458 thoughts on “TS activity to increase during July

  1. Is my assumption correct – if monsoon takes a break at the West Coast, we get thunderstorms? If the monsoon is active there then no thunderstorms for Chennai.

  2. The last time Nunga beat Meena in NEM was in 2010….So the law of avergaes must catch up and Nunga might get some 50-100mm more than Meena this NEM…But not before Meena taking a 200mm lead from SWM alone…like 2009..

  3. @novak I have been watching ramanan’s statement for several years. did he ever give specific forecast or warning. He repeats the same statement every day every time every month every year how can you take him seriously they have to specific about time, place and amount of rainfall and possible consequences. but they have never done that and they will never do it. I don’t want to talk about that stupid uttarkhand congress(hate to bring politics here) CM, efficiency is zero ineffective. Both are responsible for this disaster. and one more thing even if imd gives specific detailed warning the state governments wont do anything because they are dump and insensitive old stupid people.

      • @raghav have ever heard in India that a state government or central government have taken precautionary steps to save lives and property damage when a natural disaster is about to strike. To my knowledge a Big ‘NO’. At least have they tried “NO”. They are in reactive or passive mode which is useless They act only after disaster happened that too very slow and unorganized they are absolutely clueless to handle the situation. We need people on top who can be active and pro active not reactive or passive those days are over. people expectation on government and leader is high now a days.They want leaders or government who can perform and they have to perform no other go, no other way.

  4. Metttur Dam up from 19 ft to 42 ft in 4 days. Inflow continues even though catchment areas are not receiving any rains.

    1.7.13 – inflow 33500 cusecs, level 42 ft, storage 13200 mcft
    30.6.13 – inflow 38500 cusecs, level 36 ft, storage 10400 mcft
    29.6.13 – inflow 38000 cusecs, level 29 ft, storage 7200 mcft
    28.6.13 – inflow 9500 cusecs, level 19 ft, storage 4000 mcft

  5. @svsram,

    then hundreds of lives should have been saved at the time of Hurricane Katrina right?

    What about the Tornadoes? Cant hundreds of lives be saved every year with proper warning system?

    What about Tsunamis? I bet if the Tsunami of 2004 is going to repeat today, hundreds of lives will still be lost even with the warning system.\

    Some things in life you need to accept. Nothing can be done about natural disasters. What about Earthquakes? Can you escape a devastating quake? If you were warned that in 3 hours a devastating earthquake is going to strike Chennai. What will you do? Where will you go? What about the hundreds of thousands of people.

    • @Kea you are right about Earthquakes and T tsunamis where you wont get much time to do the evacuation but they are some what different from cloud burst and extreme weather events here the imd issues a warning at least 2- 3 days in advance still they did not take it seriously.worst part is even after the disaster they are not utilizing the government machinery to the fullest the uttarkhand government is clearly lacking in that area.state government is working hard to cover up the death toll rather admitting the facts they are trying to hide it.The only exception is our army and armed forces they did/do their best.I wish our state and central government will be pro active rather passive/reactive in relief works. That is really disappointing from people point of view.

      • Cloud burst?

        Do you call his thing a cloud burst?

        “Cloud burst normally happen for just 1-3 hours. This was really heavy monsoon rains spread over 3 days” – PJ

        Do you call a 3 day event a cloud burst? Nooo

      • IMD issuing 2-3 days advance warning? Really?

        Do you know the cost of evacuating tens of thousands of people? How reliable are these IMD warnings? Do people even take it seriously?

        Imagine a scenario. NEM2013, IMD warns ppl along ECR to evacuate due to rising sea water and flood warnings. First warning ppl will take it seriously, nothing happens.
        A week later another warning comes, how many ppl will take it seriously? And 3rd, 4th and 5th warnings.
        In India with the huge population it is impossible to evacuate ppl.

  6. Guys here is a fact…. today @12 noon we completed the 1st half of 2013 and we have entered the second half of 2013… btw whats the weather outlook for the second half?! Especially for Chennai…

  7. Kea, you seem to be relaxed today.
    Could see you very active in blog from morning.
    Expecting rains today at nunga???

  8. @Kea “How reliable are these IMD warnings?” good one i have mentioned the same in my previous post and their inability to keep up with current requirements. Hope imd will take some serious steps to improve the forecast.

    • @SK-I am a strong believer in mother nature having the last laugh when it comes to tackling best of science and Technology.Things can only be minimised and that too with some luck factor going your way.The classic example is the 2011 March earth quake n the Tsunami that followed in Japan. With the best of science n Technology, forecast the country could not prevent large scale destruction to property and life.

    • What is pertinent is whether they drew attention to the fact that there is something big cooking. For e.g. based on Ramanan’s catch-all-forecast, there is a possibility of rain everywhere, one or 2 which might be heavy. Now he rolls this out EVERYDAY – can he use that as an excuse if there is flash flood due to heavy rain? I sure hope not!

      If there is an elevated threat perception, due attention must be drawn. No point in hiding behind bureaucratic “I did my job, somebody else did not” when the cost is people’s lives.

  9. Back to Chennai – Hyd had little rains over the last week or so but weather was pleasant with cool nights. Today Chennai is exactly like how it was 1 week back – HOT.

  10. All India SWM rainfall Toppers from 01.06.2013 to 30.06.2013
    June 2013 has come to an end, here is the list you have been waiting for. Surprise is Talacauvery which leads the toppers. Sholayar from Tamil Nadu has made into the list with 1662 mm. Except Cherrapunji which scrambled on the list with last day rains.

    Rainfall in mm (Minimum of 1500 mm)

    1.Talacavery (Karnataka) – 2284
    2.Kuttiyadi (Kerala) – 2137
    3.Suralbhi (Karnataka) – 2062
    4.Amgaon (Karnataka) – 2050
    5.Naladi (Karnataka) – 2030
    6.Tamini (Maharashtra) – 1940
    7.Hulikal (Karnataka) – 1870
    8.Tulshi Lake (Maharashtra) – 1865
    9.Vadakara (Kerala) -1860
    10.Dungerwadi (Maharashtra) – 1820

    Complete list and state wise toppers in



  11. Actor Jim Kelly, who played a glib American martial artist in “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee, has died. He was 67.

    Marilyn Dishman, Kelly’s ex-wife, said he died Saturday of cancer at his home in California.

    Sporting an Afro hairstyle and sideburns, Kelly made a splash with his one-liners and fight scenes in the 1973 martial arts classic. His later films included “Three the Hard Way,” “Black Belt Jones” and “Black Samurai.”

    During a 2010 interview with Salon.com, Kelly said he started studying martial arts in 1964 in Kentucky and later moved to California. He said the role in the Bruce Lee film came about when his agent called him. It was his second film role.

    “It was one of the best experiences in my life,” he told Salon.com of working on “Enter the Dragon.” “Bruce was just incredible, absolutely fantastic. I learned so much from working with him. I probably enjoyed working with Bruce more than anyone else I’d ever worked with in movies because we were both martial artists. And he was a great, great martial artist. It was very good.”

  12. Even as space scientists at Sriharikota have begun the countdown prior to the launch of the country’s maiden navigation satellite on July 1, preparations have begun in far-away Kourou in South America to fly yet another national satellite, INSAT-3D.

    The flight is set for July 26, roughly between 1.15 a.m. and 3 a.m. (IST).

    ISRO’s launch contractor for INSAT-3D, the European Arianespace, said the 2,100-kg advanced weather satellite had cleared a pre-launch checkout process.

    Its solar panels were deployed for routine testing by an ISRO team that is in the French Guiana spaceport.

    Numbered VA214, the Ariane-5 launch vehicle has been brought into the Final Assembly Building and is being readied for the flight, an Arianespace release said.

    It will also carry Europe’s advanced telecommunications spacecraft, the Alphasat.

    ISRO is a prime customer of Arianespace; it contracts Ariane launcher to put its communication satellites into an orbit 36,000 km above earth. It is yet to fully achieve its own capability in this class with the GSLV, although it can put smaller satellites into lower orbits on the PSLV rocket.

      • @Jupi– 3pm was when sea breeze set in and so there should not be much difference between valsvkrm and Nung..unless there is a difference between shade and sun in terms of system location

  13. Hi…can anyone tell me how much was the rain between Pondi & Kalpakkam yesterday evening. Our car literally got carried away with heavy winds and pouring. Very powerful lightening also….got really scared if we will make it safely. My first and worst experience though

    • Welcome Vani Johnson, Been wondering ever since i entered this blog as to why weather should interest only men folk and why not women..Happy to note that you have come on this forum with a pertinent question..Yesterday’s Thunder storm activity centered around Pony area and i had posted that it may have rained in Pondy yesterday evening from what was visible in the radar image…

  14. @Jupi,
    Places near the Sea will be cooler is valid only in the day time that too only when the sea breeze is setting at around 12-2pm….Not the case in June…When sea breeze fails ,the nearer the place is to Coastal Andhra,the hotter..

  15. Will TS in west-northwest play any spoilsport by keeping the chennaities out of seeing the launch of pslv-c22… Visiblity remains a big question?? For the 1st time ISRO has planned to launch the vehicle during night…. Eagerly waiting for it..

    • பொதுவாக ராக்கெட்டுகள் பகல் நேரத்தில் செலுத்தப்படுவதுதான் வழக்கம். ஆனால் பி.எஸ்.எல்.வி, சி.22 ராக்கெட்டை பொறுத்தவரை இதில் பொருத்தப்பட்டுள்ள உந்துசக்தி பூஸ்டர்களின் எண்ணிக்கை அதிகம் என்பதால் இரவில் செலுத்தப்படுகிறது

  16. @Novak

    Could you let me know why only 7 of the 8 4th round matches are scheduled today?

    What happened to Kubot vs Mannarina?

    Was so badly waiting for this matchup

  17. I think, i have used the songs so many times in my childhood, thats why, rain is not coming in my place.

    Rain, rain, go away.
    Come again another day.
    MOMMY wants to play.
    Rain, rain, go away.

    But, Now

    Rain, rain, Come quickly
    Once again come quickly
    I wants to enjoy….
    Rain, rain, Come quickly

  18. Janowicz vs Kubot quarters.

    What a matchup? It should have read Roger vs Rafa

    Barring injury, I predict Jerry to be a top 10 player within 2 – 3 years

  19. எக்ஸ்பிரஸ் அவன்யூ 3வது மாடி கட்டிடத்தில் இருந்து குதித்து தற்கொலை செய்து கொண்டவர் கணினி பொறியாளர் சண்முகம் என தகவல் வெளியாகியுள்ளது. (Dinakaran)

    – Stupid Person, don’t have courage to face the life.

    • 3rd booster emission was not clear tat made me to think in a negative way…then after few seconds i was proved wrong wen i gone through the official site..

  20. Pradeep’s Morning HRF update

    1. Karnataka Heavy Rains pickup for past 2 days. All coastal district gets rain. Agumbe to post good rainfall as Kogar has got around 150 mm rainfall. IMD Hulikal AWS is down. It should have also got good rains.

    2. Maharashtra Ghats the only place to get continuous heavy rains even during monsoon break

    Watch out for Tamini, Dungerwadi, Amboli, Dajipur and Kitwade. Tamini crossed 2000 mm yesterday. The first station in Maharashtra to do so.

    3. Rains pick up in Kerala after 4 days.

    Expect rainfall to be around 40 mm for most of the stations.

    4. West Bengal Tea Gardens in Duars get rain in HRF places.

    Expect rainfall to be around 30 mm for most of the stations.

  21. 35 year old opening batsman to make Ashes debut alongside a non specialist opener.

    A captain who sits out with back injury more often than he captains his side.

    A very inexperienced batting lineup after the retirement of all time greats.

    Spinner? Not sure if they have anybody.

    A bowling lineup that can make Bangladesh look like world beaters.

    This is the team that hopes to win back the Ashes. They are banking on their new part-time coach to do some miracle.

  22. Contest,(inspired from Vagaries)Predict the june Monthly rainfall for the following places…
    Contest 1
    1.Chennai Ngbkm
    2.Chennai Mnbkm

    Note: The rainfall prediction must be with a lower and upper limit with a range of either 15 or 30mm ..E.g(100-130mm) …Points = 5 points for the range of 15mm,2 points for the range of 30mm….

    Contest 2.==Predict the rainfall of Valparai – 10points for 100mm range(e.g 900-1000mm),5 points for 200mm range(e.g 1000-1200mm)

    Contest 3 = Predict the hottest temperature that will be recorded in TN in july(with a range of 1C,eg – 39-40c) and the place that will record the hottest temperature….5 points for getting the temperature right,5 points for getting the place right…

  23. @thale….Sorry i Forgot PDC…..Cuddalore and Nagapattinam are not cities…and CBE,Tirunelveli dont get enof rain in July …..I…so i’m adding PDC…and Kodai is included cos it’s a hill station and it comes in IMD obsy …

  24. Kar, In case of heavy rainfall Choose Sholayar, Avalanche/Upper Bhavani and Upper Kodayar representing (Kovai, Nilgris and Tirunelveli dts)

    All three stations daily rainfall figures in mm are available. Unlike Devala / Chinna Kallar where only rainfall is in cm.

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