194 thoughts on “Chennai under intense heat wave

  1. Keaweather Bloggers meet

    Date might need to be shifted by 1 week to June 8th. Upto now the following people have confirmed

    1) Pradeep John
    2) pypkmsrikanth (can you pls introduce urself here)
    3) Bhaskaran
    4) Jupijove
    5) Hr649
    6) Selva – needs to be dragged by Hr649
    7) Bigmac – (introduction please)
    8) Senthikumar
    9) Novaknole

    If anybody else wants to join, pls let me know. It is tentatively scheduled for 8th June at 4 pm. Venue will be decided based on # of participants.

  2. kea, what do you think about ipl match/spot fixing, what about big fishes like dhoni, sachin, kohli, team owners, managers. I think if big fishes were not involved people like sreesanth and chandila wouldn’t have the courage to do so. but these bigger scams will never come out.(i am not sure about sachin though)

    • If the truth has to come out, BCCI should let CBI handle this and clean up the game.

      But unfortunately that’s never going to happen. BCCI will just ban these 3 and say game is clean. This is a temporary fix.

      You know I don’t support Indian cricket team nor CSK. BCCI are the bullies of world cricket and get their way in almost anything. CSK owner is the secretary/president of BCCI, and CSK get their way thru in everything.

      I do watch a bit of cricket, but tests interest me more.

      • BCCI are the bullies of world cricket and get their way in almost anything.

        Kea very true. I have the same feeling about BCCI secretary.Recently sivaramakrishnan was appointed despite some member countries agitation.it is very obvious the member countries of ICC are helpless.they are treated like puppets. poor guys.i feel sorry for them.

  3. 24 hrs Rainfall from Cyclone Mahesan in Bangladesh

    in mm ending 17.05.2013

    Patuakhali 123
    Barisal 115
    Khepupara 58
    Sylhet 46
    Bhola 43
    Srimangal 32
    Mongla 30
    Khulana 24

  4. @Kea..Why have you scheduled the meet so late..By June 1st or 2nd week most of us would be busy with children school re openings etc…We will have it in the next 10 days or so.. Go for a consensus..

    • I don’t want to come for the meet but I would like to introduce myself
      Me name is yohann aka yogi
      I’m 13 years old n I study in chennai B)

  5. @hr649

    We wont get any rain from these T storm at this time of the year. In late after noon sea breeze will set in and that will move the t storms further away from Chennai. we will have wait for a week at least to get some drizzles.

    • Yea…. And Its NT coz of sea breeze also.. During summer thunderstorms will move from west to east… Only a cyclone or a disturbance can alter tis…

  6. தென்மேற்கு பருவமழை இன்று தொடங்கியது

    தென்மேற்கு பருவமழை இன்று தொடங்கியுள்ளது. தென்பகுதி வங்கக்கடல் மற்றும் அந்தமான் கடல் பகுதியில் பருவமழை தொடங்கியுள்ளதாக இந்திய வானிலை ஆய்வு மையம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.

    அடுத்த இரண்டு, மூன்று நாட்களில் பருவமழை விரிவடையக்கூடும் என்றும் தெரிவித்துள்ள வானிலை ஆய்வு மையம், ஜுன் 3-ஆம் தேதி வாக்கில் கேரளாவில் பருவமழை தொடங்கக்கூடும் என்று எதிர்ப்பார்ப்பதாக கூறியுள்ளது.

    அடுத்ததாக ஜுலை மாதத்தின் மத்தியில் நாட்டின் மற்ற பகுதிகளிலும் பருவமழை பெய்யக்கூடும் என்று கணிக்கப்பட்டுள்ளது. இந்த முறை பருவமழைக்காலம் இயல்பாக இருக்கும் என்று வானிலை மையம் தெரிவித்துள்ளது.

  7. Cyclone Mahesan Maximum Wind speed
    Maximum surface wind of 92 kmph has been reported over Patuakhali, Bangladesh during the time of landfall of Cyclonic

    Storm, MAHASEN against the forecast wind speed of 75-85 kmph. It also got the maximum rainfall from the cyclone.

    Official comparative max Wind Surface speeds of recent cyclones from 2005 while making landfall

    min 60 km/hr

    Very Severe Cyclone Nargis (2nd May, 2008) – Labutta, Burma – 190 km/hr
    Very Severe Cyclone Giri (22nd October, 2010) – Kyakpyu,Burma – 190 km/hr
    Very Severe Cyclone Mala (28th April, 2007) – Gwa,Burma – 185 km/hr
    Very Severe Cyclone Sidr (15th November, 2007) – Barguna, Bangladesh – 148 km/hr
    Very Severe Cyclone Thane (30th December, 2011) – Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu – 141 km/hr
    Very Severe Cyclone Phet (4th June, 2010) – Al-Sharqiya, Oman – 120 km/hr
    Severe Cyclone Aila (2th May, 2009) – Kalaikunda, West Bengal – 112 km/hr
    Super Cyclone Gonu (6th June, 2007) – Muscat, Oman – 100 km/hr
    Severe Cyclone Laila (20th May, 2010) – Bapatla, Anadhra Pradesh – 98 km/hr
    Cyclone Rashmi (26th October, 2008) – Chatgaon, Bangladesh – 93 km/hr
    Cyclone Mahesan (16th May, 2013) – Patuakhali, Bangladesh – 92 km/hr
    Cyclone Akash (14th May, 2007) – Cox‟s Bazar, Bangladesh – 83 km/hr
    Cyclone Nilam (31st October, 2012) – Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 75 km/hr
    Deep Depression (16th September, 2008) – Chandbali, Orissa – 74 km/hr
    Cycline Murjan (25th, October 2012) – Bossasso, Somalia – 70 km/hr
    Cyclone Phyan (11th November, 2009) – Pune, Maharashtra – 68 km/hr
    Cyclone Nisha (27th November, 2008) – Karikal, Pondicherry – 65 km/hr
    Deep Depression (17th June, 2011) – Kolkata, West Bengal – 65 km/hr
    Severe Cyclone Jal (7th COctober, 2010) – Ennore, Tamil Nadu – 61 km/hr
    Deep Depression (11th October, 2012) – Chittagong, Bangladesh – 60 km hr

  8. Drove back home in some v heavy rain.. surprised a bit to see only 12mm in my raingauge in sahakaranagar though ppl at home told it rained v heavily here as well..

    • We wish its not!! The patch from 80 kms north extending all the way East is too tempting !! We want to hear some Rocking thunder when we are in deep sleep! With winds from South it could be only in dreams

  9. Nor’wester Wind speeds in India till 17th May, 2013
    Alipore is the king of Nor’wester in India in 2013

    Alipore, West Bengal – 116 km/hr on 17th April, 2013
    Diamond Harbour, West Bengal – 116 km/hr on 17th April, 2013
    Gaya, Bihar – 116 km/hr on 17th April, 2013
    Tezpur, Assam – 93 km/hr on 3rd April, 2013
    Guwahati, Assam – 80 km/hr on 14th April, 2013
    Alipore, West Bengal – 76 km/hr on 12th May, 2013
    Agartala, Tripura – 74 km/hr on 19th April, 2013
    Dum Dum, West Bengal – 68 km/hr on 17th April, 2013
    Puri, Orissa – 64 km/hr on 21st April, 2013
    Alipore, West Bengal – 63 km/hr on 11th April, 2013
    Daltonganj, Jharkhand – 62 km/hr on 13th April, 2013
    Alipore, West Bengal – 60 km/hr on 4th April, 2013
    Patna, Bihar – 58 km/hr on 14th April, 2013
    Chandbali, Orissa – 56 km/hr on 7th May, 2013
    Daltonganj, Jharkhand – 56 km/hr on 14th April, 2013
    Daltonganj, Jharkhand – 56 km/hr on 2nd April, 2013
    Alipore, West Bengal – 56 km/hr on 21st April, 2013
    Alipore, West Bengal – 56 km/hr on 15th April, 2013
    Digha, West Bengal – 55 km/hr on 19th April, 2013
    Malda, West Bengal – 50 km/hr on 17th May, 2013
    Chandbali, Orissa – 56 km/hr on 15th April, 2013
    Guwahati, Assam – 48 km/hr on 18th April, 2013
    Sriniketan, West Bengal – 44 km/hr on 12th May, 2013
    Malda, West Bengal – 44 km/hr on 17th April, 2013

  10. Rainfall in Tamil Nadu ending 8.30 am on 18.05.2013

    in mm

    Panchapatti – 82
    Rajapalayam – 60
    Peraiyur – 57
    Krishnarayapuram – 39
    Valparai taluk office – 30
    Mayanur – 30
    Uttamapalayam – 30
    Thogamalai – 20
    Chinnakalar – 20
    Valparai pto – 20
    Watrap – 20
    Namakkal – 13
    Dindigul – 10
    Panamarathupatti – 10
    Periyakulam – 10
    Gudalur – 10
    Theni -10
    Sivagiri – 10
    Annur – 10
    Sivakasi – 7
    Manalar – 7
    Kodaikanal – 6
    Sholayar – 6
    Kottampatti – 6
    Salem – 5
    Vadipatti – 5

  11. its great that Bangalore is receiving good rainfall but I really wish the catchment areas of the krs in kodagu, hasan and Mysore receive good rain if not there’s goin to be big water shortage in bangalore

  12. I think the entire ipl is a scam. The matches are played and fixed according to commercial interests. cricket is loosing its charm and passion very sad. today sun risers wont win.ipl management like to see RCB in play offs not sun risers. Its been fixed i think. lets wait n c.

    • @Karthik.. The pressure would have been huge to name a player from Bombay n that too Ajinkya..Chavan too is from Bombay, but he is just an upcoming player.. Dont think he will be named..

      • The thing is, everybody in the higher positions know that IPL is fixed. I’m guessing what happened that prompted them to reveal all this suddenly. Some sort of misunderstanding or a diversionary tactic from something much more serious.

  13. Many places in Karnataka has been battered, seeing the preliminary rainfall figures. More than 75 stations have got above 10 mm rainfall. Will compile a list after getting rainfall from more stations.

    • @Kea..Honestly, chances for Roger are very slim knowing the slow clay of Rome..Madrid would have been a different story cos its the fastest clay court available. I want Roger to win, but one has to face the reality and that too on clay.

  14. Hi all good morning
    you know what? CSK vs KKR finals 2012 was fixed and the sources said that it happened….. can anyone believe this? 😦 ❓ ❗

  15. @Kea– 7.30pm cracker between Nadal Vs Fed..which Channel is telecasting ?Nadal has an edge as I guess it is clay

  16. IPL fixing- spot or match- has always been there from IPL 1..time for the condescending sports aficionados to move over to tennis,Football,Badminton and if you are a hardcore Cricket fan,time to focus on Test matches..(I am sure that the trio are only the front..every team has fixers in their midst)

      • @Kea– I am with you..the IPL watchers want a 3 1/2 hrs entertainment..a masala movie type fare..with bowlers doing a warcry after every wicket and most of them doing a gangnam and the cheerleaders + sidhuisms..yes,it is a great time-pass

  17. @gopal,jupi,kea this is a good article.

    Prize money for 3rd 4th 3.75 crore or something. The main source of income is shared between all the teams.The franchises are not that much bothered whether their pplayers are winning or not. Ya, main source of income is broadcase income and for that close matches are required,etc. So chances of fixed amtches seems high

  18. Yes pj… Slowly models wil be in same line wrt tis system..system is almost near very fav conditions ,TCHP luks gr8… So tis system shld be under close watch..Another interesting fact is tat the behaviour of arb sea, usually it wil be mysterious and unpredictable wen it comes to intensity….

  19. The distrubance in arabian sea is showing some good spin but there are lot of dry air is wrapping into the system which would prevent it from organizing.

      • As expected nothing comes out of This so called important BCCI meeting..They will not take any harsh decisions till the IPL gets over..If they do take some measures, it will have some impact on the ongoing tournament. Hence this is more like Japal Bhatti’s comedy satire –Meeting..Herewith im attaching the link of that comedy satire episode.FLOP SHOW..Enjoy it.

  20. Rainfall in Karnataka ending 8.30 am on 19.05.2013

    in mm (min 30 mm)

    Yegati – 112
    M K Hatti – 92
    Giriyapura – 81
    Bhadravathi – 79
    Huniseghatta – 78
    Baasuru – 70
    Chitradurga – 68
    Bargur – 63
    Teligi – 61
    Belaguthi – 60
    Hallikere – 55
    Chikmagalur – 52
    Chikmagalur AWS – 49
    Hirisave – 47
    Anagodu – 46
    Kanivedasarahalli – 45
    Haranahalli – 44
    Mathodu – 44
    Shimoga – 44
    Dudda – 43
    Ajjampura – 41
    Iyyanahalli – 41
    Bindiganavole – 40
    Bukkapatna – 39
    Joldal – 38
    Bilichodu – 38
    Horakeredevarpur – 36
    Naladi – 36
    Ikkanur – 35
    Halebeedu – 35
    Basettihalli – 35
    Suvarnavathi – 35
    Birur – 35
    Sakarayapatna – 35
    Sowlanga – 34
    Vastare – 33
    Dibburahalli – 32
    Kudur – 32
    Kadur – 31
    Davangere – 30
    Hunsehalli – 30
    Uchangidurga – 30
    Mudigere – 30

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