395 thoughts on “Early December signs look positive

  1. Fun Fact of the day:Do you know that Volkswagen owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche,Ducati,SEAT and Skoda?
    I knew they were the General Motors of Europe but not to such an extent.

  2. Look at the vorticity map…. Dark blue over tn is fading slowly. Actually blue color is the impact of hpa (clockwise spin).. So now Almost route is getting clearing up for tn..

  3. Some models r showing another system in s.bay.., it is just same like previous one 98B Dep tat formed 4m 95S. if ther is going to be system in s.indian ocean, then ther wil be system in s.bay .just like previous system. Sst along s.east ind ocean is very high ,tat is allowing the convection to sustain longer..very high sst along s.east ind ocean going to keep our south and s.east bay active in tis december.

  4. Strengthening of LPA over andaman sea is not a big thing. It is a low shear zone. Bay is a high shear zone, once it enters the bay we can get the real picture of the system strength and it’s movement.

  5. Somebody has said have patience, well being patient sure yields results, but u cant be patient sitting in a desert and expecting snow! The conditions of patience differs in situations!

  6. People who made debut with and after Tendulkar. Tendulkar made in 1989.

    Kambli – After Tendulkar but removed from team for wrong reasons.
    Kumble – 1989, Retired in 2005.
    Srinath – 1992, Retired before Kumble. Don’t know the year.
    Dravid – 1996, Retired last year.
    Ganguly – 1996, Retired 3 years back.
    Lakshman – 1998, Retired in 2012.

    Anyone Else?????

  7. Instead of predictive astrology i.e. astrology that is used to forecast events happening in the future if astrology can be used as psychological counselling i.e. chart out a person’s strengths and weaknesses from the jaatakam and ask him or her to work on it would be a valuable resource. Unfortunately nobody is wanting this because everybody wants to know the future and unscrupulous astrologers want to make a fast buck.

      • It is made for people who believe it.Why don’t you just move on?It is not democratic to suppress one’s opinion.

      • Why ? Nothing is ever useless. Everything has its place in time and society. I have a great interest in the mind analysis. I frequently use

    • Giving you an example – many people I know never wanted to be an engineer or a doctor. Many of them like the arts. But arts is not considered a profession that can pay well. So they become doctors or engineers and then feel stressed with their lives. If the jaatakam can guide on what kind of job would help them the most rather than when they are likely to get a job then astrology IMHO can do a service to society.

    VALID FOR 24/48 HOURS FROM 1800 UTC 27 NOV 2012



  9. lol.. Y do u expect snow in desert? :p an awkward example.. Expect rain in the glorious tropical land’s fav. monsoon .. its damn possible ..

  10. Raijin & sundar, We are not lik those poor farmers who doesnt knw wat is happening.. So, not being patient and gettin frustrated is common for them.. But we interpret everythin and cum to a understandin.. We knw wats happening and so we shld fold our Hands and stay cool bro.. Lets wait and watch..

  11. suundar24 – instead of telling you when it will rain next(or how much it will rain) how about I prepare you for a possibillity of a drought or r a flood using astrology ? This way you will be prepared well for the future.
    Making a prediction(which can go wrong) would mean that I am no different than those who exploit astrology for its predictive power.

      • Extremely sorry-I am not going to abuse astrology for its predictive power. You can contact Astrologer Ramachandran(contact info available on net) for that purpose. If you want to know what job you should be doing I can help you πŸ™‚

  12. @Raijin – I sympathise with you completely. That is the case of a lot of Indians. They dont want to be in IT or be a doctor. Many of them are artistically talented but because of how society operates they are forced to be because of family.
    Very few get to do what they want to do. Even in my case much later in life.

  13. how can the imaginary planets Raghu and kethu influence a man on earth!

    Even the greatest mathematician and astrologer baskaracharya’s daughter marriage ended in disaster. History says he saw so many jathakams and arrived at one and what happened?

    • Suundar24- All planets and all galaxies and stars and in fact the universe is within you. πŸ™‚ Not external to you. You see the universe as separate from you – others see it as a part of you. Different perspectives.

    • Iam what I was destined to be, by the grace of all mighty. Iam pained to see so many marriages failing nowadays all fixed by some jathakams, who cares to see if the boy or girl understand each other. Never seen a jathakam in my life. Nor will I.

    • correct baskaracharya’s daughter marriage was a disaster because
      he committed an error in timing of the subhamukurtham

      there is a little explanation which i read will provide the link when i come across

  14. IMD morning bulletin,

    LPA in andaman sea will become well marked in next 24 hours.

    UAC in south tn persists at lower level.

    WD would affect western himalayan and adjoining plains of nw india.

    Dry air blowing across north KTK and AP.


    • @ partha- back to your list of players who have retired before sachins retirement, ive got this piece of info which really happened..My Grandmother who is a 99 with partial eye sight and hearing now and a avid cricket follower till last year was watching matches on a regular basis incl IPL..You have to believe this fact..When Rahul Dravid was holding a press con after announcing his retirement, My Grandma asked me as to whats happening and why is Dravid being shown on TV.I replied saying that he has retired now form test cricket and hence the press con..Her reply really baffled me..She asked a simple question, why is he retiring when he is playing so well and why sachin has not retired though he had started playing well before Dravid..We at home were speechless with her observations….Only sachin can answer her question..

      • I salute your grand ma.

        Tell her it is a million dollar question.

        Right time for Sachin came, after we won the world cup he should have retired. That too the final match held in Mumbai. It was very good situation for him.

    • Vorticbob,

      I remember the 1993 cyclone which crossed near karaikkal in the afternoon of dec 4. It had rained heavily for 4 days in chennai.

      After crossing the coast on 04th it started moving towards north and it was lay centered between chennai and vellore in the evening.

      Then the intensity of rain increased at about 7.30PM with lightning and thunder.

      Rained through out the night, most of the people in chennai would have not slept and would have been nervous that night.

      That amount of lightning and thunder i have not seen so far. I still remember that horror night.

      Rain finished at around 4.30AM.

      Rainfall that night alone was 18CM in chennai. It is recorded in just 9 hours.

  16. Vorticbob,

    Thane was missing in the list. It has formed around 28th as depression and crossed coast on 30th December.

    One more cyclone in the end of December.

    I think the same will happen this year too.

      • @partha-That million dollar you had mentioned is the real issue i think now for him..He would lose those million dollars from endorsements and also a player can hog the limelight as long as he plays and the moment you retire the fuss and excitement around you vanishes..

      • This is life. As far as your in spotlight you will be given importance.

        Same thing happened to Kapil, Gavaskar.

        Lets accept the fact.

        I think this is the problem of Sachin now. He thinks about losing the spotlight and the importance given to him will be lost. He wants to be in spotlight as far as possible.

      • @Partha- its like a system hogging the limelight till the time it makes a landfall and we tend to forget the moment it makes and goes inland..Eg this season like..Nilam, 98b…….

  17. @ Suundar

    Dont bother about the buffoons and the astrologers. They will never impact the weather. We cant the predict the weather pattern exactly with the present available technology. Oneday man will conquer it too like the moonlanding and hopefully in our lifetime. Till that, we are only at the receiving end of the nature. No point in blaming the astrologers and the socalled buffoons. Their predictions are just their whims only. If we dont receive adequate rainfall in December as well , then we have to find the solutions for the possible drought in the next summer. Blaming anyone helps nobody. But, thankfully Andhra had bountiful rains during the Nilam and then can help us to tide over the situation.

    • Recently Tendulkar told a television channel: β€œI am 39 and I don’t think I have plenty of cricket left in me. But it depends on my frame of mind and my physical ability to deliver. When I feel that I am not delivering what is needed, then I will re-look at the scheme of things. I am already 39 and no one expects me to go on playing forever. I will go with what my heart says.

      Tough call for him and for us also..Sachin,whats your heart saying now..we are interested to know.

      • When his heart speak, our series against Eng and Australia at home, would be lost by then. Team is bigger than any individual even if he is Sachin. Investing in youth will pay in the long term at least

  18. Astrology is one of the oldest art and science. It had given a lot of inputs for astronomy . But it had been grossly misused in indian society.
    Astrologers have made people as slaves to their prediction. One should lead their life as per their passion and not by what an astrologer says. Instead of taking it as guidance we take it as the ultimate truth.
    Marriages , career , child birth , even good time bad time for daily routines.
    Love and passion should be the direction and not astrology.
    If hair doesnt grow no one will put mottai. Iam a big devotee of Lord Venkateshwara but still rationality should prevail. Take astrology as fun and guidance not as the end of your life.
    I was a marine engineer by compulsion for 15 years but had passion for business and stock market since i was 19 years old. Now iam fully in stock market and enjoying my passion. Plenty of youngsters are following their passion in the present generation. Nice to see that. We are changing. Look at our young sudharshan , school kid but poonthu vilayadaran in weather.
    india future is bright , kids are defying gravity.

    • Even in stock market, lot of astrologers are predicting the stock movement and market movement even on daily basis. There is still a crowd to follow that. That is like turning mirror of adjacent auto for igniting our vehicle.

      Astronomy is a fascinating subject in which an Atheist may become a believer by looking at the sheer size of the universe and its functioning in a methodical manner. At the same time, a believer may turn atheist on seeing how can a single power control such enormous system? Astronomy is such a wonderful subject/passion/science. By looking at the size of the universe, we will realise how tiny we are in the entire universe. Beliefs are not illegal. On questioning the beliefs only, one can find the new answers/solutions. Rationality breeds from the questioning only.

      • Astrology will never go away nor the beliefs. it will stay till the end of the world. Stock market has 90% of gamblers and astrology is used as a tool by some.
        Iam not saying we should abandon astrology nor the beliefs.
        All iam saying is parents should not force children to follow a life path as said by a astrologer rather than by what the child loves to do. Ithu thanda unn thala ezuthu …atha padi nadanthuko….that is ridiculous. creativity will not flourish where there is no love or passion.

    • That’s actually a really good post,sir.A true astrologer will never say this will happen or that will happen.He will only say you have choices as such in front of you.It only provides guidance.I don’t know whether you thought so deep into it,but that’s the wisdom of the ages contained right there.
      We choose life.Hats off.

  19. This Anti-cyclone is expected to move North into Madhyapradesh after 30-Nov… this will be good for upcoming S-E Bay LOW.COLA model now suggests that the present circulation will become eleongated from North to South during next 2 days .And suggests a strong circulation will pop from this over S-S-E Bay on 1-Dec… this circulation is expected to track West from 2-Dec.

  20. Well organized clouds in Bay of Bengal, but not moving to our coast due to high pressure some models predicts cyclone no use of cyclone to tamilnadu or andhra.But Chennai want only strong low pressure will give up to 40 to 60 cms rain for us.But these year Monsoon started October 17 but still Chennai not received very heavy rainfall these year .Monsoon failure for Chennai, but heavy rain these year for deltas region. They getting 126 cms so for (Southwest monsoon + North East Monsoon) ={46+86} Chennai A.P =57+39 =96.We need at least 50cms to normal monsoon.I think its very difficult to Chennai.

  21. One thing i am sure is that even ENSO conditions could not be predicted for shorter period by any of the meteorlogists in the world. It keeps changing frequently.

    ENSO neutral conditions in west equatorial pacific and it is going to continue as such. This will not trigger much impact to us.

    But another important and positive change is that the SST over west indian ocean is higher from 28-30C. This may create an impact i guess.

    This is why the CPC website was confused in forecasting the south india from 05th to 11th December.

    Changes in ocean is too fast.

    IMD had forecast saying this time NEM will be excess on 18th October. That is another positive note to be taken care.

    • there will be nothing to lose hope if u r not expecting anything..

      So don’t expect from NE-Monsoon – an unpredictable one

  22. Last 12 yrs of north east monsoon rains in millimeters

    Average rain of yearfor North east Monsson for chennai 875 mm

    2000 – 395 (failure)

    2001 – 1079 (+21)

    2002 – 985 (+12)

    2003 – 311 (Failure)

    2004 – 572 (Failure)

    2005 – 2108 (+248)

    2006 – 893 (+2)

    2007 – 626 (-18)

    2008 – 948 (+6)

    2009 – 910 (+4)

    2010 – 758 (-14)

    2011 – 852 (-1)

    2012 -470 stiil waiting for december counting

  23. A low-pressure area has formed over Andaman Sea on Tuesday and has been put under watch for intensification straight away.

    An India Meteorological Department (IMD) outlook said that the β€˜low’ would become β€˜well marked’ by Wednesday.

    But prognosis given out by a number of global models for subsequent phases does not indicate spectacular growth or intensification.

    These models, including that of IMD, see the system as breaking up over central Bay in the face of fierce head winds.

    The offspring circulations may wallow in the central and south Bay and manage to trigger scattered rain in Tamil Nadu and isolated showers in Kerala.

    Odd US Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System forecast sees them converging to set up a minimal cyclone off Tamil Nadu coast by December 1.

  24. TAMIL NADU AND PUDUCHERRY: Sivagiri and Papanasam (both Tirunelveli Dist) 3 each, Rajapalayam (Virudhunagar Dist) and Mylaudy (Kanyakumari Dist) 1 each.


    KERALA: Nil


    • No,no.I think he knows better than to kid aroun in the matter of rains,this year especially.With the frustration around,People would eat him alive. πŸ™‚

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