Selva this morning at Singaram Pillai Tennis Centre.Villivakkam,.Spent about one hour and he seems to be well within himself when you discuss topics unrelated to weather and boy you have to believe the energy levels he brings in the moment the topic shifts to weather..Ideas and his experience related to the subject of weather flows from him like a torrent and no wonder he comes up with so many links and theories in our blog..Yes, Selva,was a pleasure meeting you and enjoyed your enthusiasm and energy levels you brought in about the subject of your choice..The weather…

  9. No Grand Prix in India in 2014..

    In a blow to Formula One enthusiasts in India, the 2014 Indian Grand Prix was dropped on Tuesday after a rejig in the racing calendar for the coming year.

    Jaypee Sports International Ltd., the race organisers, said the extravaganza would come back to the country in March 2015.

    Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone has dropped India from the 2014 calendar and conveyed the decision to the Indian authorities.

    “The October-November period suits us better…, But if Formula One Management wants us to hold our race in March 2015, we won’t have any problem with that,” said Sameer Gaur, MD and CEO, JPSI.

  10. Shiva,

    I am talking to Selva for the past 6 months, i have learnt a lot from him.

    Especially about the cause for Madagascar-SWM onset.

    He is brilliant and always exploring wonders.

  11. Rainfall subsides..

    Even as the storage in the various reservoirs were fast improving, in the last 24-hours that ended at 8.30 a.m. on Tuesday, rain seems to have taken a break with the district recording just 2 mm as total rainfall accounting for just 0.17 per cent of average rainfall. Even in hilly areas that witnessed considerable rainfall over the last one month, the rainfall was poor on Monday. Sholayar recorded one mm, Thoonakadavu 4, Peruvaripallam 3, Upper Nirar 2, Chinnakallar 2 mm. Officials expect Parambikulam to surplus either by Tuesday night or by Wednesday morning, as there was a steady inflow into the catchments because of the showers in Kerala.

  12. Water level in Siruvani reservoir

    Water level in the Siruvani reservoir stood at 47.57 feet, just two feet short of the full reservoir level of 49.54 feet.

    According to sources in the Coimbatore Corporation, good rains in the past couple of weeks led to a drastic increase in the water level. However, for the last couple of days there has been a decline in the inflow and that has resulted in water level going up but not at the expected pace.

    In the 24 hours ending 8 a.m. Tuesday, the Dam and Adivaram recorded no rains. The Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board supplied 95.50 million litres a day (MLD) as against the allotted quantity of 96.75 MLD.

  13. Current weather data indicate that there could be a short ‘break monsoon’ spell during the first week of August, according to P.V. Joseph, expert researcher and former director of Met Department.

    This will decrease the rains over most of India but increase the activity in the Northeast and hopefully wipe off the existing large deficiency there, he told Business Line.


    ‘Break monsoon’ refers to the lull in monsoon activity across the country except in the Northeast after it runs through its initial course.

    On occasions in the past, the ‘break’ has prolonged, leading to moisture stress and resultant adverse implications for standing crops.

    But, as Joseph hinted, the break is expected to be short this time, which is amply supported by the outlook from international forecasting agencies.

    Giving an update, he said the long-period average date of monsoon onset over Kerala was June 1 (based on a hundred years of data).

    The onset happened on June 1 this year, but the rains needed just two weeks to move to the northern parts of the country. This usually takes a month.

    Thus, the second half of June delivered huge excess rains over the northern parts except the northeastern States, which had deficit rains.

    There was no “break” in monsoon in June and July and it was a continuously active monsoon in 2013, Joseph said.

    Explaining, he said that there is a feature of the monsoon called low level jetstream, a fast-flowing air current with high winds of 40 to 60 km/hr flowing at an altitude of 1.5 km.

    This stream is a carrier of the moisture required for monsoon rains and it gives the large scale dynamics for monsoon rain production.


    During an active monsoon, the stream flows through peninsular India with its axis close to the latitude of Goa.

    Heavy rains occur north of the axis. Low-pressure systems and monsoon depressions form and move in this zone north of the axis. This was happening in the second half of June and the whole of July this year, a continuous active phase of the monsoon.

    As on July 29, the rainfall that India got from June1 is 19 per cent in excess. During the same period, Kerala received 39 per cent excess rains.

    In a ‘break’ monsoon, the low-level jetstream moves south and begins to flow south of Sri Lanka, shutting off the moisture supply to India and stopping the production of low-pressure systems.

    It is during this phase that Assam and adjacent States get copious rains and the rest of India will have subdued rainfall, Joseph added.

    Two factors adverse to monsoon rains in India are the El Nino warming of the East Pacific and excess tropical cyclone activity in the West Pacific Ocean.

    So far, conditions in the East Pacific (actual and forecast) are El Nino-neutral and the West Pacific is forecast to have a normal season for cyclones.

    In June and July, the West Pacific produced five named tropical cyclones (Yagi,Leepi, Bebinca, Rumbia, and Cimaron) and one typhoon, Soulik. This activity is just around the normal, Joseph said.

  15. JUpi and others who have been following EL Nino, La Nina conditions so far..This study assumes importance.

    Two factors adverse to monsoon rains in India are the El Nino warming of the East Pacific and excess tropical cyclone activity in the West Pacific Ocean.

    So far, conditions in the East Pacific (actual and forecast) are El Nino-neutral and the West Pacific is forecast to have a normal season for cyclones.

    In June and July, the West Pacific produced five named tropical cyclones (Yagi,Leepi, Bebinca, Rumbia, and Cimaron) and one typhoon, Soulik. This activity is just around the normal range.

  16. The chief amounts of rainfall (3 cm or more) recorded at 1730 hours IST of yesterday were:  

    Dahanu­7;  Hirakud­5; Sambalpur, Balasore  and  Nagpur­4  each  and Mumbai(SCZ), Mahabaleshwar  and
    Bulsar­3 each.

  17. The depression over north Odisha & adjoining  Gangetic West Bengal moved westwards and  lay centred
    at 0530 hours IST of today, the 31st July, 2013 over interior Odisha and adjoining Chhattisgarh, close to south
    of  Jharsuguda. System   would move west­northwestwards and weaken gradually  into a well marked low
    pressure area during next 24 hours.

  18. 31 July: 
    Heavy to very heavy with extremely heavy rainfall would occur at one or two places over Vidarbha.Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur 
    at one or two places over Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Konkan
    &  Goa.   Heavy  rainfall   would   occur   at   one   or   two  places  over  Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh,Uttrakhand, west Uttar Pradesh,
    east  Rajasthan, Odisha,  Jharkhand,  coastal Karnataka, Gujarat  region,
    Madhya Maharashtra and Andaman & Nicobar Islands..

    01 August: 
    Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at one or two places over 
    east Madhya Pradesh,Vidarbha and Konkan & Goa. Heavy  rainfall would occur at one or two places over Jammu & Kashmir,
    Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, west Uttar Pradesh, east Rajasthan, 
    west Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,coastal Karnataka, 
    Telangana, Gujarat region, Madhya Maharashtra and 
    Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    02 August: Heavy to very heavy rainfall would occur at one or two places over 
    Gujarat region. Heavy rainfallwould occur at one or two places over
    Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, east Rajasthan,
    Madhya  Pradesh, Vidarbha,  Madhya  Maharashtra, Konkan  &  Goa,   coastal Karnataka and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

  19. Tamil Nadu Top 10 rainfall in this SWM from 01.06.2013 to 31.07.2013
    Its two months since the monsoon set in. Most of the dams in TN in the western ghats are nearing full capacity. These are the top 10 rainfall places in Tamil Nadu for last two months. Sholayar Dam (Upper Sholayar) crossed 3000 mm mark and leads the toppers ahead of wettest place in Tamil Nadu which is Chinna Kallar.

    in mm

    1. Sholayar, Coimbatore district – 3024
    2. Avalanche, Nilgiris district – 2671
    3. Valparai, Coimbatore district – 2627
    4. Upper Bhavani, Nilgiris district – 2467
    5. Devala, Nilgiris district – 2397
    6. Chinna Kallar, Coimbatore district – 2390
    7. Parsons Valley, Nilgiris district – 2377
    8. Porthimund, Nilgiris district -1512
    9. Naduvattam, Nilgiris district – 1500
    10.Upper Kodayar, Tirunelveli district – 1216


      • Jupi, if you look at the month wise period,still have about 35 % of SWM left..Im not taking the entire September month for consideration as rainfall frequency drastically comes down..Jupi, it may not be actually 50 % of SWM left…Most of the areas except North Eastern states have got good figures..Even Cheera has not got its usual quota..But now is the time for NE states to cover up as Monsoon Break phenomenon sets it for a brief period..

        n a ‘break’ monsoon, the low-level jet stream moves south and begins to flow south of Sri Lanka, shutting off the moisture supply to India and stopping the production of low-pressure systems.

        It is during this phase that Assam and adjacent States get copious rains and the rest of India will have subdued rainfall,

  20. The chief amounts of rainfall (5 cm or more) recorded at 0830 hours IST of today are: 

    Mahabaleshwar­14; Titlagarh, Rajnandgaon and
    Raipur­13 each; Tinsukhiya and Betul­10 each; Alibagh, Pachmarhi and Chandrapur­9 each; 
    Lengpui, Jorhat and Mana 8 each; Durg, Dahanu, Bhira, Hoshangabad, Raisen and north Lakhimpur­7 each; Fursatganj,
    Gondia, Agumbe, Adilabad, Hirakud and Bhawanipatna­6 each and   Nizamabad, Nagpur and Tikamgarh­5

  21. At 08.30hrs

    Devala (Nilgiris Dist) 5, Valparai pto (Coimbatore Dist) 4, Naduvattam (Nilgiris Dist) 3, Chinnakalar and Valparai taluk office (both Coimbatore Dist) 2 each and Gudalur Bazar (Nilgiris Dist) and Pollachi (Coimbatore Dist) 1 each.

  22. At 08.30hrs

    Shriramsag.pocha (dist Nizamabad) 8, Luxettipet and Sirpur (both dist Adilabad) and Bheemgal (dist Nizamabad) 7 each, Adilabad(a), Utnoor, Boath, Adilabad and Nirmal (all dist Adilabad), Navipet, Armoor and Mednoor (all dist Nizamabad) and Metpalli (dist Karimnagar) 6 each, Jagtial, Kaleswaram and Jagtial(a) (all dist Karimnagar), Nizamabad (dist Nizamabad), Perur (dist Khammam) and Khanapur (dist Adilabad) 5 each, Mudhole and Chinnoor (both dist Adilabad), Kamareddy, Bodhan and Rudrur(a) (all dist Nizamabad), Sultanabad and Ramgundam (both dist Karimnagar), Ramayampet and Medak (both dist Medak) 4 each, Asifabad (dist Adilabad), Banswada and Nizamasagar (both dist Nizamabad), Manthani, Siricilla and Karimnagar (all dist Karimnagar), Koida, Venkatapuram and Yellandu (all dist Khammam), Eturnagaram, Mulug and Parkal (all dist Warangal), Dubak (dist Medak) and Kunavaram (dist Khammam) 3 each, Dummugudem (dist Khammam), Huzurabad (dist Karimnagar), Narsampet, Warangal(a) and Jangaon (all dist Warangal), Narayan Khed (dist Medak) , Paderu (dist Vishakhapatnam) and Polavaram (dist West Godavari) 2 each and Aswaraopet(a) (dist Khammam), Sangareddy(a) and Sangareddi (both dist Medak), Hanamkonda (dist Warangal), Hakimpet Iaf (dist Rangareddy), Golkonda and Hyderabad A.p. (both dist Hyderabad), Chintapalli and Araku Valley (both dist Vishakhapatnam), Tiruvuru (dist Krishna) and Cumbam (dist Prakasam) 1 each.

    Munnar (Idukki district) 8, Vythiri (Wayanad district) 6, Nilambur (Malappuram district) 5, Manjeri (Malappuram district) and Parambikulam (Palakkad district) 4 each, Kozhikode, Palakkad, Ottappalam (Palakkad district), Vadakkancherry (Thrissur district) and Kuppady (Wayanad district) 3 each, Taliparamba and Irikkur (both in Kannur district), Perinthalmanna, Angadippuram and Karipur AP (all in Malappuram district), Mannarkad, Kollengode and Thrithala (all in Palakkad district) and Mananthavady and Ambalavayal (both in Wayanad district) 2 each and Idukki, Kannur, Thalasserry (Kannur district), Hosdurg (Kasaragod district), Vadakara (Kozhikode district), Ponnani (Malappuram district), Alathur, Chittur and Pattambi (all in Palakkad district), Thrissur and Kunnamkulam (Thrissur district) 1 each.

  23. At 08.30hrs.

    Kottigehara (Chikmagalur dt) 11, Dharmasthala (Dakshina Kannada dt), Londa (Belgaum dt), Kammaradi (Chikmagalur dt) 10 each, Nilkund (Uttara Kannada dt) 9, Yellapura (Uttara Kannada dt), Humchadakatte (Shimoga dt), Kalasa (Chikmagalur dt) 8 each, Belthangady (Dakshina Kannada dt), Castle Rock (Uttara Kannada dt), Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt) 7 each, Kadra, Jagalbet, Siddapura (all Uttara Kannada dt), Agumbe 6 each, Joida (Uttara Kannada dt), Khanapura (Belgaum dt), Sringeri, Koppal (both Chikmagalur dt) 5 each, Mudibidre (Dakshina Kannada dt), Karkala, Kollur, Siddapura (all Udupi dt), Gerusoppa, Sirsi, Sirsi ARG (all Uttara Kannada dt), Belgaum, Napoklu, Virajpet, Somawarpet (all Kodagu dt), Linganamakki, Sagara, Hosanagara, Thirthahalli (all Shimoga dt), NR Pura, Mudigere (both Chikmagalur dt) 4 each, Udupi, Kundapura (Udupi dt), Shirali, Kumta, Banavasi, Manchikere (all Uttara Kannada dt), Ponnampet, Madapura (both Kodagu dt), Thalaguppa (Shimoga dt), Jayapura (Chikmagalur dt), Sakaleshpura (Hassan dt) 3 each, Mulki, Bantwal, Subramanya (all Dakshina Kannada dt), Kota (Udupi dt), Manki (Uttara Kannada dt), Belgaum AP, Hangal (Haveri dt), Haveri, Aurad, Bhalki (both Bidar dt), Bidar, Murnad (Kodagu dt), Thyagarthi, Sorab (both Shimoga dt), Balehonnur (Chikmagalur dt), Ballupet (Hassan dt), Sargur (Mysore dt) 2 each, Panambur, Mangalore AP, Mani, Puttur, Uppinangady (all Dakshina Kannada dt), Bhatkala, Haliyal (both Uttara Kannada dt), Karwar, Honavar, Kanbargi AWS, Nippani (both Belgaum dt), Mugad ARG (Dharwad dt), Shiggoan, Byadagi (both Haveri dt), Haveri APMC, Bimalkhed, Humnabad, Basavakalyan, Manthala (all Bidar dt), Khajuri, Kalgi (both Gulbarga dt), Arasalu, Anavatti, Shiralkoppa, Bhadravathi (all Shimoga dt), Madikeri, Tarikere (Chikmagalur dt), Arakalgud, Belur, Alur (all Hassan dt), HD Kote (Mysore dt), Bandipura (Chamarajanagar dt) 1 each.

    • Kea- Now he would jump up the rankings..As i have said before, he is the only guy who can withstand barrage of power tennis in singles today from India..He is surely a top 50 material..

    For next 24 hours: The sky condition would be partly cloudy. Surface winds will be strong and gusty at times. Maximum and minimum temperature would be around 36 and 27 degree Celsius respectively.

    For next 48 hours: The sky condition would be partly cloudy. Surface winds will be strong and gusty at times. Maximum and minimum temperature would be around 36 and 27 degree Celsius respectively.

    • Hr- I was a big fan of Samsung Phones till about six months ago and for sure i have lost interest these days for various reasons.My first phone was Samsung R220 purchased in 2001 Oct and became an instant fan of the brand from that day..Even today, i using one tab and Galaxy Note as i never wanted to look for any other brand beyond Sam…Mt tab is doing pretty well and at the same time not at all happy with my Note 1.With a 16 GB sd card its just struggling to survive and is too slow to react and perform..More than the phone i have started hating the attitude and approach of the Korean giant..They are having a free run these days with almost a new smart phone released on a daily basis..They have fully understood the psyche of Indian consumer and are smart enough to play on it..Quality has taken a beating cos of their “live for the day attitude”..

  25. The most violent storms occur 2-3 weeks before and during withdrawal, they occur in early october too, but usually don’t affect areas upto 20 km near the coast as the winds would mostly be from N or NNE and they would form over land. The most violent storms in the whole of India occur in summer or in September


    Coimbatore lies on the rain shadow region of western ghat in India. Coimbatore gets most of its rainfall from northeast monsoons (October – December). The strong Asian summer monsoon is generally associated with positive sea surface anomaly in the western Pacific (El-Nino). In the present study an attempt was made to categorise the rainfall data of Coimbatore based on El-Nino episodes. The results revealed that El-Nino favoured both annual as well as northeast monsoon rainfall while the La-Nina had influenced the South west monsoon rainfall. The study also indicated that in Coimbatore during El – Nino years crop production is with less risky during northeast monsoon season and the farmers can choose even crops with comparatively high water requirement, whereas in La-Nina years higher yields could be reaped from the southwest monsoon season in certain taluks of Coimbatore district, India.

  27. Partha
    like you, the country gets anxious in April/May regarding SWM onset, percentage of rainfall and etc… even kea bloggers are concerned about NEM… so fingers crossed 😉

  28. The Whole western india is under rain…Mumbai — again heavy rain started..
    Telangana getting battered..& its new capital hyderabad is also under heavy rain..

  29. Kerala Top 10 rainfall in this SWM from 01.06.2013 to 31.07.2013
    Most of the dams in Kerala are having there having the best storage in over 25 years or so. Only Kuttiyadi has crossed 4000 mm mark and leads the Kerala toppers.

    in mm

    1. Kuttiyadi Kozhikode dt – 4250
    2. Vadakara, Kozhikode dt – 3435
    3. Chalakudy Dam, Thrissur District – 3178
    4. Vythri, Wayanad dt – 3141
    5. Pookot Wayanad dt – 3087
    6. Panamkutty, Idukki district – 3071
    7. Irikkur, Kannur dt – 3054
    8. Piravom, Ernakulam dt – 3027
    9. Kannur, Kannur dt – 2825
    10. Munnar, Idukki district – 2800

    The rainfall data of heavy weights such as Walakkad, Pochippara, Silent Valley, Rajamalai, Lakkidi, Neelikkal and Sairandhri are not available. These places would have also found a place in the Kerala Toppers.


  30. pradeep,
    some time back you informed annanagar aws is 90% complete. can u update the status now. eagerly awaiting

  31. Forget to tell you guys, Selva was without his trademark Sun glasses. With or without them was looking Smart. Six pack revealing Tee shirt. Mothathla Hero. 🙂

  32. Atlantic basin seems to behave same way as western pacific.Storms used to from in gulf of mexico during the month of july but this year there is no storm due to neutral ENSO slightly favoring ElNino.

  33. Still i dnt knw On wat basis they declared it as a depression… Usually i hate to c sat image during swm … But unfortunately saw d sat image yestrday ,and came to knw ther was a disturbance in n.bay,and next moment i opened the shear map,and it was bit relaxing in n.bay..tats it. Tis happened around 11 am..and then i came to knw tat it has intensified into D and by morning i saw the post 4m our martin ,saying it crossed overnyte… Tday morning it moved far west into central india… I never saw its size,shape ,blah blah… short n sweet: ennada nadakuthu anga??

    • It might have satisfied there minimal conditions for brief amount of time.Let it be a depression but there are many systems in bay which was underrated by IMD.
      The systems during NEM would have reached a miniimal cyclone status but IMD will maintain it as WML.For that reason alone i cannot digest this system being upgraded to a depression.

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