154 thoughts on “Typical January weather to continue

  1. 3rd ODI: Australia v Sri Lanka at Brisbane :-

    Australia 74 (26.4 ov) Starc -22, Kulasekara – 5/22 (career-best figures)
    Sri Lanka 75/6 (20.0 ov) Dilshan -22, Perera – 22*, Johnson – 3/11, Starc – 2/25.

    Sri Lanka won by 4 wickets (with 180 balls remaining)
    Kulasekara – Man of the Match

  2. Indian Cricket Team – World No.1 in ODI

    The “World Champions” Indian Cricket Team are World No.1 in ODI’s for first time in History after beating England today and South Africa losing to New Zealand.

    India has never been No.1 in ODI’s. Previously, India had reached second spot in ODI rankings. They had been on No.1 in Tests but not in ODIs. India’s best position of number two in ODI was achieved in July, 2009. However, they climbed to number two again in January 2012.

    In the last 4 ODI matches. India has bowled out the opposite team 3 times under 160

    England 3rd ODI – 155 all out
    England 2nd ODI – 158 all out
    Pakistan 3rd ODI – 157 all out

    To bowl out the teams less than 160 in 3 times in last matches is awesome and they deserve No.1 status and this would give some breather to Captain Cool Dhoni after being thrashed in Tests.

    If India lose in Mohali to England in 4th ODI, they will drop two rating points and will be with 117 while England will gain two rating points and move to 120. But Dhoni-led side can get back to the top again in Dharamsala on January 27 by winning the fifth and final ODI, with which they will take the series as well.

  3. Pradeep, top teams? Do u even consider England a good enough ODI team?

    Pakistan – the most unpredictable team. One day they will beat Australia and next day lose to Zambia

    • India has a long way to go. As mentioned earlier, top teams dont give importance to ODI anymore.

      Australia struggling vs SL. After convincingly winning the test series.

      SA losing the first ODI vs NZ, after trashing them in both tests

    • Ehsan they were ranked No.1 prior to South Africa being ranked as No.1.

      Then please mention the Top ODI side.

      Australia dont look like a top side seeing the trashing it received from SL in its own backyard.

      Apart from full fledged South Africa side, none looks like top side.

      INDIA is getting there…among top side.

      • @Kea–Star sports yanked off the telecast when it was 9-9 and I had scurry to the net to see the final 10-15mins…Wawrinka did not challenge that crucial point…in a game of “ifs”..if he had challenged,he ma have won the game and would have been serving for the set and match…another point is Wawrinka was clearly cramping and so am not sure how he would have fared in the quarters against Berdych..it will also be interesting to watch whether Djoko recovers well in time..it was a grueling 5 hr match!..whatever it is,tennis at its best..we have an interesting week ahead

      • for the sake of hockey and cricket, Star-ESPN showing tennis on HD.

        On Saturday India match was on like 5 channels, I couldn’t watch Federer-Tomic. Yesterday something else on tv, and tennis was on HD. I hate this.

        Coming to tennis, Djo – Berdych will be a close match, I am not sure he will recover completely though. Berdych needs to make a Wawarinka kind of start to have any chance.


    11.10 am: It is six degrees in
    Mohali and the fog is just clearing
    up a bit. Conditions as ideal as
    Chennai at 45 degrees. But this is
    what cricket is all about. England
    players appear to be more
    comfortable – Cook is wearing a
    half-sleeved jumper – than India’s,
    who are all wrapped up in wool.
    Good morning and welcome to our
    coverage of the fourth ODI.
    England hoping for a win to stay in
    the series, India looking to finish
    the job. More here in Sid
    Ravindran’s preview .
    The ball is likely to swing around in
    the heavy air, but Wasim Akram
    thinks the cold weather is harder
    on the bodies as bowlers never
    really are able to warm up fully.
    Fielders will have their own worries
    to keep their hands warm.
    “Devashish guess you havent
    experienced chennai at 45,” says
    San. “Been and brought up there
    and trust me it can be just cruel.”
    But that was the point I was making
    San. The cold weather can be cruel
    on some. Ask R Ashwin.

  5. Kea,

    PMC may be opened this weekend..very boring..organize a get-together for the tightly knit community of enthusiastic amateur meteorologists of Kea blog…area guys will assisit u (Jon, Hr649, Joel Pradeep and Dash)… 😀

    Dont forget to add “Dash is Coming!!!” in ur invite…apuram paarunga..kootam alai kadalena thirandu varum.. 😆

  6. “Why is phoenix Market city opening such a big deal. Its just another mall.” – Kea

    Who said its just another mall? It is going to be the life of South Chennaites..it is our future..we cannot live without it..it is far bigger and better than your area’s Skywalk..adhaan ungalukku poramai.. 😆 😀

  7. Raja,

    Thatz my job! Though he posted a lot, Partha sir was struggling to make this blog active over the past few weeks..so it was time for Dash to step in..asusual, Kea has no interest on his blog during off-seasons.. 😀

  8. ashwinds – Heat picking up..expecting him to appear soon..
    KR – nothing happening in Tambaram and Tirupattur..
    Pradeep – Data man is jobless, for now
    Susu – has he gone abroad???
    Sel, thunderkid – ???
    Matrin n other Bengaluru guys – ahem…anga onnum solradhukilla..
    VK – even he is not able to come up with any questions now 😦

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