799 thoughts on “Wait for rain continues

  1. Raja sir,It wil remain atleast for 36 hrs..n wat do u observe 4m current radar image?? I could c many rain band developing… Payangrama etho namaku iruku 4m tis system.

  2. sel, i came to ur coll for our dept. Sympo in our 3rd yr.. Bike la i was drivin al the way from guindy.. I’l neve forget tat experience.. Road ah adhu.. Duno hw u ppl managed da

  3. look at tis poor 98b, it travelled all the way from equator,took a huge loop, its like it ran away from its home and searchin for some gud place to settle.. Nd finally it has chosen the right spot, Tamil nadu.. 🙂

    • in between it was furious and became a cyclone, but in the distant origin it saw tamil nadu and started marchin again wit low intensity..

  4. Sel: Still i feel clouds are getting dissipated when it is close to coast(due to shear?).Radar is showing good rain band and it is getting collapsed 10 min later. Very rain on cards for Chennai, if shear does down by tmw

  5. also, the site views tower slowly building up now.. after it reached the max on oct 31, it dropped down on nov 6. and now picking up again..

  6. radar image doesn’t look too good. Few showers possible like cleaning the road .. wind shear and dry air is killing its circulation.. Most likely this will dissipate in 36 hrs…

  7. Even if it is moving NW as of now,it’s fine.Will give it more time to intensify.In the meantime we’ll get our rains from these TS’s.Excellent.

  8. Guys,let’s understand that this is an LPA.It moves as it pleases.The longer it stays in the sea,the better for Rains.Already towers are much better compared to yesterday.We’ve waited so many days.It’s better we start off on a strong note.

  9. Rain would commence in Chennai post noon but would end by night.. As usual tomorrow morning, chennai will wake up with good sunshine..

  10. Wait pannunga raja sir, veyil konjam adikattum,v wil get 1 kundu bulbu like the one tat formed yestrday N-N.east of chennai around afternoon… overall no major movement seen,so its worth to wait.

  11. Puli, lot of diff between upper level n lower level….bcos of low level circulation ,low level winds wil b 4m nw,so the low clouds wil b also 4m nw., high level winds wil b 4m E -NE..SO the tall raised high convectional clouds wil be 4m East-NE..

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