495 thoughts on “Rain batters Chennai

  1. @novak

    The radar image is ppz. It shows direction,not intensity.

    Use max-z, sri and in extreme cases, ppi

  2. Preliminary Rainfall in and around Chennai from yesterday TS

    in mm

    updated figures will be given in the afternoon

    All three major Chennai lakes get 150 cusecs inflow.

    Poonamalle – 63
    Chembarabakkam – 45
    Madurantakam – 41
    Katpadi – 39
    Guindy – 37
    Kalavai – 35
    Redhills – 33
    IMD Meenambakkam – 32.6
    Avadi – 32
    Kolapakkam – 31
    Ellapuram – 31
    Madhavaram – 30
    Cholvaram – 27
    Kaveripakkam – 26
    Cheyyur – 26
    Nungambakkam AWS – 25
    Kancheepuram Agro – 25
    Tharamani – 24
    Sholigur – 24
    IMD Nungambakkam – 24.3
    Nungambakkam Kea – 21
    Kancheepuram – 21
    Poondi – 20
    Tiruvallaur – 20
    Katupakkam – 19
    Sholinganallur – 18
    Ennore – 17
    Kelambakkam – 16
    Cheyyar – 12
    RK Pet – 10

  3. @ Raja

    Many more Happy Returns of the Day

    பிறந்த நாள் ஆண்டின் சிறந்த நாளாக வாழ்த்துகள் !!

  4. It has been a week we chennaities witnessed bright sun.
    Even during NEM I doubt sun had taken such a break.
    Models predict another low to form in the same region by this Saturday.
    Even vagaries had mentioned about BB5

    • yes Das..I too heard that news from my neighbor..some transformer got busted and same was replaced in hour time and again got some issues..Same was rectified around 12 am..thanks for quick response of TANGEDCO..

  5. Yday we have received around 3cm…this is the second highest one day rainfall amount for Toronto 😆 …and they say it gets flooded…don say its due to poor drainage facilities..hard to believe..

  6. Ashwin…The rainfall you mentioned was about Coimbatore District and not CBE city…..Coimbatore city has got 18mm since the start of SWM as against the normal of 41mm ….The inflated figures is because of exceptional rains in the gHAt areas like Valparai and sholayar…

  7. No evidence of cloudburst in Uttarakhand ??

    J. Srinivasan, chairman of the Divecha Center for Climate Change, says that his analysis of satellite data (there were no automatic rain gauges in this valley) indicates that the heaviest spell of rainfall, which lasted a few hours, did not exceed 20 mm/hr. Whereas, “a cloud burst is an intense rainfall event with rainfall intensity above 100 mm/hr,” Prof. Srinivasan says in the latest edition of journal Current Science.

    Thanks ” The Hindu”

  8. The Tirupattur PTO has recorded a minimum of 19.8c …The third sub 20 temperature recorded since the start of June…..Dharmapuri,Tirupattur and Valparai has got a PTO(Part-time observatory) since jan…and i some how feel the recorded minimum temperatures are consistently showing 1-2c lower than what it will usually be in Dharmapuri and Tirupattur,though the Max temps recorded are normal and above normal…

  9. The atmosphere near odisha is full of moisture, which is feeding the LPA as of now. Which gained strength with intense circulation.

    This triggered the strong westerly winds. Even though sea breeze is absent, because of more moisture over coastal area, we are getting good rains. Otherwise yesterday’s TS would have vanished before reaching 30KM radius.

  10. Guys MJ Oscillation is Active

    US forecasting agencies said a weather-boosting Madden-Julian Oscillation wave was currently active over the Indian Ocean region.

    This wave periodically travels in the upper air across the Indian Ocean but has a major influence on ground weather thanks to its ability to generate clouding and storms. Most of the country, starting from South into Central India, would be brought under the influence of the wave during the next seven days.

    This is even as international agencies declared that a negative Indian Ocean Dipole, a temperature anomaly, has set in over the Indian Ocean.

  11. Typhoon Soulik is approaching Taiwan. It is pulling the moisture from bay and arabian sea. Also the LPA near odisha likely to move north towards WB.

    Hence the moisture over south india will reduce in next 48 hours.

    We heading for short dry period after 48 hours.

  12. Wish we can import and export weather. If that becomes a reality, I would export our June weather and import CBE June weather. Know its a wishful thinking.

  13. @karthick,
    Even I was about to post that central and north western districts of TN have received less rainfall until now.

    Don’t worry August and September are the wettest months for that region.
    Law of averages will surely work out…

  14. techies leaving home from electronic city will be in for a surprise after they cross bommanahalli after the rain in those areas.. not a drop of rain in electronic city.. the sun also shining through..

  15. @cat5hurricane
    I too saw the storms on radar, but not sure whether they’ll survive after the storms last night used lots of CAPE and moisture.

  16. We often use the word like ‘heavy rain ‘will occur,’very heavy ‘rain occurred and all.Do we get really the heavy rain?

    As per the definition, they are:

    Extremely Heavy: >244.4 mm
    Very Heavy 124.5 to 244.4
    Heavy 64.5- 124.4 mm

    • It depends on the place. In Canada for instance the media last week, said extremely heavy rainfall of 90 mm in 24 hours caused historic floods. But here in the tropics 9cm is termed as just heavy rainfall.

  17. @senthilkumar P

    No one can define how heavy rain is. It’s just the intensity people refer to. No one goes by definitions

  18. @Ganesh Raja

    Small correction ….September and October are the wettest months in north west and north Interior TN with averages nearing 200mm for both the months…August average varies with 130mm in the eastern parts to 150mm in the western areas…

    • with an average of 33 in first class matches, he is definitely not a no.11.. probably put at that position cos he’s 19 and playing his first match

      • ??? agarkar is an indian legend..

        Agarkar holds the Indian record of scoring the fastest 50 in ODI: he scored 50 of 21 balls. Agarkar also holds another ODI record, which is the quickest in terms of least number of matches played to take 200 wickets and complete 1000 runs.

        He scored an unbeaten Test century at Lord’s in 2002, batting at number eight.

  19. #Chennai – 6pm, Rain seen over W-S-W from city at around 120km… Showers may push into City around 9/10pm… reduced possibility today.

    Indian weatherman

  20. Nunga gonna miss out on heavy rains today as well 😦 😦

    The gap between the two cells is destined to come here

  21. Maddy, both storms may get into one wen they reach close to us….watch out for the one tat is w-nw of chennai , intensity is stronger than the other..it wnt die tat easily, …

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