Wait continues for Cyclone Mahasen

First there was talk of a super cyclone, now unfavorable conditions in BOB making life difficult for intensification. By Friday/Saturday, things will be clearer if 94B can become a cyclone.

422 thoughts on “Wait continues for Cyclone Mahasen

  1. System has moved West 1.2 degrees over the last 6 hours and only 0.7 degrees North… If it continues at the same rate and direction in 48 hours it will be at 12.5 N and 80.7 E, approx 80 kms SE of Chennai or about 55 kms E of Kalpakkam

    • Monday early mrg……… but tat depends on hw the cyclone retains its rain bands………… convection shld help it……..

  2. —– Current Analysis —–
    Date : 10 MAY 2013 Time : 163000 UTC
    Lat : 5:57:37 N Lon : 92:16:49 E

    CI# /Pressure/ Vmax
    2.8 /1004.9mb/ 41.0kt

    Final T# Adj T# Raw T#
    2.8 2.9 3.1

    Center Temp : -72.9C Cloud Region Temp : -73.4C


    Positioning Method : FORECAST INTERPOLATION

    • @Guna- Absolutely.Everytime I open this blog page, im compelled to feel for the passionate bloggers like Sel, Pradeep, Karthikstrom , Vinodh, ,Parthasri, Raijin, Jupi, Dash and the list goes on..Everytime I pray at least for their sake it should rain..Every system initially is termed as INVEST 92B, INVEST 91B etc..Dont know who coined the term Invest .. Could be cos of the time one Invests in studying the system and track it..Last but not the least..Our Team leader and founder of this forum..Mr.Ehsan Ahmed aka Kea ,deserves a big accolade for making things happen..Happy to be here.

    • yes.. due to this, chennai will get some drizziles and will be windy.. But the latest GFS shows, it is heading to Chittagong. Cyclone is taking a turn when it comes closer to Chennai… We need to wait and watch unless some miracle happens like direction of cyclone changing towards North TN / AP ( unlikely)…

      • if it weakens, it’l land in AP… but unfortunately conditions are favorable for it develop further in central bay……. we will have lil rain from thunderstorms and its western wing…

  3. Thunderstorms in Bangalore since evening.. 36C in the noon and now it is 21C.. Chennai yil weather eppadi irukku ? Friends, don’t even have hope that BOB cyclone will come towards TN… It is for Andaman and Myanmar.. Watch the show from a distance.

  4. “just kidding :) we already know this tragic end of mahasen story but still there is hope”
    sksvram, the story is yet to unfold we cannot connot say it will happen definitely.We all know how these cyclones are unpredictable.

  5. According to IMD it is only a Deep depression atm, expected to become a cyclone in the next 24 hours. In 72 hours it will be a very severe Cyclonic storm heading towards Myanmar/Bangladesh coast

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