127 thoughts on “No chance of rain this February

  1. Top All India Rainfall (Winter Season) from 01.01.13 to 31.01.13
    in mm (min 100 mm)

    All updates will be given bi-weekly

    Nancowry (Nicobar Islands) – 205
    Vedaranyam (Tamil Nadu) – 199
    Car Nicobar (Nicobar Islands) – 157
    Kalpa (Himachal Pradesh) – 151
    Naraingarh (Harayana) – 150
    Shimla (Himachal Pradesh) – 119
    Dehradun (Uttarakhand) – 119
    Sirmaur (Himachal Pradesh) – 118
    Solan (Himachal Pradesh) – 114
    Minicoy (Lakshwadeep Islands) – 105
    Colachel (Tamil Nadu) – 100
    Kalsi (Uttarakhand) – 100
    Nahan (Himachal Pradesh) – 100
    Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh) – 100


  2. Karur – 34.6
    Palayamkottai – 34.5
    Madurai Ap – 34.4
    Tiruchi – 34
    Kanyakumari – 33.8
    salem – 33.8
    Coimbatore Ap – 32

  3. Those TS that Martin mentions must be messing up the rare, pleasant, early morning weather – it was warm with barely any hint of any coolness at 5.30 AM today

  4. 8.36am at besant Nagar– there were exactly 10 tiny drops of rain for 20 seconds..from a small cloud cover which bulit up in 10mins..not enough to qualify for the first mm contest for Kea..but nevertheless gives me hope that the 2nd half of feb could bring atleast 1mm of rain from local heat and convection

  5. Heavy showers lash national capital

    Palam – 27 mm
    Safdarjung – 46 mm

    Now Safdarjung total is almost 8 cm since Jan. Will Chennai catch up before the NEM? BTW more rains forecasted throughout the day

  6. An undersea earthquake of magnitude 7.9 has occurred at 12:12PM EDT on Wednesday
    06 February 2013 near SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION.

  7. Hi All,

    Regarding Films:

    People in Film industry thinks that they are the important people of this country. They can do whatever they want and they can film whatever they require. They think without them the society cannot be cleaned.

    This is high time that they are getting the exact feedback from society for their concepts.

    Henceforth the film makers has to think before they show something.

    They are not at all going to impact anywhere in the country.

    They are just entertainers.

    I disagree with Kamal and Mani.

    • i think this is dangerous trend, where freedom of expression is curtailed, if it goes like this day will come they will ask to ban film, writing, poetry and films, then we can;t call us democracy and freedom of expression includes right to be offended as well, in way any art, poetry and film is reflection of society we live in. my question who is this fringe group you should not see this film, art….

      guys india is banana republic and i do not want my country to be tablinised, viewers of film should decide not these fringe groups

  8. @kea
    btw all the febs will not be dry like u think each year it will be different and this year it will be wet it seems which is also good for our dams ground water and etc….

    • Hello everyone, been a long time since my last blog,just recovered from the disappointing NEM 12.Nice to hear few spells of rain in southern Tamil Nadu.My favorite NOVAK DJOKOVIC Winning the Australian Open lifted my spirits and the warm weather today here in MAS prompted me to hit the blog .

      • @novaknole– welcome back…on tennis,did you watch the epic 7 hrs doubles between Czech and Swiss in the davis cup pre-quarters…a great one..wawrinka and berdych on the opposite sides..and the next day,they were playing each other in singles with a break of approx 10 hours between the doubles and the singles..tennis is scaling new heights in terms of stretching the physical limits!

      • @Gopal-Thanks. im yet to watch the epic match..searching for the same. Will watch it through You tube. Really funny is it not-i mean a doubles match stretching up to 7 hrs is some thing unheard of.I dont know where tennis is going these days..That too on hard courts..Mind boggling to say the least. Guys like Novak, Rafa and Ferrer indulge in physical game and surely serve n volley is getting totally outdated..We still have guys like Stepanek and llodra play those stuff..BTW ive got 3 dislikes for my post–whether they dont like me here or they or Rafa fans, i dont know..

      • @Gopal-Just saw that you too have got 3 dislikes for your post on tennis..Im sure someone does not like we discussing tennis at all..Ive gone dumb with this boring cricket..Hardly watch cricket these days except for Ind/Aus test matches when played in Australia.

  9. Moderate Rain lashes Southern Tamil Nadu

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 07.02.13

    Kodaikanal (Dindigul dt) – 42
    Ambasamudram (Tirunelveli dt) – 40
    Manjalar Dam (Dindigul dt) – 33
    Kayathar (Thoothukudi) – 31
    Periyakulam (Theni dt) – 30
    Manimutharu (Tirunelveli dt) – 27
    Papanasam Dam (Tirunelveli dt) – 11
    Cheranmahadevi (Tirunelveli dt) – 10
    Usilampatti (Madurai dt) – 10
    Kadayam (Tirunelveli dt) – 10
    Thiruvattar (Kanyakumari dt)- 7
    Mandapam (Ramanathapuram dt) – 5

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