410 thoughts on “Dry week ahead

    • we are all expecting atleast a single system by the Decemeber end…
      But southern hemisphere has 4 systems. out of this 2 systems just going to give rains to the ocean waters

      what a pity….what a pity

      • increase in global temperature, increases these lpa and cyclone possibilities, but pours everywhere, sometimes missing the needy..

  1. From the 3rd week of December,we should start to get some rains.
    With the MJo wave and other factors,looks like NEM will go on till January 1st week.

  2. First blog gets active and then the bay. This year blog comments reaching highest but rainfall at lowest. Never mind , we carry on. Another 12 cms and chennai water levels may scrape throug till SWM.

  3. Following flashing wickets & helmet cams,a few more changes are possible which would make the game more tacky. πŸ˜›
    Soon to come:
    – balls will explode in a grand fireworks display upon crossing the boundary,
    – special trap doors will release ducks onto the pitch whenever a batsman is out for no runs,
    – umpires’ signals will be made more fluid and attractive with snazzy dance moves, and
    – LED-infused bats will change color from blue to red as the batsman scores more runs, flashing special animations for fifties, centuries, etc.

      • As long as we are all there to watch it , then why not . T20 commercialised cricket , all cine stars are the owners of teams, Then sure we wil have all these. Its your generation karthik. Cannot stop the change.
        In another 10 years Mcdonalds will start pushing out saravana bhavan. Burger meals and saravana meals almost same price. Yankee indians……will phase out traditional indians.

    • Cricket anywhere doesn’t need glamour.People are there to see a sport.
      There extra fittings are just another way of pretending to take the game to the next step.These don’t help the cause of the game & in many cases,worsen it.

  4. partha sir

    past 3 weeks, there was no rest…full of traveling in weekends and feeling more tired..expecting some system to be formed in bay to make me feel active and energetic

    • sundar

      These models atleast gives us some hopes but its better to wait until something forms in bay and develops…till then nothing is of sure

  5. Sundar sir, sunny and clear blue sky..so u r saying tat our monsoon is over.. Hmm fine..if at all the monsoon is over, still y the imd has not declared it officially??? Veyil adichathku nem over ne sollum pothu, konjam lite ah maazhai vantha kuda naanga nem iruku ne solluvom……

  6. Claudia gained strength again.. Eye is visible in sat image..

    its now in CI 6.2 with slp 934mb and 119kts..

    wind analysis still looks better

  7. I think you all will agree that India has one of the worst climates in the world and that too TN has the worst in India… Why?

    Usually superior races pick the best spots and the weaker race is pushed towards the worst spot… are we the weaker race?

  8. Why did Kings used to ask ” Madham mummari mazhai pozhigiradha” to their ministers? Did it actually rain three times a month in TN back then? anyone?

    or the Minister might have replied ” Annae mazhai innum varala…”

    • It is said that there should be 9 days sunshine and 1 day of good rain. Paddy fields require more sunshine and more water. By having 9:1 ratio, paddy fields will get enough sunshine and because it rains in between, the water table level is maintained.

      • @Partha-Right form day one Sehwag has enjoyed playing test matches and has been successful in all countries..He is more of a fours and sixes player(though a sharp runner between the wickets). He relishes the close in fielding in tests and everybody thought he would be a big hit in in Odi’s and T20’s…The problem in shorter version is the spread out field and he just loses patience when his good shots yields a single or a two.He loses focus to carry on and gifts his wicket..If you observe closely, he would always offer a straight bat to any type of shot and with his excellent hand eye co-ordination does even need to move his
        feet..He hardly pulls or hooks which require horizontal bat skills and you see him only hoick or flick waist length balls towards deep square leg or fine leg boundary..

    • @Kea-Yeah i still hopeful of 1025mm this NEM..As of now its 554 mm..i hv not reduced it drastically..Still added another 140 to 150mm and that would make it 704mm..BTW Raijin, neither want Simran nor Thrisha..Any day will take a Laila, Nisha or a Nargis..

  9. Claudia weakened to 99 kts.. its experiencing shear now.. and sst is also not favorable.. CI 5.4 and slp 954mb… eye is not visible…

  10. Hey guys I am back. Sorry for the prolonged absence. There was no rain so didnt feel the interest to come back here. Today morning of course something in the Deccan Chronicle. You remember Astrologer Ramachandran – he said Chennai would be flooded between November 15th and December 15th. Now he is saying something else. It didnt happen because of Mars/Mercury interaction. Oh well explanations get cuter. I am still waiting for Suresh’s forecasts.

  11. In other interesting news this one got my salivary buds dripping. Rippon building is serving herbal lunches wow and all for only Rs. 15.
    Look at the menu(in tamil of course) – avarampoo idli, perandai thuvayal, tulsi buttermilk, herbal kootu and other mouth watering dishes. Yummy ! If I knew somebody who worked there I would love to grab lunch there.
    Thats all the news I am afraid from my side.



    • For people who dont know what avarampoo its botanical name is Cassia Auriculata

      and it has inspired the following song

      Traditional food and traditional songs – cant beat the combination !

  12. Wow…Lpa in s.east bay..but still Vorticity has to increase… Convergence and divergence is increasing.. Shear at 15knts.Now the Anticyclone in w.central bay adjoing sw bay,so it may make a steady westerly movement twrds lanka… Not much circulation seen yet,if the vorticity increases .tis may develop into marked lp… At present ,sst and tchp is high in tat area.so keep an eye on it if the vorticity increases.

  13. Hey guys – do you think such exotic dishes like that mentioned in The Hindu are being made available so cheap ? Is there a catch here I dont understand? Are Government staff getting a discount ? No apparently even private citizens can eat there too. Only Rs. 5 for a modakkatan dosa seems unbelievable. Any comments ?

    • Even a common man can eat it, but first we have to like it.

      The taste would be unusual for a person tasting it for the first time.

      If it tastes good then we can try it at home, because in most of the homes the breakfast is mostly common and lac of variety.

      I think we have lots of varieties in herbal foods, and it is healthy too.

      • Partha – apparently current mayor is a practicising naturopath. So its not surprising he is encouraging others to eat healthy herbal foods. The rates are unbelievable though. Thats what made me curious.

  14. Gs,

    Regarding herbal food, you have shared great news with us.

    We should try these types of foods, nowadays we eat more junk foods and oily stuffs, which is more of health hazards.

    We can change our food style to herbal.

    Also we can try Kambu and Kezhvaragu.

    • Partha – well said. I believe in the future herbs will be come food and vice versa. Regarding siru dhaniyam(kambu and kezhvaragu) I am not a big fan because I still believe rice is the staple dish. Having said that I am not a big fan of these hybrid rice varieties which are flooding the market. Only few farmers grow native rice (i.e. seeds of TN) like seeraga samba and kitchli samba. There are over 2000 local varieties and many are disappearing. Of course I prefer hand pounded rice to mill rice. Comments?

      • Nothing to comment, it is up to you to decide which one you want. But i prefer healthy food not tasty.

        Sometime i also eat pizza, burger and other western types, but it is very rare.

        I still prefer Kambu and Kezhvaragu.

        If you drink that kanchi in the morning, you wont be hungry till afternoon.

        Best substitute of famous breakfast like Idli, Dosa and Sanwidches.

        What do you say?

      • I also like healthy food but not kambu and kezhavaragu. Its too rich. Prefer rice anyday and especially red rice. I love different types of keerai like manatakkali, modakkatan, ponnankanni, karsilankanni, etc. I also like sundakkai(green).

      • Yes, me too like greens. It has all types of vitamins, iron and proteins.

        Manatakkali is good for hulser.
        Keerai has iron.
        Dont know about Modakkatan, is it a peas variety?

  15. Latest satellite picture indicates a circulation has formed over south east bay of begal – south of andaman islands. This would get intensified soon and we might get long wet spell commencing from this week end. As venus would be entering watery sign and within 2 days, moon is also conjoined which can trigger a long wet spell. The next 20 days considered to be the best period for this year NE monsoon.

    • Dear Suresh – please take a look at today’s Deccan Chronicle. Astrologer Ramachandran has made some predictions. Do you agree ?

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