508 thoughts on “Cyclone Mahasen heading north

  1. Few droplets received..that’s it.stopped here.hope v hours spell may delight? Us.hope I am the first one reported some drops.grt

  2. according to GFS, no rain for bangalore in the next 4 days, probably because of the cyclone pulling the moisture, over 20mm forecast each day from 17th onwards till the 20th

  3. BBC forecast still says Myanmar when compared with wunderground, which says between West bengal and Bangladesh .. Which one is correct ?

  4. GFS looking great.. What a change in two days… Chennai will get some drizzles but nothing great.. Latest GFS shows this system will hit between Orissa / Kolkata/ Bangladesh.. Landfall most likely border of West Bengal & Bangladesh..

  5. Mahasen seems to have hit the pause button. Sky turning interesting but No water drops as yet in T.Nagar. No winds and looks like trees have gone to sleep. No movement. Off to bed with some hopes

    • Typhoon Tembin intensified big time even in moderate shear due to great outflow caused by a trough near japan.Lets see how much it intensifies due to approaching trough.

  6. cyclone Mahasen is still struggling under moderate shear and has developed a dense convection over the centre.Looks like shear will be main inhibiting factor for this cyclone till landfall.
    The Movement of system has slowed down considerably and is indication of change of direction.The storm would move towards bangladesh/Myanmar under the influence of approaching western disturbance. All models are inline with this forecast.

  7. machilli’s radar..

    eventhough mahasen is miles away, tey are getting the impact…………
    and tats all wat tey needed……………..

  8. Jupi, i cant say much abt wd..u just c water vapour imagery of meteosat.. U wil get some idea..it was seen w.central india..jtwc xpecting the impact of it in another 24 hrs….

  9. By the way why there wasn’t/isn’t any mahasen pull effect on western coast.There should have been some heavy Tstorms. I am confused ?!!!???

  10. “Pls dont mistake me the system is going to go somewhere north and we will be terribly dissappointed with end result so let us get back to work and don’t strain yourselves by doing nightshift and all”

    Jupi, idhathan Bussvaanam team pona vaarathla irundhu sollitrukku..u r realizing it only now :lol:

  11. 8.30 jtwc warning report going to be the most awaited 1 for tis cyclone… Track forecast confidence level,and just to check NAVGEM model recent run whether it is sticking wit machili landfall or not…jtwc Giving more weightage to tis model..lets c.

  12. i believe in navgem model .Mahesan is a GREAT mystery.It will recurve and move away and then again RECURVE back. I have doubt so because the planet positions are gonna change on 15th may

  13. System Unable to move further west bcos of existing ridge 4m s.karnataka extending til TN coast… So it myte hav steped back or been stationary….. Now Mahesan waiting for W.D ..

  14. —– Current Analysis —–
    Date : 12 MAY 2013 Time : 133000 UTC
    Lat : 10:21:22 N Lon : 86:57:39 E

    CI# /Pressure/ Vmax
    3.7 / 989.4mb/ 59.0kt

    Center Temp : -84.5C Cloud Region Temp : -71.3C

    Scene Type : IRREGULAR CDO*

  15. If radar was installed in karaikal and ramnathapuram by this time. We could have got a better picture of mahasen and movement. In the future they will be very useful.

  16. Sel,jon and dash
    Pls dont mistake me the system is going to go somewhere north and we will be terribly dissappointed with end result so let us get back to work and don’t strain yourselves by doing nightshift and all….. btw red tint installed so nothing for us…. :(

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