575 thoughts on “Dry Nunga receives much needed shower

  1. Pradeep’s Morning HRF update

    1. Karnataka Heavy Rains in Shimoga and Udupi district

    Agumbe Nilkund to post around 60-70 mm rainfall. Not much of rain in Hulikal. Kodagu district rains continue but with less intensity. Talacauvery has got over 2200 mm and is the SWM leader. Watch out for it again.

    2. Arunachal Pradesh second day of very heavy rains.

    Its been poor SWM for Arunachal so far. Last 2 days its raining a lot. Tezu, Along and Basar all have got over 100 mm. Watch out for Passighat and Tuting rainfall.

    3. Kerala gets consistent rain to continue.

    Expect rainfall to be around 60 mm for most of the stations. A surprise 100+ mm station cant be ruled out.

    4. West Bengal to get rain in HRF places.

    As usual Cooch Behar, Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts got good rains. Most stations put around 70-80 mm rains. All HRF stations to post good rainfall numbers. Dont be surprised if any stations get very heavy rainfall.

  2. novaknole 131
    parthasri35 107
    hr649 92
    keaweather 66
    jupijove 65
    Pradeep John 62
    originaldashman 50

    Notable name missing in the list…. Susu….dis is vry bad Maddy..

    Partha sir, y have u given the top spot to the Tennis Star-Novak??? U r not in full form..Theeya vela senju next time top’la vaanga.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Kea- Think your blood will boil after reading this comment fro Bernard Tomic-Comic is say.

    Interesting words from Bernie Tomic about Roger
    Federer after his win earlier today… “I think a lot of
    people were happy when Nadal sort of lost. I think
    Roger was very happy,” said the young Aussie. “I
    think he got ahead of himself, then things turned
    around. The players that I think don’t get too
    ahead of themselves, focus on their matches, have
    the best chance of winning.”

  4. @Novak, this Wimbledon is tailor made for Murray to win.

    I don’t know if its luck or what he had the most challenging draw, with Cilic/Tsonga possible quarterfinal opponents and Federer/Nadal semi opponents. All the 4 have already been eliminated or injured.

    Only seeded players remain in his draw are Robredo in R3, Youzhny in R4 and Monaco in quarters. If Youzhny and Monaco win that is.

    • Kea-On the other hand Novak has a tough draw actually.He has to face Haas, who is a good grass court player (serve n Volley expert) in the 4 th round, Berdy in Qfs and there on..Yeah its easy for Murray. Cilic /Andy would have been an interesting finals and mind you Marin Cilic has beaten Andy once in Qf’s at US Open 09. Marin is a decent grass court player and reached the finals of Queens last week.

      • I can also make out from the tone of your comments that you want Murray to win his first Wimbledon and not Djoko. Why this kolaveri Kea?

  5. Friends, ive got an interesting link on tennis (sorry if im boring some) –One of my fav player and friend Marin Cilic answers fellow HEAD players question thrown at hi..Watch and relax.

  6. @jon and dash

    Having exams :p and about sea breeze

    Hot air causes convection and clouds but there is no moisture. When sea breeze meets the storms, the moist air is forced in causes the clouds to rise very fast.

    • when they rise fast after convergence of hot air and moist air, they become storms and other storms intensify and expand.

      hope you get it now ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. @novaknole

    To reveal the truth : I’m just a 16 year old playing tennis in that Local but efficient academy!Im currently in std 12

  8. very heavy rain warning for central, east and north east india for the next 3 to 4 days. already cherapunji recorded 33 cm yesterday. we can expect more in the coming days.

  9. Lot of storms around Chennai. can nunga reach at least 1 cm today? I know as for as nunga is concerned kea does not have any big expectation in june and july lol ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Nunga 1 cm yesterday ๐Ÿ˜›

    Hope we get more rains today too!

    Sea breeze should meet the storms !

  11. According to seedings :

    Current Quarter Final Lineups :

    Novak Djokovic V Tomas Berdych
    David Ferrer V Juan Martรญn del Potro
    Benoรฎt Paire V Nicolas Almagro
    Andy Murray V Fernando Verdasco

  12. Rained heavily for close to 10 mins in domlur, bangalore.. 3rd consecutive day of rains in this part of bangalore….

    • @Gopal-Marin has been coming to Chennai open since 07.Hw came here as a qualifier in 07 and as a main draw player from 08. Reached the semi finals in 2008 (lost to Youzhny) and won 2009 and 2010 editions. did not turn up in 2012 cos of Knee injury and came back this year..He prefers warm Chennai to places like Doha and Brisbane in the same week of ATP events.He says Doha is too cool for his comfort. You would have listened to him answering Novak’s question in the video that he prefers warmer climate to cold ones…He has assured that he would return to his favorite city for the 2014 edition.

    • Yes sir!I also like del Potro very much but he is not suited to grass the way he plays.Even Ferrer is more of a clay player but Ferrer’s experience might get the better of del Potro!But first of all these are just assumed predictions

      • He isn’t coming to our court often these days and it’s been a while since I met him!I don’t have his number but I’ll get his number from my other teacher!

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