380 thoughts on “Severe heat wave to continue

  1. To deviate from this topic,

    Three Chennai Super Kings players, one of them quite senior, were in touch with Vindoo Dara Singh during the ongoing T20 season, the actor, arrested in connection with the spot-fixing probe, has told investigators. “Yes, he has dropped some names, we are verifying the authenticity of his claims,” 😦


  2. wind speed is picking up. It seems South West Monsoon is around the corner. If this continues for a couple of days then monsoon will set in Kerala before 30th may. lets wait n c.

      • daily we have to measure it by using ruler an empty that..but will we get the accurate readings is the question??

      • Mine is a manual rain gauge, a long cylinder-like one which my cousin had got from the US. The manufacturer claims >95% accuracy. It is basically like one of the cylinders/beakers we used in Chemisty lab in college 🙂 You can try to set up, it should be mostly accurate I think.

      • i will just try it….ur place is close to my place..so when it rains i will just clarify with u …so that i can find the accuracy….

  3. its boring..so..here is..

    TD 91E(@east Pacific ocean) current position 10.0N,104.0W movement 8 km/h at 270 degrees(west) with wind speed 25mph..

  4. The IMD have forecast monsoon onset on or about June 3, 2013. The historical average date of monsoon onset in southern Kerala is about the first of June. In 2012, monsoon onset in Kerala happened on June 5.

  5. sel what about the hpa in west coast is it still there? that is the only thing preventing our west coast from getting rains. hope that will disappear in a couple of days.

    • Whistle podu whistle podu னு சொன்னவன் வீட்டு முன்னாடி இப்போ Delhi police,Mumbai police விசில் போட்டுக்கிட்டு இருக்காங்க!! ah ah ah..

      • lol 😀 ipl scam getting better day by day. is it a plot to remove to srinivasan from bcci president? this is what i have been thinking now a days.

      • @kea It might happen as this has become a sensitive issue. Moreover 3 csk players might be involved including one senior player acc to vindoooooo. Termination might happen after this ipl. Dont think it will happen now itself

  6. @ I takeback my previous comment. I think Guru is clever. I think the reason why he asked he will surrender on Monday might be to make sure csk plays the final. Now @sksvram you might be right, If they prove guru indeed did bet/fix, then they might scrap csk from ipl and hence csk cant play on sunday. Lets c what happen now

    • Gurunath is guilty period.

      What police needs to prove is he is associated with CSK? That will be difficult. Srinivasan is a clever business man. He won’t lose that easily.

  7. @Jon – does the thunder storm forecast hold good for Chennai in the coming days? We definitely need some rains….ground water level hits new low in nanganallur areas….we can rely on your prediction….

  8. @kea I don’t think guru can escape this.

    clearly says he is a team owner.

    This is cached copy. original is removed from chennai superkings website.


    “Mr Gurunath Meiyappan, owner of Chennai Super Kings, said: “We have been one of the most consistent sides in the IPL so far. Our focus on the basics has paid us rich dividends and our brand of cricket has won us global admirers. ”

    Finally, it seems only the owner of teams can bid during the auctions and if you see the auction videos only guru is actively bidding for csk.

    Sad day for csk fans. Looks more and more gloom

    • I still feel CSK will come unscathed from this. They will disown Gurunath, Srinivasan will use his power to make this happen.

      He has build an empire with India Cements, he is a very clever businessman. Don’t think he will be defeated.

      • Agreed – I think greedy/jealous creating ruckus. AVM family have great reputation and have set standards, I am sure he will come out with flying colours

  9. oh..DWR pickups lot of TS activity around 70Km south & east to Chennai..Will it have some impact ? or Radar error..we will see after an hour..

  10. Yes.. Arb sea disturbance wil b kept away 4m west coast as the ridge still hanging up near mumbai-gujarat… As per the current steering scenario,it shld move in w-nw direction or weaken…

  11. Ravichandran Ashwin in face book page
    “If CSK is terminated from IPL, I will quit
    IPL !” – M S Dhoni

  12. these strong westerly winds are not allowing any ts to form in b’lore…it feels like a typical sw monsoon night with strong winds….

  13. like i said couple of days ago its a worst decision to have a match in kolkata at this time of the year. kolkata will have rains all days in this week and coming week as well. as I told you its a stupid decision to have finals in kolkata.I don’t know what they are going to do 😦

  14. Kea like i told you its a plot to remove srinivasan from bcci and there is a under ground power struggle is being played out by various people for bcci top post.

    just before the start of the ipl shiv sena asked all the ipl franchise to pay for maharashtra drought relief fund. but the franchises did not pay any money. and ncp president is also not happy with current bcci president he is either plotting to remove him or just using the timing to remove him from bcci top post. powar eyeing for power. lol 😀

    from indiatimes latest news

    Srinivasan must quit if he has any sense of morality: NCP


  15. pre monsson T storms stopped in bangalore and wind is picking SWM will come with bang any time. Farmers prepare your tractor, cows, buffaloes or what ever tools you have keep them ready 😀

    • @Kea , In IPL language, Gurunath wanted to take a strategic time out to prepare himself for the grilling and hence he wanted to depose in front of the crime branch on Monday..But that did not happen..Now at this point he is facing the barrage of questions from the crime branch sleuths..

    • Right from day one when the spot fixing story broke out, Srinivasan maintained that it was a case of 3 rotten eggs. What he failed to disclose was that the 3 rotten eggs forms part of jumbo truck loads of garbage.

  16. Meteogram for Chennai – Wet end to the month
    Models sticking to their forecast. I feel we will get rains. Foreca and WRF are going to fail

    GFS – around 5 mm on 26th Night and 7 mm on 30th

    Cola – 25 mm on 29th night

    Ukrainian Model (Meteoprog) – 20 mm on 26th Night and 10 mm on 30th

    NCMWRF – 6 mm on 25th, 3 mm on 26th Night and 5 mm on 28th

    Foreca – 0 mm

    WRF – 0 mm

      • CSL cant be brought down….it will bring the whole IPL down….(With 5 Indian Players in CSK…Dhoni, Ashwin, Raina, Jadeja, Vijay)..It is very hard to see the success and promoting brand of IPL without them….

      • The termination of CSK may be the only way which will allow MI to lift the IPL trophy this year. No surprises why MI fans are following the news.

      • @Aditya..Hello, what are talking.? Im sorry, dreaming? How can you expect seniors like Manrekar, Sidhu, Kapil, Sunny, Shastri et al..They have been gagged by BCCI and why should they risk opening their mount and get into trouble.. They stand to lose huge money if they day anything ag Srini or BCCI..These seniors have selfish motives and would like to go with the state of things and yes they are after money and do not have a thing called self respect.. Greed for money has eroded all ethos for values and principles.Dont know whether you are aware or not ..Sunny n Ravi are paid huge sums to always project IPL as a big brand and this secret deal of spl payments came to light few years ago against the anger of fellow commentators .. But nothing came out of it.The finals will be played at any cost as huge stakes are involved in it.Its no secret that it would be played more for the bookies and not for the crazy fans..If you notice most of the IPL matches will go till the 20th over even if the team batting first makes a low score of say 100. You hardly see matches getting over say in the 14 or 15 over..In IPL every ball is worth huge sums. Poor spectators.

      • Dude what I meant to say was Keep businessmen and politicians out of cricket administration board. Let the management be those who know cricket and work for cricket @ novak

      • @Aditya….Again you are talking about a thing which will happen only dreams.. Everybody is aware that BCCI is the richest sports body in the world..Every tom dick n harry wants a pie out of it..95% of BCCI board members are politicians from various political parties..The amount of money BCCI generates is mind boggling..Do you think the politicians in the board becomes a member to bring improvements in the game? Or for the love of the game? No its not.. Simply there to loot the booty it generates.The board will come up with ideas which can only fill the coffers and nothing for the betterment of the game. Not all good cricketers can become coaches or administrators. Just to add one more point, you never see BJP and CONG fight over cricket topic or matters related to BCCI. You have ppl from both the parties spread across the board for the loot.

      • Aditya- If there are two smart cookies in Indian cricket,then it is Sunny and Ravi..They are so smart and play their cards so well that BCCI do not want them in big administrative affairs. Indian cricket will be better off if you get rid of both Sunny and Ravi.

    • Vinoo has too close to Harbajan & Sharuk, then why they r not interrogated

      Chennai Super Kings suspected because this man (one of the bookies) was with Sakshi during a match… Mumbai police, why dont you suspect Mumbai Indians or Kolkata Knight Riders now??? Share if you want justice to CSK…

  17. IMD gfs showing something near to us in the next few days. It might be also for areas S and SW of chennai. We’ll be lucky if we get something out of this. BBC too holds showers continuously for the next 10 days.

  18. guys cimss has updated its page with new parameters …now v hav separate page for mid level 500mb shear,700mb vorticity,500mb vorticity,200mb vorticity … valuable page for us..,

    The salient features of this storm are as
    (i) The genesis of the disturbance took place in a lower latitude, near 5 degree North.
    (ii) It was one of the longest track over north Indian Ocean in recent period after the
    very severe cyclonic storm, Phet over the Arabian Sea (31 May-07 June, 2010)
    (iii) The cyclonic storm moved very fast (about 40-50 km per hour on the day of
    landfall, i.e. on 16th May 2013. Such type of fast movement of the cyclonic storm is
    very rare.
    (iv) Due to the faster movement, the adverse weather due to the cyclonic storm was
    relatively less.

  20. @novaknole is right for example kapil dev was a repel against bcci for a while and he did not get any monetary benefits from bcci. the same will happen to any one who speak against bcci.

    @adithyasra has a valid point. for the sake of cricket it must be administered by people who have cricket back ground. not by politician or businessman.

    regarding the ongoing the ipl investigation. common people wake up the investigation is partial and politically motivated to remove srinivasan from BCCI. The investigation aim is not punish the culprits but to remove srinivasan from BCCI that’s why they are always digging in srinivasan back yard( that does not mean that srinivasan is innocent) there may be n number of other players, senior players, referees, coaches, managers and team owners might have involved. but the investigation is not going to bring them to public domain or to safegaurd the cricket fans interest. rather its political vendetta and power struggle for the top post. nothing else.

    • @Sk- Player of Kapil’s stature was treated by the board in a callous manner and he had to bow before the big wigs of BCCI to get his benevolent fund sanctioned..If they can do to kapil,i shudder to think of players like Sidhu, Manjrekar etc..Players are mere puppets in front of the board.Has Sunny and Ravi Shastri have never taken any responsible posts like coaching or matters related to improvement of the game in general..They are holding some obscure posts in the technical committee of the board where there is no accountability..Such is the scenario prevailing as of now and i do not think it will change.

  21. Bangalore, May 25: One after another shocking revelations in infamous IPL spot fixing scandal left countrymen dumbfounded. Now, Chris Gayle’s name has cropped up in the controversy. TV channel reports claimed that even Gayle had received valuable gifts from bookies who allegedly were involved in IPL spot fixing case. According to reports, Gayle received gold jewellery worth Rs 4.5 lakh from Pavan and Sanjay, the owner of Moti Sons Jewellers. Chris Gayle were seen with S Sreesanth in a showroom in Jaipur. Reports also claimed that the duo had bought jewelleries and the bill was paid by Jiju Janardhan alias Biju. Jiju has also been arrested by Delhi Police who were believed to have gathered evidence against Jiju regarding his role in IPL fixing. Gayle too involved in IPL fixing row:Rpt Both Pawan and Sanjay had gone missing ever since the fixing scandal busted by Delhi Police. Recently, police sources had informed Sreesanth revealed four more cricketers’ names and cops may arrest them soon. Is Gayle one among them? Gayle, one of the star players of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) owned by Vijay Mallya, was the first foreign cricketer whose name has been surfaced in the fixing row. Sreesanth along with his two other Rajasthan Royals (RR) team members — Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, were arrested from Mumbai. Currently, the trio and other arrested bookies have been sent to Delhi police custody. Meanwhile, Mumbai police arrested Gurunath Meiyappan who was known as the CEO of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) till Friday evening. India Cements, owner of the franchise, disowned Meiyappan when he was cornered by Mumbai police. One small time Bollywood actor — Vindoo Dara Singh reportedly told police that he had acted as conduit between Meiyappan and bookies. The CSK boss also had allegedly placed bet on several IPL matches since 2011. Vindoo too was arrested by Mumbai Police. Final match of IPL 6 is scheduled to be played on Sunday, May 26. It was learnt that more shocking revelations and arrests would take place following the final match between CSK and Mumbai Indians (MI). OneIndia News

    Read more at: http://news.oneindia.in/2013/05/25/rcb-s-chris-gayle-too-involved-in-ipl-fixing-reports-1224641.html

  22. monsoon may not go till 30th
    here in kerala the winds have taken up speed
    monsoon style drizzle has started up.
    usually its seen after 2 days of such condition monsoon starts

  23. High Pressure over Arabian Sea and Adjoining Indian Ocean till 31st May.
    On 01st High Pressure moves away and Low Pressure form over Arabian Sea, which will make SWM onset over Kerala.

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