523 thoughts on “Time running out

  1. scene podrathula chennai weather a adichika aalae kadayathu…. apdiya east la irunthu clouds varathu enna… kaathu adikum.. minnal adikum… aana mazha mattum varaathu….

  2. 22/0830 UTC 13.8N 81.0E TOO WEAK 03B
    22/0230 UTC 12.9N 81.2E T1.0/1.5 03B
    21/2030 UTC 13.8N 82.1E T1.0/2.0 03B
    21/1430 UTC 13.5N 82.6E T1.5/2.0 03B
    21/0830 UTC 14.0N 83.4E T2.0/2.0 03B
    21/0230 UTC 13.5N 83.8E T1.0/1.5 03B
    20/2030 UTC 14.4N 82.8E T1.5/1.5 03B
    20/1430 UTC 14.3N 83.1E T1.0/1.5 03B
    20/0830 UTC 14.9N 84.3E T1.5/1.5 03B
    20/0300 UTC 15.7N 85.4E T1.5/1.5 03B

  3. A fresh circulation is seen near andaman.. Need to wait and watch and see how it organizes..

    Meanwhile, school going pasanga go and study for your half yearly exams..

    Kea and other office goers like me will monitor about this fresh system..

  4. You can’t say “RIP NEM 2012” it might be like 2007,where we got a promising start,a terrible november and a super december.

  5. Karthikstorm – you wanted proof of my rationale of a connection between SWM and NEM didnt you ?
    Well here you go – here is a a scientific article that outlines that.


    Please pay attention to the last sentence – “From the foregoing, it thus appears that, the
    observed southwest monsoon rainfall over Tamil
    Nadu can be used to provide a forecast of the
    behavior of the following northeast monsoon
    season. “.

    In other words scientific community has obviously studied this in great detail – unlike your amateurish efforts to predict the weather.

    • thanks for the article, recently in year 2009 the SW monsoon affected because of EL NINO factors. on the same year TN has received very good rainfall by NE. this year chennai had good SW monsoon season, so it would have an effect with NE monsoon as well.

  6. hey all you guys.. am leaving to the US tonight… i really enjoyed blogging in this site here,,, the rain might not have had the spirits to come to chennai.. but our spirits ( read weather spirit ) never die..
    lets hope that before the end of this NEM we get some good spells…
    cheers to kea weather blog.

    will continue blogging from the US starting tommorrow πŸ™‚

  7. entire omr stretch going to get battered in few minutes…its getting darker and darker by passing minutes….

    poor kea’s nunga…bad luck continues with respect to rain…but unfortunately it smiles at kea’s predictions

  8. Dear All,


    I think there is an increase in easterlies near andaman. We need to concetrate on this.

    A new system may form. The intensity seems to be increasing as per WV insat since morning.

  9. Suundar You will come to know once the rainfall figures are out. Hr649 close to my area near srm he can tell us about the status. Mean time check the radar by yourself.

    • pouring damn heavily near srm itseems.. Could hear the monstrous noise over phone.. Thank god I came to guindy few mins back.. It was drizzling ter wen i started from srm around 7.45..

  10. Alert, Alert, Alert.

    Very Very Very Very Very Heavy Heavy Heavy Rain in Oragadam, Sriperumbudur, Padapai, Cheyyar, Kanchi.

    It very dark and dark looks like night.

    Must be 150MM/HR

  11. Guys, Surprising, Surprising,

    You should have been in Oragadam few minutes back.

    Awesome clouds. It looked like the scene in Independence Day where that space ship covers entire city. Thats how the clouds was.

    It was round in shape and in the long distance where the sky and land touches that place alone was bright from NW to NE.

    It was a big cloud covering around 100KM.

    I have taken the picture. Will upload tonight.

  12. I was a metorolgist forty fifty years back.. we had the same problem. Forecastsing weather was and is difficult. My God! how many wrong forecasts that I and my colleagures might have given then. I commiserate with Mr. Ramanan. The battery of modern equipemt is helpul only in giving a running commenetary of present weather or weather next few hours locally. Even Numerical weather predition does not help on local pehonmena. we have to bear with medium success in weather forecasting for some time to come. DO NOT SHOOT THE METROLOGIST. He is trying his best to give a forecast. Weather is the result of many many various causes all which we have not understood even now. you must have hearrd of BUTTERFLY EFFECT. Research is going on. Like medical patients every weather situation is different in many aspects. so Persistsence and climatology aspect may not succeed always. Have patience and alllow the metorologist to work.

  13. Yesterday it was to the north of Chennai… and today raining in South of Chennai…….. enna koduma sir idhu……..

    also these clouds are moving westwards…

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