326 thoughts on “Hot weather likely to continue

  1. Tamil Nadu Weather Summary till 16 June 2013(Imd obs)

    Highest Max Average Temp => Madurai – 37.8C
    Lowest Min Avergae Temp(Hs) =>Kodaikanal – 12.3C
    Lowest Min Average Temp(plain) =>Tirupattur – 20.8C
    Highest total Rainfall => Valparai – 629mm

    Highest Max temp recorded => Tiruchi – 39.8C
    Lowest Min temp recorded(hs) =>Kodaikanal – 11.2C
    Lowest Min temp recorded(plain) =>Tirupattur – 19.0c
    Highest Single day rainfall => Valparai – 125.4mm

  2. north karnataka will have no problem for water from now on.. good inflow into the dams with water from maharashtra with most rivers overflowing there.. Only our faithful cauvery will need to wait to fill up…

  3. Rainfall recorded at 17.30hrs in the evening on 16th.

    Dehradun­15, Mumbai(Clb)­13, Delhi(Palam)­12, Mahabaleshwar­11,   Mumbai(Scz)­10, Khandwa­9, Bhira­5, Delhi (Safdarjung), Agra, Balia, Meerut, Jorhat and Nizamabad­4 each

  4. So far IMD forecasted subdued rainfall activity till 18th, but from 19th they have said:

    Rain/thundershowers would occur at a few places over central and south peninsular India.

  5. Extreme severe weather forecast for entire coastal Maharashtra for next 72 hours.

    As we have expected on 14th, north coastal and south gujarat getting battered.

  6. Did you know?

    The first 8 days of June last year all crossed 40. In that there were 2 42+’s as well.

    In fact we had 15 days hotter than the 38.7 we had yesterday.

    We should be happy this June isn’t that bad.

    (Did u read this Ashwinds?)

    • LOL – all it tells me is we must take the horrible weather of yesterday and convince myself that it was pleasant compared to last year. What to do.

      Atleast today morning is better atleast humidity is lesser and winds are really really strong. Again its not the mornings – low humidity keeps it bearable but the evening which is worse with temp still lingering at 33+ until really late.

  7. Rain from 8.30 AM – 6.30 AM (in CMs)

    Heavy rain pelts Uttarakhand, Gujarat and parts of UP.

    Mahabaleshwar 26
    Delhi Palam : 12
    Mumbai SCZ: 19
    Lucknow: 14
    Dehradun: 33
    Rishikesh 14
    Haridwar 22

    D’dun has recieved more than half meter rain in last 2 days…which will ultimately flow in to Ganga and Yamuna.

  8. Was riding through Chennai bypass last nite, it was only hot air through out my ride, temp was around 34*c….. Neve experienced tis….

  9. Massive Massive Rains lash Maharashtra….

    Will be putting lot of new stations. Rainfall till now.

    Mahabaleshwar on verge of 300 mm rainfall. Colaba to post 200 mm rainfall. Karajat 175 mm. Santa & Thane 120+ mm. The Great Leader Dapoli on verge of another 100 mm rainfall. Golegaon 120 +, Poladpur 100+ mm.

    Dont be surprised to see many 300 mm rainfall

  10. Tamil Nadu Dams inflow update

    Bhavanisagar ~ 5400 cusecs (Heavy inflow due to rains in Karnataka)
    Papanasam ~ 3500 cusecs (It has 82 ft current storage compared 22 ft last year)
    Sholayar – 3200 cusecs (94mm 24 hrs rainfall)
    Periyar ~ 2800 cusecs
    Amaravathy ~ 1500 cusecs
    Perunchani ~ 1100 cusecs
    Pechiparai ~ 900 cusecs

    Mettur – 60 cusecs dam level fall below 17ft now at 16.97 ft

  11. haha novaknole is complaining almost as much as I do about the Chennai weather, I now have to keep up to not lose the title of biggest cribber on the blog 😀

    Instead of mms of rain, Kea must have more meaningful contests for the perpetual hot, sultry weather in Chennai. The parameters must be more definitive of Chennai – like:

    – how many days will temp be above 30C at 8 PM
    – how many hours of <27C we have
    – how many hours of 75%+ humidity

    Lets see how many people one * this by end of day 😉 😉

    • @Ashwinds–Its not a complaint actually..Its an honest fact of horrible June weather we experience every year due to lack of sea breeze..I still maintain that Chennai is far better in terms of moderate weather right through the year ..Personally i do not like places like Hyd or Delhi,Nagpur etc where you go thru extreme weather patterns..

      • @Ashwinds- The point im trying to make is that Chennai Weather is better off for me except for the month from Mid June till Mid July where sea breeze never sets in or it sets very late..Question of sea breeze never arises in the places ive mentioned in my earlier post and one can visualize the situation without sea breeze in those cities..Your body cools itself off when you sweat and this aspect is good for the health and it is not so good when you do not sweat and the body retaining the heat.. It is always better to throw the toxins out through sweat (Perspiration) than other forms from the body.. That way coastal weather is much better.

      • Its all personal preference novaknole. I think its nice to have “seasons” as compared to just warm, hot, hotter, hottest and torrential drizzles. Even with sweat, its personal conditioning – most non-coastal people cant cope with the humidity and vice versa.

  12. Maharashtra Rainfall data – 17th June

    Kopoli (Raigadh) -307
    Khed (Ratnagiri) – 173.5
    Ambavali (Ratnagiri) – 147
    Poynad (Raigadh) – 143
    Saral (Raigadh) – 128
    Poladpur (Raigadh) – 125
    Chari (Raigadh) – 120
    Bhivandi (Thane) – 115
    Ottur (Pune) – 113
    Dingore (Pune) – 110

  13. @novaknole, no comfort of ac in house – Because of very low voltage, AC never runs even with low voltage booster. For more than 2 months now, even fan does not work in madipakkam. Hope this is not that severe in other areas. not sure though.

    • No Low Volatage Problem in Ashok Nagar, Chennai. There was few hours low voltage problem was there in May 4th to May 28th. (Agni Nachathiram). At that time too, A/c was running smoothly in my house.

    • @Shankar R..im really sorry at the state of affairs in your area..Been hearing of these low voltage or no voltage problem since the time electricity was discovered in areas like Nanganallur, Madipakkam, kizhkattalai etc..I have been a resident of Nanganallur some years back in the late 80’s and this problem of low voltage existed then..Im surprised that it still exists..

  14. 38.9 today 😦 My family sleep hours are restricted to midnight 2 to 7 due to low voltage, A/c not functioning and we can count the rpm of the fan easily. Chennai always rocks with its distinct weather 🙂

  15. Dear All– Came back this weekend after some great weather in Coimbatore and Blore..Chennai has been really horrible..yday night possibly the worst..I am off to Mumbai and Pune from tmrw and hope to bring some rains to Chennai this week

    • Gopal666-Welcome back..Like a disco dancer i assume you would have started discarding one cloth after another the moment you were approaching Chennai..

  16. Excellent and cool weather in Blore for the past few days..hill-station effect..strong monsoon winds and beautiful low clouds from NW with occassional drizzles/light rains in some areas..

    Got fried in Chennai today morning.. 😦

  17. Arb sea branch dominating as of now…Gud to c tat the swm rains has grabbed the attention of the media… Now the monsoon has covered entire india and continues lash with heavy rain across the sw,w.central ,n.west ,n.central india ..so now v can easily conclude the start of 1st phase is awesome… now the bay getting ready with fresh wave…n.east states ,east central depends only on bay branch…

  18. I feel very sorry for Jon.. 😦 Kea is ragging all junior members nowadays 😀

    Naa rendu naal blog’ku varalaina, udane aatam poda vaendiyadhu… :mrgreen:

    Freeya vidu Jon.. i will take care 🙂

    Jon.. this is for u!!!

    Ange siripavargal sirikattum athu aanava siripu
    inge jupi sirikkum pon siripo anandha siripu 🙂

    Nalla theerpai ulagam sollum naal varumbodhu
    inge siripavar yaar azhubavar yaar theriyum appodhu

    Thottam kakka potta velli payirai thinradho?
    Ithai kelvi kekka aalillamal parthu nippodho

    Naan orru kai parkiren
    Neram varum kaattu kiren
    Poonai alla pulli thaan enrru poga poga kattugiren..


  19. @Novaknole…yes,it has been a torture in Chennai for the last 3 days…I do not mind the 39-40c,but the evenings at 25-27 with a stiff sea breeze is completely missing..Can you believe that we are having a AITA-CS happening for U-14 at Chennai in this weather!

  20. #Chennai – For evening showers, the Sea breeze should set in before 5:30pm. At present (3:15pm) ” HOT breeze from West “. — Indian Weatherman

  21. I can hear the howl of the beastly westerlies..no respite as of now..tonight is going to be another scorcher

  22. humidity 29% temp 39 feels like 40.5

    we cant expect rains for Chennai. may be in the last week of June the TS will return

  23. 20,000 tourists and pilgrims stranded in Kedarnath route in Chamoli district. Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag and Chamoli districts are worst hit by floods. Helpline Numbers: 0135-2710335, 2710233.

    Courtesy: Times Now

  24. This is absolutely crazy. Colaba 208 mm and Santa Cruz 151 mm.

    Since June 1st
    759 mm and 749 mm respectively

    Both have received 500+ rainfall excess until now

  25. Hi, when I scanned thr’ yesterday’s postings, got excited that you plan to have a meet in Valpari, wonderful idea! You must move further down to chinnakkallar, when it rains in torrents, there is a PAP bunglow with 6 rooms It is a remote place with a weir that diverts water through 3 km tunnel to Sholayar.

    You must be there when it rains, with tall mountains (7000ft+) in the eastern side blocking the wind, helping the clouds to pour down, you will see incessent rains for days together.

    I was resident of Chinnalkkallar for 3 yrs

    • Till CMBT driving a two wheeler from Anna Nagar it was so hot..As I crossed CMBT, suddenly the hot winds gave way to more soothing cool breeze from nowhere. Was shocked to say the least. It changed as though there was some magic in the air..Time was around 5.30 pm..Overall the weather today is not bad as it was feared to be.

  26. @Martin,

    Its the work of some jobless kids with multiple id’s. Cant do much to control them, these ppl r the trouble makers. They are everywhere. Guess need to guess used to them

  27. Raifall till 08.30 today in CM.

    Dehradun­37, Mukteshwar­24, Mahabaleshwar­29, Mumbai(Clb)­21, Kalpa­19,
    Cannur­18, Tehri­17,   Mumbai­(Scz)15, Palam­12, Meerut and Kozhikode­11 each, Bulsar and Nahan­10 each,
    Kochi, Khandwa, Sundernagar, Ayanagar and Surat­9 each, Hutbay, Harnai and Karipur­8 each, Veraval, Alibag
    and Alapuzha­7 each, Gwalior, Pantnagar, Delhi(Sfd), Ahmadabad, Ratnagiri, Car Nicobar, Ranchi, Bhira, Kandla
    and   New  Kandla­6  each  and   Lucknow, Bahraich,   Chandigarh,  Bareilly,  Sultanpur, Mangalore,   Long Island,
    Baroda and Diu­5 each.

  28. Since yesterday i am observing water vapour channel, moisture has increased over south india.

    The same intensity is maintained in NW & North India, NE is weaker.

  29. 2M temperature anomaly says there is marginal increase in NE & West Pacific in next 3-4 days. Also there is a decrease in NW india will bring down the rainfall over the region.

    At the same time temp increasing in south india and ne india which will increase rainfall activity over this region from 19th.

  30. 68% surplus rainfall in India, says IMD

    Monsoon has brought bumper showers this year, with the country receiving a remarkable 68 per cent surplus rainfall till today.

    29 out of the 36 subdivisions have received excess rainfall so far, statistics released by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said today.

    According to the data, the normal expected rainfall in the country from June 1 to June 17 is 67.2 mm, while the rain gauges have measured 112.9 mm of rain so far, which is 68 per cent more than normal.

    Of the 36 subdivisions, excess rains have been received at 29, normal at three, deficient at one and scanty at three.

    “This surplus is fortunately very well spread. As of now 91 per cent of the geographical area of the country has received either normal or excess which is a very positive sign,” said IMD Chief LS Rathore.

    “It is a crop sowing stage and rainfall at this stage is very crucial. Only 9 per cent which is primarily confined to East and most of it is North-East where rainfall is either deficient or scanty will now fill up,” he said.

    Rathore said fortunately north-eastern India had received a very good pre-monsoon rainfall. So this deficiency doesn’t give any kind of stress which you can perceive.

    However, because of the heat in the last week, there were some casualties but that will also be now under control.

    Talking about Uttarakhand, which has been lashed by very heavy rains in the last couple of days, Rathore said, “For another 24 hours, Uttarakhand will continue to get some rainfall…thereafter progressively the system is likely to move towards East, so also the rainfall bank which is going to migrate to East India and thereafter particularly beyond 20th of June, the rain will pick up in the north—eastern region.

    Actually the reason is that, the monsoon circulations’ interaction with the western disturbance also gets a fillip because of the organic lifting over Uttarakhand. But now after 24 hours, situation is going to ease out from this part of the country, he said.

  31. I really hope we at least start seeing thunderstorm formation over the city tomorrow. Frustrating to bear the day’s heat without even the promise of an evening shower.

  32. The conditions are almost perfect for thunderstorms. Only two things need to favour us.

    1. Temp needs to start dropping by 2-3 pm with max temp before or during that time. This will make sea breeze set in before 4

    2. There needs to be a cumulus field (a lot of cumulus clouds) or an altocumulus castellanus field.

  33. Tamil Nadu Dams inflow update

    Bhavanisagar ~ 5200 cusecs (Heavy inflow due to rains in Karnataka)
    Papanasam ~ 2800 cusecs (It has 86 ft current storage compared 22 ft last year)
    Sholayar – 3000 cusecs (89mm in past 24 hrs rainfall. Cherrapunji has got 570 mm rains this SWM season, but our Sholayar has got 920 mm)
    Perunchani ~ 1900 cusecs
    Periyar ~ 1400 cusecs
    Amaravathy ~ 1000 cusecs
    Pechiparai ~ 1000 cusecs

    Mettur – 80 cusecs dam level fall below 17ft now at 16.80ft

  34. Uttranchal Rainfall

    in mm (min 100 mm)

    Champawat – 222
    Nanital – 188
    Mukteshwar – 183
    Lohaghat – 181
    Sitarganj – 174
    Nanital – 170
    Pati – 128
    Gangolihat – 125
    Pittogarh – 117
    Pantna Nagar – 113
    Matela – 100

    • This is what they mean ‘Naai Pozhappu’ :), jokes apart, our woeful nights continue with TNEB making no efforts to set right low voltage problem in our area (Ullagaram) 😦

  35. Swati Basu, who heads the National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting of the IMD, said that already “the days of jokes on IMD forecasts are going away.”

    “The amount of data we receive today is at par with any forecasting agency anywhere in the world,” she said. “IMD’s super computers are analysing one betaflop of data instead of the earlier data measured only in teraflops. We receive very high resolution images today,” with the minimum resolution falling from 150 km to 25 km, with an aim of reaching 16 km.

    However, she admits that district level infrastructure is not up to the mark, and that IMD has not been able to provide web-enabled data so far, “which is not our mandate”. Problems of security, theft and maintenance have to be solved first to set up district-wise weather stations, she said.

    That will be done but will take time, experts say, with typical government delays in approving funds and producing equipment expected.

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