Typhoon Bopha is intimidating, Palau to face massive destruction

Typhoon Bopha is already a Category 4 Typhoon and intensifying rapidly. Its now with Intensity 125, SLP 919 mb and CI of 7.5. Palau, a small nation and a part of Micronesia, will face massive destruction when Bopha crosses it today. Philippines to be hit on Tuesday, will be named as ‘Pablo’ when it nears the country. Meanwhile, the Bay system has re-intensified and making North West movement, however, with low intensity of 20 kts.

444 thoughts on “Typhoon Bopha is intimidating, Palau to face massive destruction

  1. JTWC realizes the defined LLCC of 99b again :-

    An area of convection has persisted near 12.7n 88.2e,
    Approximately 465 nm east of chennai, india. Animated multispectral
    Satellite imagery shows a developing low level circulation center
    (llcc) with flaring convection located along the northwestern

    An older 010539z oscat pass showed an east-west
    Elongation of the llcc with the strongest winds located within the
    Northwestern quadrant at 20 to 25 knots. The remainder of the
    Circulation had 05 to 10 knot winds.

    Upper level analysis indicates the llcc is located under the axis of a subtropical ridge, in a Moderate to high vertical wind shear (vws) environment (20 to 30 Knots).

    Maximum sustained surface winds are estimated at 15 to 20
    Knots. Minimum sea level pressure is estimated to be near 1008 mb.
    Based on the weak central winds and moderate to high vws, the
    Potential for the development of a significant tropical cyclone
    Within the next 24 hours is low.

  2. Good morning..Interesting day ahead..99B Invest and SA vs Aus…Perth Pitch eases on the 4th and the 5th day and so SA should know that even 400runs have been scored earlier in the 4th innings…while u can predict the perth pitch,inspite of the fact that Cricket is a glorious game of uncertainties..we are clueless about what 99B is going to do or what BOB will do with 99B!

  3. All stations have increased precp levels for Chennai.. Rain chance 90% on Monday… Weather channel . Weather.com is one of the few reliable sources, so expect 35mm rain tomrw.

  4. Wow..some convection building over it.. Day time wil help the system to little extent…and interestingly nw quadrant is having a max intensity with thick convection… So If it nears sumwher near kovalam or mahabalipuram, it wil b fine for chennai…

  5. Super Typhoon Bhopa is officially a cat 5 storm.Winds in the range 130-135 Knots.It has well defined symmetric eye-wall with extreme intense convection.Still there is no sign of Eye wall replacement.The system has a pinhole eye indicating explosive development and is now moving into a shear area of 0-5 knots,High SST,great radial flow.Palau would be facing a storm a very strong cat 5 system.The extreme outer bands of super typhoon is affecting the Palau islands.The system is tracking under the influence of anticyclone located over the north Philippines.

  6. Also,I feel sorry for Palau.Palau is probably going to take the brunt of the system.
    Bopha went from cat 1 to cat 4 quickly like many super cyclones.
    Hot towers came up and in no time rapid intensification happened with the pressure dropping alarmingly.
    Our bay is also capable of a super cyclone.But,a system must emerge for that at the right time,right place and with a good amount of luck.

  7. Low pressure in bay is now under moderate shear and is moving in a westward direction.The system is under favorable SST and is moving into a area of minimal SST.There is high pressure over entire south peninsula which would make the system to move southwestwards as it nears the coast.The vortex remains weak compared to yesterday,as circulation is weak its not drawing much of dry air from southwest into the system.The low pressure would bring rain for coastal TN any organized development is unlikely.

  8. No use of system showing good convection.If there is no compact circulation or converging nature,we can very well start looking for new systems.

  9. If this system gives meagre mm’s and eats up the precious first week of december,it will have done more harm than good.

  10. Another low pressure south west of indonesia is starting to organize as its moving in a southwest direction.It would become a tropical cyclone as it moves furthur southward.

  11. An Astrology post for the interested:
    It seems that beginning today,rahu and kethu’s alignment is favourable for plenty of rains.Flooding is even possible,it seems.

    These are not my views and is merely a quote.
    If you’re not interested,please move on.

  12. The prediction I had posted was not mine as I had said.
    It is just someone I know who is pretty deep in astrology.I have no idea of astrology.
    So you can verify everything for yourself.
    It was his quote and not mine.That’s why I didn’t even have a link.
    I haven’t claimed any reliability for it.

    • And so this is wise to spread rumours through a public forum ?
      I have *nothing* against you from day one. But please think over your actions.

      • Never mind what I believe in. Is it part of decorum for hearsay to be spread around without verifying ? That way I can also say so many things…

      • I have asked the non-interested to move on.
        I am saying I don’t claim reliability for it.
        I thought people who are into astrology may find it interesting.
        Even after all the disclaimers,you think I am spreading rumors,It is your perspective.
        I don’t like to spread rumors in a subject I am not aware of.I’m not even aware it is a rumor.
        I accept your correction.I don’t even know what is right.
        Astrology is not my cup of tea.

  13. @pulivaradu – No issues whatsoever. I was being his friend only. I wasnt trying to put down his comment. If he has got genuine good news thanks to astrology regards to rainfall who wont support him ?

  14. Many people are searching for “Bopha” on search engines and are being redirected to our blog.
    Let’s say a few soothing words for those in fear of this Cat 5 monstrosity.

  15. System developing convective clouds to the north and east.A system with more cloud mass will give us an uplift right now.

  16. The low pressure in bay has moved westwards now located 12.5N somewhere between 85E to 86E.The system will move west-southwestwards under the influence of High pressure over the southern peninsula.The system is poorly organized that will be the case till it reaches the coast.The chances of organized system is low.It will bring heavy rain to TN coast from tomorrow.Rain will continue for 2-3 days as the system will prevail as trough.

  17. The low pressure in south indian ocean shows disorganised intense convection but the circulation looks better.Currently the conditions are not favorable.Development will occur as it moves further southward.There is another disturbance to the west of this low pressure close to Diego garcia it will take usual track towards the Madagascar.

  18. Pinhole eye is developing again the super typhoon started to intensify.Palau could face a storm of intensity 140-145 Knots.The current wind speed is around 135-140 knots.

  19. Wow!! First time in more than 3 weeks , there is a forecast of of “rain , heavy at times ‘ for Chennai from Accuweather… Increased to 48.7mm rain for the next two days…

  20. My thoughts with the people of Palau.Bopha is going to mercilessly go into Palau at 12 am local time.
    The worst thing you would want from this kind of storm is to hit you when darkness slips.
    I have no words to express how afraid they must be.

  21. Thanks to 99B. It enlivened the bay which was inert and without any action.
    Now the bay is lively. I am sure that it will produce another system.

    99B can throw some surprises before landfall.

  22. Alright.Rains may start sooner than expected.System is just sliding around in bay like melted ghee.
    Let’s hope that as the low pressure nears coast,TS’s pop up and keep the show going.
    As jon said,A bubble storm would be the ideal situation for us now.

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