193 thoughts on “BOB system expected to intensify into a Cyclone

  1. Not even one cloud in sight today after 2 days of rather mild mornings. Also, just a little less humid. Looks like the system is active and drawing it all.
    PS: Min temp seems to be peaking at close to 28 – dog days are here unless this system provides some relief.

  2. Dash

    I am 50-50 now,

    Yesterday IMD was saying the system to move towards north. Other models said it will move towards TN.

    Today other models say the system move towards north, IMD says it to move near TN.

    I am shocked to see that ECMWF forecasts that this system is not even intensifying into a Cyclone.

    Forecasts are changing frequently, lets wait for the system to form a circulation, by Thursday we will get clear picture i believe.

  3. I have decided to be on Kea’s side this time.. :twisted: Bussvanam for TN and Mahasen will go straight to NE pulling extremely hot winds towards Chennai..im sure ashwinds will support us..i want more people to join us! Let me know who are all on our side! :cool:

    Kea, you will not be alone this time and we will win as a team! :mrgreen:

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