386 thoughts on “Slight chance of some wet weather this week

  1. Today all members of Vagaries of weather bloggers residing in and around Mumbai are meeting and discussing about their passion – Weather

    IS it possible for us to meet like them. Ehsan what do you say ?????

    I can co-ordinate and do the management things!!!!!

  2. Rainfall in Tamil Nadu from the trough in the SE Bay

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 12.02.2012

    Most of the rains are in the Ramanathapuram district

    Ramanathapuram – 27
    Tiruppullani – 22
    Mudukulathur – 21
    Mandapam – 19
    Ooty Agro – 16
    Tuticorin – 13
    Kadaladi – 13
    Radhapuram – 8
    Nainarkoil – 7
    Paramakkudi – 6
    Kamudi – 5
    Papanasam – 5
    Karunkulam – 5
    Srivaikuntam – 5
    Tiruchendur – 5
    Vilathikulam – 5

  3. Strong Western disturbance warning from IMD

    Meteorological analysis of current observations, satellite products and Numerical
    Weather Prediction models output suggest that weather of Northwest, Central, East
    and Peninsular India would be affected with an approaching strong WD and its
    interaction with Easterly wave. The amplitude of the middle tropospheric (5-6 kms
    above mean level) westerly trough associated with WD would deepen upto 15° N as it
    approach Indian region. The induced low pressure area/ cyclonic circulation would
    form over south Rajasthan and adjoining Gujarat, which is also much south to the
    normal position.
    This WD would also have its vertical extension from surface to upper troposphere
    (10-12 kms above mean level) but unlike the recent WD during 4-6 February, It would
    also interact with the amplified easterly wave. This would result in mixing of two
    different air masses (tropical and extra tropical) over Central India and neighbourhood.
    There would be incursion of moisture from Arabian Sea but very high moist air
    incursion would take place from Bay of Bengal. In addition, Sub-Tropical Westerly Jet
    Stream would also shift south of its normal position.
    This meteorological situation (lower level convergence, upper level divergence,
    mixing of two different air masses, moist air incursion, confluence of winds, southward
    position of Sub-Tropical Westerly Jet Stream etc.) and accentuated convection is very
    conducive for development of high thermo-dynamic instability in the atmosphere. It
    would cause large scale thunderstorm activity over many parts of the country

  4. Suggestions for our Kea Weather Bloggers meet locations in Chennai!!!! Post urs also.. Data Man will decide and make the arrangements 🙂

    ITC Chola Sheraton/Hyatt/Hilton
    Phoenix Market City
    GRT Convention Center, T.Nagar
    Guindy Children’s Park
    Marina Beach/Elliots Beach
    Kea Weather Station (Kea’s Nunga house terrace)
    thunderkid’s house 😀

      • people from pune came to mumbai in the Vagaries blog get-together.

        Even we can patch up dash, thunder and jupie. It will be one for the frames.

        Even KR and KN reunion will be awesome.

        I prefer (Kea’s Nunga house terrace). We can request Ehsan to provide us with nice Biryani. The expenses can be shared by all.

        Meanwhile i can request the media person, if they are interested for an article on the meet.

        They can do exclusive on Ehsan and his met gadgets.

  5. The get together is a great idea…Broken Bridge,adyar estuary is my choice..we need to meet in a Natural and a picturesque place

  6. Kea Bloggers Meet Agenda

    * Welcome Speech by “Thala” Kea

    * Introduction and Ice Breaker Session by Susu

    * Demonstration of Met Gadgets by Kea

    * Special Lecture on Data Collection and Statistics by Pradeep

    * Expert Talk – By Vinodh, Data Man, Kea

    * Why is Tirupattur’s climate crucial for Tamil Nadu?, mysteries of Tirupattur weather and much more explained by KR

    * Bangalore Representation by Martin

    * Special Piano performance by thunderkid (jupijove)

    * Awards and Recognition for Kea blog contest winners of 2012-by Guna Sir and Partha Sir

    * Questions & Answers (oops..only Questions) session by VK

    * Thank You – by Kea, Pradeep

    Live Webcast of the whole event will be made available.

    Contact Sel and Jon for queries related to expenses sharing and other arrangements. Please forward your suggestions, feedback and “complaints” to ashwinds.

  7. Chennai cloudy on all days, can expect light showers on Friday, say 3-5 mms.
    Easterly wave moves inland and light precipitation spreads into interior TN and S.I. Karnataka (including Bangalore).

  8. 1) Kea
    2) Pradeep
    3) Hr649
    4) Jupijove

    Whoever is interested in joining for the keaweather get together, pls copy, paste and add your name in the next number

    Venue and date will be decided depending on the number of bloggers interested.

    • and hopefully chennai also gets some ts…..but i feel this time of the year rains would be more intense over the interiors than coastal areas


    We’re waiting as you are for Luxe Cinemas, everything is ready, waiting for the approval from government on the ticket pricing.
    Only after the approval we will be able to inform the inauguration date.

  10. Jon, Joel, hr649…

    Any idea about this rumour thatz fast spreading in our locality? Sathyam Cinemas has acquired Adambakkam Jayalakshmi theatre and may develop it like S2 Thiruvanmiyur!!! 😀

  11. Disturbance below lanka has shown rapid intensification for the past 6 hrs… Convection continues to build as the system showing gud divergence… upp.anticyclone has developed near the center providing low shear…

  12. Observations recorded at 0830 hrs IST on 14.02.2013

    Kanyakumari – 54.8mm
    Tondi – 30.2 mm
    Pamban – 22.5 mm
    Thoothukudi – 26.8 mm
    Palayamkottai – 13 mm
    Kodaikanal – 9.3 mm
    Madurai AP – 4 mm
    Adirampatnam – 1.3 mm

  13. Many places in South Tamil Nadu got heavy rains

    in mm (min 20 mm) ending 0830 hrs IST on 14.02.2013

    Upper Kodayar – 73
    Radhapuram – 61
    Tiruchendur – 60
    Peraiyur – 60
    Ambasamudram – 56
    Papanasam – 55
    Kanyakumari – 55
    Mandapam – 54
    Kodumudiyar – 51
    Lower Kodayar – 50
    Agastiswaram – 50
    Virudunagar – 48
    Bhoothapandy – 46
    Mylaudy – 45
    Kottaram – 44
    Sattur – 44
    Srivilliputhur – 44
    Servalar – 41
    Satankulam – 40
    Kurunthancode – 37
    Srivaikuntam – 35
    Sivakasi – 34
    Manimuthar – 34
    Nanguneri – 34
    Nagarcoil – 33
    Thiruvadanai – 32
    Mambuzathuraiyaru – 30
    Tondi – 30
    Aruppukottai – 30
    Kadayam – 29
    Alanchi – 29
    Manamadurai – 29
    Thoothukudi – 27
    Alwarthirunagari – 27
    Tiruchuli – 27
    Colachel – 26
    Sivagiri – 25
    Ramanathapuram – 25
    Rameswaram – 25
    Suralode – 24
    Pamban – 23
    Pechiparai Agro – 23
    Adaiyamadai – 22
    Thuckalay – 22
    Thiruvattar – 21
    Balamore – 21
    Paramakkudi – 20
    Pechiparai – 20
    Kuzhithurai – 20
    Thenkasi – 20
    Kovilpatti – 20
    Kadayam – 20
    Thoothukudi Port – 20
    Kulasekaram – 20

    • அரபிக்கடலில் குறைந்த காற்றழுத்தம்: குமரி மாவட்டத்தில் விடிய விடிய மழை

      தமிழ்நாட்டில் கடந்த ஜனவரி முதல் வறண்ட வானிலை நிலவி வருகிறது. இரவில் குளிர்க்காற்றும், பகலில் கடும் வெயிலும் அடித்தது. நேற்று இந்நிலை திடீரென மாறியது. தமிழகத்தில் அரபிக்கடல் பகுதியில் வளிமண்டல மேல் அடுக்கில் காற்று சுழற்சி உருவாகி வருவதாகவும், அது வலுவடையும்போது தென் மாவட்டங்களில் மழை பெய்ய வாய்ப்பு இருப்பதாகவும் வானிலை ஆய்வு மையம் தெரிவித்தது.


  14. Heavy Rains are Moving from South and South West Direction

    Places like Chengelpet, Mahabhalipuram, Muttukadu all getting very heavy rains. The Thunder cells are moving towards South Chennai. Rains may start any time in Shollinganallur, Kelambakkam, Tambaram, Pallavaram and other South Chennai places.

    Weird direction. The TS directions is from South

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