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  1. Wettest 24hr rainfall day in Tamil Nadu – Ketti, Nilgiris in November 2009

    The recent very heavy rainfall over Uttrakhand just reminded me of a severe rainfall event which media ignored completely. Note that the rainfall (3 day accumulated rainfall) was more severe than the one witnessed in Uttrakhand in June 2013. It happened in Nilgris district in Tamil Nadu in November, 2009.

    Ketti, is located at a height of about 2100 m above mean sea level in Nilgiris an is surrounded by hills in three directions and opening is only in the ESE direction. It recorded the heaviest rainfall of 820.0 mm in 24 hrs ending 0830 hrs IST on 10 November 2009 which is the all time 24 hrs rainfall record for Tamil Nadu.

    Nilgiris November 2009 – 3 day Rainfall amount in mm for various places can be seen with the analysis in


    • As per captia water requirement goes with increase in population, we cannot afford to waste so much water into the sea. We need to find a way forward to linking up rivers.

    • Good Morning Kea-No Westwood, It is Phil Mickelson at the British Open. Lee West Wood and Ian Poulter joint third..Still a good effort to be on the third place..

  2. Hi good morning
    Sel the MJO forecast doesn’t look good but if August and September remain below normal then NEM will be good …. just wait and watch 😉

  3. Michael Clarke vows to have last Ashes laugh

    History against this from happening, last time they came from 2-0 down was in 1936 with a Bradman inspired team

      • Australia cannot play Anderson, nor can they play Swann or Root. I think this must be worst Australian batting lineup I have seen, have been watching cricket from the 85 Benson & Hedges series.

      • @Pyp-What surprises me is that the intensity levels from the Aussies..They are known to hard nuts to crack with an no nonsense approach towards the opposition,They have one of the best structured cricket system among the cricket playing nations..Selection to a large extent is purely based on performance and they take lot of pride in being the most consistent Test playing nation and give lot of importance to the longer version of the game..

      • Big Bash League has now grown too big for Australian Test Cricket. Add to it the likes of Watson, Warner etc having issues off the field which affect the on field performance of the team. I would not be surprised if Australia go through the West Indies cycle now.

  4. Had a sharp shower(no idea about the time, may be early in the morning by 4am or 5..Puddles of water which were not there yesterday night..Wet start to the week..BTW lets not get into the details of a dry August and so on..Nobody predicted a July like this for us and we are enjoying the best July in recent times in terms of daily rains spread across the city..Except Kar, each one of us who have entered the July City rainfall contest has been booted out..Kar is still hanging by a slender margin..

  5. Rainfall update..



    Valparai and its neighbourhood witnessed good rain in the 24 hours ending 8 a.m. on Sunday.

    As far as Siruvani Dam was concerned, the Dam recorded 60 mm rain and Adivaram 20 mm.

  6. Water level- Madurai..

    Water level in Periyar dam was 125.20 feet on Sunday with an inflow of 2,093 cusecs and a discharge 1,372 of cusecs.

    In Vaigai dam, the water level stood at 50.07 feet with an inflow and a discharge of 1,035 cusecs and 860 cusecs respectively, according to the Public Works Department.


    Rainfall recorded in the last 24 hours was: Periyar dam 12 mm, Thekkadi 9.8 mm, Gudalur 5.5 mm, Shanmughanadhi 7 mm and Veerapandi 7 mm.

  7. Mettur level..
    The water level in Mettur Dam stood at 77.29 feet on Sunday against its full reservoir level of 120 feet. The inflow was 21,867 cusecs and the discharge 3,003 cusecs.

  8. Met Department expects more rain in State..(Karnataka)

    : Don’t put away the raincoats and umbrellas just yet. The city is expected to receive rains for another two days, the Meteorological Department has predicted.

    With low pressure persisting over the north-western part of the Bay of Bengal, there are likely to be afew spells of rain for the next 48 hours at least, said B. Puttanna, director-in-charge of the Meteorological Department.

    He said that apart from the low pressure, there were also troughs of low pressure along both the east and west coast. “These seasonal troughs are the reason for high wind speeds along the coast, which are also bringing a lot of moisture with them to the interior areas. This is a normal phenomenon during the monsoon months.”

    During July, most parts of the State receive heavy rains. While the coastal Karnataka and Malnad regions are expected to receive “heavy to very heavy rain”, parts of interior Karnataka will receive “moderate to nearly heavy rain,” he added.

    With rain lashing the city, personnel in the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) control rooms said that no flooding or inundation complaint were received. A few stray complaints of trees falling were reported.

  9. “Michael Clarke vows to have last Ashes laugh”

    Did i hear that somewhere before??…Oh,yes….Ehsan and Novaknaole empowered Nungambakkam vows to have the last laugh catching up at the end of September itslef,forget NEM…….Both isn’t going to happen….Just pleasing words to convince oneself .. 😛

    • Wow, an update about Cricket from Data man 2.. Surprising really..Kar– BTW i said that Ninga may have the last laugh on Dec 31st when NEM ends..Chk my earlier posts..SWM is always for Meena..

  10. @Novak,

    Those days are gone. School kids hardly watch or play cricket anymore in Australia. They are more interesting in Aussie rules football, soccer and to a lesser extent Basketball.

    Cricket might have already lost Australia as a strong nation. Who is left now, only England, South Africa, India.

    Not good signs for Cricket.

      • From the day the match fixing scandal came out during ipl i did not watch a single match and i won’t in the future as well. i don’t want to be fooled again. what credibility do they have.how can you be sure that any match that you watch is not fixed. Cricketers are digging the grave by themselves.

      • @Sks–Match fixing during IPL??? Boss,it is been going on for ages(Since 1979-India Pak series) ..Nothing new aboput Fixing etc..To some extent we feel that countries like Aus/Eng play for some pride and not money alone..Hence this updates about Ashes..

  11. Chinnakalar (Coimbatore Dist) 7,
    Naduvattam (Nilgiris Dist) 6, Valparai pto (Coimbatore Dist) 5,
    Periyar (Theni Dist) and Valparai taluk office (Coimbatore Dist) 4 each,
    Kundha bridge (Nilgiris Dist) 3

  12. Rainfall Departure from Normal value:-

    Dharmapuri – 92 mm
    Madurai Ap – 81 mm
    Tiruchi – 75 mm
    Thanjavur – 48 mm
    Nagapattinam -45 mm
    Adhirampatnam -42 mm
    Coimbatore AP -23 mm
    Pamban – 13 mm

    Excess Rainfall:-

    Chennai Ap +146 mm
    Cuddalore +87mm
    Vellore +45 mm
    Puducherry +42mm
    Karaikal +31mm

  13. ♦  The low pressure area over northwest Bay of Bengal and neighbourhood persists with associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto mid­tropospheric levels tilting southwestwards with height.
    ♦   The   axis   of   monsoon   trough   passes   through   Ganganagar,   Narnaul,   Gwalior,   Sidhi,   Jamshedpur,Jharsuguda, Center of low pressure area and  thence southeastwards to eastcentral Bay of Bengal.
    ♦  The off­shore trough from Gujarat coast to Kerala coast persists.
    ♦  The upper air cyclonic circulation over Haryana and neighbourhood extends upto 2.1 Km above mean sealevel persists.
    ♦  The upper air cyclonic circulation over north Chhattisgarh and neighbourhood extends upto 3.1 Km above mean sea level persists.

  14. Weather Forecast for next 2 days  (upto 0830 hours IST of 24th July, 2013)
    ♦   Rain/thundershowers   would   occur   at   most   places   along   west   coast,   over   central   India,   Madhya
    Maharashtra, Sub­Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim  and Andaman & Nicobar Islands.
    ♦   Rain/thundershowers   would   occur   at   many   places   over   Jammu   &   Kashmir,   Himachal   Pradesh,
    Uttarakhand, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, east Rajasthan,   Gujarat  region, Jharkhand, Gangetic West
    Bengal, northeastern states, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Lakshadweep.
    ♦  Rain/thundershowers would occur at many places over Marathawada and interior Karnataka during next
    24 hours and  decrease thereafter.
    ♦  Rain/thundershowers would occur at a few places over West Rajasthan, Bihar and Saurashtra & Kutch
    and at one or two places over Tamilnadu.

    • I think star sports is broadcasting this event from aug. 14th. Wish everyone sees this at least for the sake of promoting the sport here in addition to cricket. Hope the TRP rating is decent, so that these initiatives are not a one-off event..

      • @Shankar..Badminton and to a large extent SQUASH are not big Television sport ..Will look better if watched in the stadium. I have serious doubts about the TRP ratings..Tennis is a big Television sport cos of the wide anf large court area .

      • What I meant is that…There are some sports which are tailor made for Television as well as watching in the stadium. Cricket, tennis, Athletics Boxing , swimming etc..

  15. Seasonal Rainfall Scenario (01 June to 17 July, 2013)

    The cumulative rainfall for the country as a whole till 17 July is 16% above the long period average (LPA). The cumulative seasonal rainfall activity continued to be excess over all the four homogeneous regions except east & northeast India, where it was 35% below LPA. Details of the rainfall distribution over the country as a whole and over the four broad homogeneous regions of India are given below:

    Regions Actual
    Rainfall (mm)
    Rainfall (mm)
    % Departure
    from LPA

    Country as a whole 367.8 318.1 16
    Northwest India 247.7 179.8 38
    Central India 477.5 335.9 42
    South Peninsula 349.8 275.8 27
    East & northeast India 390.1 599.8 -35

    Out of 36 meteorological subdivisions, the rainfall has been excess over 20, normal over 10 and deficient over 06 (Arunachal Pradesh, Assam & Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram & Tripura, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim, Gangetic West Bengal, Jharkhand and Haryana, Chandigarh & Delhi) . In area-wise distribution, 86% area of the country received excess/normal rainfall. Remaining 14% area received
    deficient rainfall.

    • apology:this is for particular week 11.7.2013 to 17.07.2013. Overall RF for this SW monsoon is normal rainfall.

  16. The low pressure system is very slow moving.Its expected to move slowly north. Its not a good sign for AP as the heavy rain is expected to persist for couple of days.The rain would slowly move north in coming days. and would affect orrisa and west bengal.

      • Heard news that KRS will release entire water as it touches it full height (for safety measure).This will in addition to the Kabini water release

      • KRS has to release the entire quantum of water it receives may be from tomorrow evening onwards, the rate at which it is going both the states were fighting for getting water till a month back, I would not be surprised if both the states would fight to let the water out in a month’s time. What a waste that would be.

      • Thats not going to happen anytime soon. we suffered both Tn, karnataka huge drought last year so this time they can take more water than any year as the groundwater table and lakes were bone dry. i believe it will happen only in aug/sep if rain continues in the next month as well.

      • Srikanth,u are right..This excess flow is happening not all the years..howvever we may expect excessive this year thanks to Rain God.Government should think and act for lifting of water to higher lying areas by means of pumping and they can fill the ponds and lakes in those areas.so excess water can be utilised for ground water recharging and irrigation in upper areas.

        Lift irrigation has been suceesfully implemented in state of Andhra and MP.etc to some extend..

        Lift irrigation is nothing but lifting water from available source to upper lying areas.

      • With the current discharge being estimated Mettur would go up at 1 ft a day for a water flow of 15000 cusecs inflow. KRS is already letting out water through most of its canals which accumulates to about 7500 cusecs of discharge, I doubt Karnataka can increase it to more than 10000 cusecs. The same may be the case for Mettur as well. What I think the government should have done is to discharge water from Mettur as soon as possible so that the downstream options like Kallanai, Veeranam etc gets filled up along with other smaller ponds & lakes also gets filled up. This would may be allow Mettur to fill up slowly but atleast it would not result in a case where Tamil Nadu is forced let out heavy discharge with the dam close to brim because of sudden heavy discharge from Kabini / KRS.

  17. Cheers to farmers of TN Delta as Mettur dam level may touch its full height this year..

    Inflow into the KRS reservoir has witnessed a surge in the last three days

    On Sunday, the reservoir level reached 119.9 feet and is expected to cross 120 feet late in the night. The reservoir received an inflow of 40,468 cusecs, while the outflow was 4,156 cusecs.

    If the inflow to the reservoir continues at the current rate, it is expected to reach the maximum level within the next 48 hours.

    On the same day last year, owing to scanty rainfall, water level in the reservoir was 75.8 feet. Inflow during the day was a meagre 2,100 cusecs and outflow was 2,783 cusecs.
    The reservoir, which has a capacity of 49 tmc ft, now has 43 tmc ft.

    Sources said that there were good chances of opening the gates of the reservoir in the late hours of Tuesday. Water is released into the river as soon as the level reaches 122 feet.

  18. Rainfall around Mumbai ending 8.30 am today(22-07-2013)

    Colaba 21.8mm
    Santacruz 21.5mm
    Vagaries 12.0mm
    Vihar(Mumbai) 60.0mm
    Tulshi(Mumbai) 58.0mm
    Alibaugh 47.0mm
    Uran 40.0mm
    Panvel 51.6mm
    Karjat 92.2mm
    Khalapur 32.0mm
    Vasai 8.0mm
    Thane 31.2mm
    Bhivandi 22.0mm
    Murbad 43.0mm
    Shahapur 53.0mm
    Kalyan 27.0mm
    Ulhasnagar 50.0mm
    Ambernath 18.0mm
    Barvi(Badlapur) 65.0mm

    Courtesy-Abhijit Modak.

  19. Partha it seems South Chennai may have atleast 5mm+;Tamabaram ,Guduvanchery ,Chengalpet will have more..

  20. Totally 79000 cusecs have been released from KRS & Kabini Dam to Mettur Dam..

    Dinamani reports:

    கர்நாடக மாநிலத்தில் உள்ள கிருஷ்ணராஜ சாகர், கபினி அணைகள் நிரம்பிவிட்டதால் காவிரியில் வெளியேற்றப்படும் உபரி நீரின் அளவு 79,000 கன அடியாக உயர்ந்துள்ளது.

    கிருஷ்ணராஜ சாகர் அணை அதன் முழு கொள்ளளவான 124 அடியை எட்டிவிட்டது. இதனால், அணைக்கு வரும் 46 ஆயிரம் கன அடி நீரும், அப்படியே காவிரியில் திருப்பிவிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    அதேப்போல, கபினி அணை நிரம்பும் தருவாயில் இருப்பதால், பாதுகாப்புக் கருதி, அணைக்கு வரும் 33 ஆயிரம் கன அடி தண்ணீரும், காவிரியில் உபரி நீராக திறந்துவிடப்பட்டுள்ளது.

    இவ்விரண்டு அணைகளிலும் திறந்தவிடப்பட்டுள்ள 79 ஆயிரம் கன அடி நீர் காவிரியில் கரைபுரண்டு வெள்ளமாக ஓடி, நாளை மாலை மேட்டூர் அணைக்கு வரும் என்று எதிர்பார்க்கப்படுகிறது. காவிரியில் நீர்வரத்து அதிகரித்திருப்பதால், மேட்டூர் அணையின் நீர்மட்டம் வேகமாக உயரும் என்று விவசாயிகள் மகிழ்ச்சி அடைந்துள்ளனர்.

  21. Tamil Nadu:
    Chinnakalar (Coimbatore Dist) 7, Naduvattam (Nilgiris Dist) 6, Valparai pto (Coimbatore Dist) 5, Periyar (Theni Dist) and Valparai taluk office (Coimbatore Dist) 4 each, Kundha bridge (Nilgiris Dist) 3, Mahabalipuram (Kancheepuram Dist), Gudalur Bazar and Devala (both Nilgiris Dist) 2 each and Colachel, Kuzhithurai, Pechiparai and Eraniel (all Kanyakumari Dist),Chengalpattu (Kancheepuram Dist), Uthagamandalam (Nilgiris Dist), Yercaud (Salem Dist), Pollachi (Coimbatore Dist), Uthiramerur (Kancheepuram Dist), Pappireddipatti (Dharmapuri Dist) and Omalur (Salem Dist) 1 each.

  22. Andhra Pradesh:
    Perur and Koida (both dist Khammam) 7 each, Itchapuram (dist Srikakulam), Eturnagaram and Mulug (both dist Warangal) and Venkatapuram (dist Khammam) 6 each, Khanapur (dist Adilabad), Parkal (dist Warangal), Medak (dist Medak) and Sultanabad (dist Karimnagar) 5 each, Bapatla(a) and Bapatla (both dist Guntur), Metpalli and Jagtial(a) (both dist Karimnagar), Dummugudem (dist Khammam), Navipet (dist Nizamabad), Kunavaram (dist Khammam) and Mudhole (dist Adilabad) 4 each, Tekkali, Palasa and Sompeta (all dist Srikakulam), Araku Valley (dist Vishakhapatnam), Polavaram (dist West Godavari), Avanigadda (dist Krishna), Tenali (dist Guntur), Nirmal and Luxettipet (both dist Adilabad), Mednoor and Shriramsag.pocha (both dist Nizamabad), Hanamkonda (dist Warangal), Karimnagar, Jagtial , Huzurabad and Ramgundam (all dist Karimnagar) 3 each, Pathapatnam, Palakonda, Mandasa and Kalingapatnam (all dist Srikakulam), Bheemgal, Banswada, Kamareddy, Nizamasagar, Armoor and Nizamabad (all dist Nizamabad), Warangal(a) (dist Warangal), Siricilla (dist Karimnagar), Suryapet (dist Nalgonda), Nagarkurnool (dist Mahbubnagar), Ramayampet and Sangareddi (both dist Medak), Mancherial (dist Adilabad) and Medchel/manchal (dist Rangareddy) 2 each and Koyyalagudem (dist West Godavari), Sathenapalli, Piduguralla, Atchempet, Guntur, Mangalgiri and Rapalle (all dist Guntur), Veeragattam (dist Srikakulam), Gajapathinagaram, Srungavarapukota, Bobbili, Parvatipuram, Therlam and Salur (all dist Vizianagaram), , Rajahmundry (dist East Godavari), Paderu and Chintapalli (both dist Vishakhapatnam), Cumbam (dist Prakasam), Vuyyuru(a) (dist Krishna), Badvel (dist Kadapa), Srisailam (dist Kurnool), Utnoor (dist Adilabad), Hakimpet Iaf (dist Rangareddy), Devarkonda, Ramannapet, Nagarjunsagar, Miryalguda and Bhongir (all dist Nalgonda), Narsampet and Jangaon (both dist Warangal), Aswaraopet(a) (dist Khammam), Manthani (dist Karimnagar), Shadnagar and Achampet (both dist Mahbubnagar), Rudrur(a) and Bodhan (both dist Nizamabad), Narayan Khed (and Dubak (both dist Medak), Tandur and Pargi (both dist Rangareddy) and Golkonda (dist Hyderabad) 1 each.

  23. Karnataka:
    Castle Rock (Uttara Kannada dt) 13, Nilkund (Uttara Kannada dt), Madikeri 10 each, Madapura (Kodagu dt) 9, Gersoppa (Uttara Kannada dt), Agumbe 8 each, Manki (Uttara Kannada dt), Somawarpet (Kodagu dt), Linganamakki (Shimoga dt) 7 each, Kollur (Udupi dt), Gokarna (Uttara Kannada dt), Londa (Belgaum dt), Sringeri (Chikmagalur dt) 6 each, Subramanya, Sulya (both Dakshina Kannada dt), Siddapura (Udupi dt), Honavar, Shirali, Bhatkal, Kadra, Manchikeri, Jagalbet, Joida (all Uttara Kannada dt), Bhagamandala (Kodagu dt), Hosanagara (Shimoga dt), Jayapura, Kammaradi (both Chikmagalur dt) 5 each, Dharmasthala, Puttur (both Dakshina Kannada dt), Kundapur (Udupi dt), Kumta, Siddapura (both Uttara Kannada dt), Talaguppa, Humchadakatte, Thirthahalli (all Shimoga dt), Koppa, Avathi ARG (both Chikmagalur dt) 4 each, Mudibidre, Mulki, Bantwal, Mani, Belthangady (all Dakshina Kannada dt), Panambur, Mangalore AP, Kota (Udupi dt), Karwar, Ankola, Sirsi, Yellapur, Haliyal (all Uttara Kannada dt), Khanapur (Belgaum dt), Murnadu, Napoklu, Ponnampet, Virajpet (all Kodagu dt), Sagar, Arasalu, Shiralkoppa (all Shimoga dt), Kalasa, Kottigehara, Balehonnur (all Chikmagalur dt) 3 each, Uppinangady (Dakshina Kannada dt), Udupi, Karkala (Udupi dt), Banavasi (Uttara Kannada dt), Belgaum, Belgaum AP, Aurad, Dabka (both Bidar dt), Sedam (Gulbarga dt), Harangi (Kodagu dt), Thyagarthi, Sorab (both Shimoga dt), Mudigere, NR Pura, Ajjampura, Tarikere (all Chikmagalur dt), Ballupet, Sakaleshpura (both Hassan dt), MM Hills (Chamarajanagar dt) 2 each, Mangalore (Dakshina Kannada dt), Kiravatti (Uttara Kannada dt), Kanabargi AWS, Bailhongal, Chikkodi, Hukkeri, Sankeshwar (all Belgaum dt), Dharwad(Hos), Dharwad, Kalghatgi, Kalghatgi ARG (both Dharwad dt), Chittapur, Kalgi, Chincholi, Sulepet (all Gulbarga dt), Kushalnagara (Kodagu dt), Anavatti, Shikaripura, Bhadravathi (all Shimoga dt), Chikmagalur, Lingadahalli, Shivani (both Chikmagalur dt), Sargur, Suttur AWS (both Mysore dt), Bandipura (Chamarajanagar dt), Rayalpadu (Kolar dt), Honnali, Channagiri (both Davangere dt), Holalkere, Hosadurga (both Chitradurga dt), Thondebhavi (Chikaballapura dt) l each.

  24. Kerala:
    Munnar (Idukki district), Irikkur (Kannur district), Vadakara (Kozhikode district) and Alathur (Palakkad district) 6 each, Kannur, Taliparamba (Kannur district), Piravom (Ernakulam district), Peermade (Idukki district), Kudlu (Kasaragod district), Vaikom (Kottayam district), Angadippuram (Malappuram district), Ottappalam (Palakkad district), Kunnamkulam (Thrissur district) and Mananthavady (Wayanad district) 4 each, Idukki, Thalasserry (Kannur district), Hosdurg (Kasaragod district), Quilandy (Kozhikode district), Perinthalmanna and Ponnani (both in Malappuram district), Kollengode, Pattambi, Thrithala and Parambikulam (all in Palakkad district), Konni (Pathanamthitta district), Thrissur and Vadakkancherry (Thrissur district) 3 each, Kavaratti (Lakshadweep), Palakkad, Mannarkad and Chittur (both in Palakkad district), Kozhikode, Karipur AP and Manjeri (both in Malappuram district), Punalur (Kollam district), Kochi A.P, Perumbavur and CIAL Kochi (all in Ernakulam district), Ernakulam South, Vellanikkara, Kodungallur and Enamackel (all in Thrissur district), Myladumpara_Agri (Idukki district), Kozha (Kottayam district), Nedumangad (Thiruvananthapuram district) and Vythiri, Ambalavayal and Kuppady (all in Wayanad district) 2 each and Agathi, Amini and Minicoy (all in Lakshadweep), Thiruvananthapuram City, Thiruvananthapuram AP, Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram district), Kottayam, Kanjirappally (Kottayam district), Mavelikkara, Cherthala and Kayamkulam_Agri (all in Alappuzha district), Thodupuzha (Idukki district), Nilambur (Malappuram district) and Irinjalakuda and Chalakudy (both in Thrissur district) 1 each.

    • As I told you Partha, Hardly any rains in Vizag since the start of SWM.They get around 60 % of the annual rainfall from SWM. Its surprising that areas South and west of Vizag are getting battered on a regular basis and the resultant swelling of Godavari.Rajamundry which is about 150 kms South of Vizag is getting regular rains.Nature must be kidding.

  25. Rainfall all over india

    The chief amounts of rainfall (4 cm or more) recorded at
    0830  hours IST  of today  are: 

    Bhira­12; Mount Abu, Mahabaleshwar  and Medikeri­10  each;  Dehradun­9;
    Agumbe­8; Ratnagiri and Harnai­7 each, Shirali, Kota, Katra, Koraput, Alibag,  Honavar, Valparai, Hirakud and
    Surrender  Nagar­5  each;  Goa(Dabolim),  Cannur, Bapatla, Ambikapur,  Gopalpur,  Gangtok, Phulbani   and
    Fursatganj­4 each.

  26. The low pressure area over northwest Bay of Bengal  & neighbourhood   persists and has become well marked. The associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends upto mid­tropospheric levels tilting southwestwards with height.

  27. BBC:

    Two powerful earthquakes have struck China’s north-west Gansu province, killing at least 75 people and leaving more than 400 others injured.

    The first earthquake near Dingxi city had a magnitude of 5.98 and was shallow, with a depth of just 9.8 km (6 miles), the US Geological Survey said.

    Just over an hour later, a magnitude 5.6 quake hit the same area, it added.

      • Extract from Dinamalar

        முதல் கட்ட தகவலின்படி ஆயிரத்து 500 க்கும் மேற்பட்ட வீடுகள் முழுமையாக இடிந்து போயின. 20 ஆயிரத்திற்கும் மேற்பட்ட வீடுகள்சேதமுற்றுள்ளன. இன்றைய நிலநடுக்கம் மலை சார்ந்த பகுதியாகும்.

        நான் வெளியே ஓடி வந்தேன்:
        சீன வாசி ஒருவர் இது குறித்து கூறுகையில்: நான் வொர்க்-ஷாப்பில் இருந்தேன். எங்களது கட்டடம் ஒரு மாடி மட்டும் உள்ளது. கட்டடம் குலுங்குவதை உணர்ந்த நான் வெளியே ஓடி வந்தேன். அருகில் இருந்த 18 மாடி கட்டடம் ஒன்று சரிந்து விழுந்ததை பார்த்தேன் . என்றார். கடந்த 2008 ல் சீனாவில் ஏற்பட்ட நிலநடுக்கத்தில் 90 ஆயிரம் பேர் இறந்தனர். லட்சக்கணக்கானோர் வீடுகள் இழந்தனர்.

      • After shock + Next Quake in the same area is very dangerous, because i have felt it in Gujarat, when earthquake in bhuj, i have stayed in Anjar (40kms from bhuj).

  28. More promising for North & Central Chennai in first spell today..Meena has to wait for its turn till late night.

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