398 thoughts on “Fall in night time temperatures

  1. Hindu reports quoting met officials saying chill to continue in chennai… monsoon to revive in few more days….. hope continuous…

  2. Next oné momth is going to critical for NEM… if we are able to get two spells good rains during thar period… that will ensure aleast normal rainfall… post dec 15 is NEM ending phase.Not much hope…2005 is an exception Not norm… freinds any veiws

    • Unnoda forecast mattum unmayachuna eppadi irukkum

      Nogaps has more gapsnu solluravanga ellarum
      Nogaps really has no gaps nu solluvanga

      • today is 15 and 2moro is 16…it has to travel almost 10 degree west…that is impossible and so rajesh sir prediction will failed with respect to the dates
        But might his prediction will become true somewhat late

  3. @rajin both are different.. 97w is to the east of philippines and 25w is in south china sea.. And ya invest is the short form for investigation..

  4. A western disturbance would affect western Himalayan region from 16th onwards.It will die down around 18th to 20th. Then only system will move towards indian coast

  5. WD: Western disturbance is the low pressure system that originates over the Mediterranean sea and moves eastwards.This causes rainfall in Iran,Pakistan,and India and snowfall in some parts of India.

  6. In earlier comments Have said coming oné month will be crtical .. atleast two spells of rain will ensure normal avg but to happen NEM should be back soon

  7. Our wishes are always different from reality. But we have accept the reality.We have already moved our rain target from 10th–>15th–>20th–>27th–> ?

    Let us wish for some rain before end of season

  8. Raja, ya u r rite,…v cant xpect rain in tis cold conditions,.. Minimum shld be around 23-24.. but Today i din notice the dew drops,only winds r cold …. i think conditions r improving.

    • It is a million dollar question.

      I am really sure that we have support from 2 sides.

      1. Veeranam – Lake capacity is approx 48 feet, Water level is up to 45 feet.

      2. Krishna – Recent rains in AP has brought up the water level and they are reserving for summer. We will get this water by April or May.

      • if go by approx calculation , the present levels will last till jan , add veeranam and krishna we may last til march or april.
        Nemili desal plant will add another half a month if it goes onto production.
        So we may hit crisis by april or may.
        Remember max usuage starts during hot weather..march onwards. if we bring in new areas to be supplied by metro water then we may hit crisis even earlier. The only option is if they start rationing from jan onwards. water supplu once in two days. Chennai will be back to traditional ways…it will affect real estate prices and investments…lets see NEM supports us.

    • Metro water will start rationing , once in two days , then 3 days etc , ground water is dangerously low alrready, sea water will enter in all coastal parts of city and omr. city will lose its real estate value , investments will drop. lorry tanker accidents will go up. hate to see chennai like that. hope NEM gives back something

    • Compare to. CHENNAI s.TN dams are close to 70% capacity like manimuthar and papanasam servalar dám..had Not been NEM s TN would Have faced drought

  9. OMG !! The min temp. in TN :-

    Nunga, Meena – 19.5
    Puducherry – 19.6
    Cuddalore – 19.3
    Tiruchi – 18.7
    Coimbatore Ap -17.4
    Salem – 17.3
    Vellore – 15.9
    Dharmapuri – 13.3
    Tirupathur – 12.2

  10. If the current situation doesn’t improves then the situation will more worse than the 2004 summer. The reason is one and only one

    Increase of population in and around Chennai city because of the boom in IT sector. So it will going to be really hard to satisfy the water needs in 2013 summer than it faced in 2004 summer

  11. Sel

    u said in ur earlier comment that track and intensity will be clear in next few hours. does it means that by next update around noon?

  12. Its NEM but it feels like peak winter.
    The min. temp in and around TN :-

    Kolappakam – 17.6,
    SRM – 17.9,
    Avadi – 18.6,
    Poonamalle – 18.8,
    Nungambakkam, Meenambakkam – 19.5,

    Cuddalore – 19.3,
    Puducherry – 19.6,
    Tiruchi – 18.7,
    Coimbatore Ap -17.4,
    Salem – 17.3,
    Vellore – 15.9,
    Dharmapuri – 13.3,
    Tirupathur – 12.2,
    Coonoor – 8.7,
    Kodaikanal – 8.3,
    Ooty – 7.3,

    Other Stations :-
    Tirupathi – 15.2, Hyderabad – 14.8, Bangalore – 13.4, Mysore – 11.1, Munnar – 8.3

  13. Now WP25 has dissipated. 98B has got nothing to disturb it. Instead it is drawing clouds and moisture from the dissipated 25w. It will do for some more time and start its SW journey.

    HPAs raises BP!

      • Because most of the models taking it to SW direction. Consensus! Apart from it I have my own theory(trying to develop it! Which is unconventional and pseudo scientific approach). So far it proved to certain extent. It is in micro level approach not macro.

  14. Marghazi in Ippasi. Last year same time it was again damn cold. I remember I was in Mayuram for dip in Cauvery and super chill.

    Atleast then there was a system coming in 3rd week of Nov. and was not unduly concerned about the cold then. It came in as forecasted as well.

  15. We have this in line with Chennai.

    Because of the models, pessimism is running high. This is month of November. Any D will become DD or TC. When D itself not formed, how the models can accurately predict its vortex and based on this gives a track? That is just a speculation based on the existing conditions. Which can change like their tracks.

    Which vortex they will use out of this three?


    The truth is, conditions are favorable to form a depression in bay. We have only a LPA spreading across SL to Andaman

    • as sel said, there is lot of possibility of getting splitted in to parts and each will i have it’s own movement in direction. Hope one part will give rains to chennai

  16. I still feel that we have lot of rains left in this NEM. This may be an unusual November, but as i said because of 2 planets existence till 18th is the only disturbance as of now.

    I cant accept that it is a failure of NEM.

    After 22nd we have rains back. This time the rains will continue till Jan first week.

    This has happened many times during NEM season.

    Do not lose heart at this moment.

    • That is the obvious conclusion. But all these three vortex should combine together to form a D. Or as per your post it will split. But I have never seen that happening earlier. At the most they try to merge or weak ones split away and dissipate. These are only based on long time observations without any scientific validity.

  17. To support Parthasri35 planetary connections..posting a comment I read in one of the sites:”For India, the brief spell until 10th September would be followed by a disappointing 2-month long dry spell. This is of crucial importance in making decisions on agricultural operations. However sufficient rain will be received late in the season as Mercury and Venus are coming together again on November 18th and this will last until 18th Jan 2013″

  18. Guys– I just posted a comment which I saw in a site..these are not my views..was trying to look at points which could offer us some rays of hope..do take it in your stride and add to your optimism index..tks

  19. My home in Tambaram West surrounded immediately by forest and hills with thick vegetation was damn damn cold……sure shot 17degrees….within 500m of going away from the forest ..cud feel the increase in temp acleats by 2 degrres near Tambaram gst…

  20. 98B current position is 12.1,91.1 => 13.5, 91.1
    moving north in very rapid rate and it crossed chennai latitiude
    yet to start it south-west movement

    • Someone cited an astrologer’s prediction here before onset of NEM that Chennai and TN will be flooded during monthend of October and there will be a excess NEM this year.

      Ivanungala thirutha 1000 Periyar vanthaalum mudiyathu!

      Vadivelu stylil sollanumna ” summa irukkiya illa vaayila knife vittu noondava”

      That blog seems to be a political one.

  21. These are the lines i was mentioning, this is what happening now.
    The forecast was made few months back, even meteorologists could not.

    In the current rainy season, there is going to be one such opposition of planets during the dry spell we predicted between Sep 10th and November 18th, Mars comes in opposition to Jupiter around November 1st. This is in addition to the damaging presence of Sun in between Mercury and Venus. Thus we have more than one factor that is related to a dry spell which is going to last till the middle of November.

    · Presence of Mars in Leo during the rainy season reduces rain-cloud formation. It must be noted that Mars was in Leo for quite some time – right from the time of the expected date of arrival of Monsoon. This is also a single strong contributory factor for dry conditions and perhaps a contributory factor for the rise in temperature over the Pacific.

    · Mars in front of any planet including the Sun scorches the earth (in astrological terminology we call it as Mars winning a planetary war.)

    · Since Mercury and Venus are the sensitive planets helping in rainfall, outer planets namely Jupiter or Mars or Saturn moving in front of them in rainy season causes famine like situations.

    · Location of Venus is more crucial for causing rains, while Mercury aids in favorable winds. When Jupiter moves in front of Venus, famine-like conditions prevail. When Saturn is in front of Venus, there will be less rainfall. When Mars is in front of Venus, hot conditions will prevail.

    · In the season of dry-spell in October – November, we are going to see Saturn and Mars in front of Venus. This reduces the formation of rain clouds. Thus we have 3 crucial combinations for lack of rainfall coming up in the peak of rainy season. (Mercury – Venus closeness disturbed, Mars – Jupiter opposition, Mars and Saturn in front of Venus). It must be seen if El Nino intensifies at that time. If so it must be because of the planetary influence only.

    • From 2000, only there are 2 times november have recorded below 100mm

      2003 – 85mm
      2007 – 95mm

      and in 2012 – 35.6mm(15 days left)

  22. Hello Vithasasen,

    It is not purely an astrology, it is a scientifical calculations adopted by ancient astrologers.

    How could an astrologer predicts Ammavasai and Pournami for next 100 years that too perfectly without any satellites?

    This was done through panchangam for the more than 2000 years.

    Satellites have been invented only in 20th century.

    Then how they predicted these happenings with just a paper and manual calculations for more than 2000 years?

    There is a proven research that even astrologers have predicted rains.

    Based on their advices the agriculture was done. They would advice farmers to sow what seeds and what season. This is been followed even today.

    Don’t say anything blind, and don’t follow anyone blind.

    Before thinking of anyone’s statement, you think from your perspective.

    That is Murpokku Sindhanai.

    Following someone blindly is called blatant faith in Tamil “Mooda Nambikkai”.

    • Sir,

      I have seen and enjoyed the similar dialogues in ‘7am arivu’ film itself.

      Nodoubt, I agree and am proud myself too about our ancestors intelligence in calculating the Ammavaasai and Pournami.

      To that I wish to quote another one from the film ‘Angels and Demons’ that “Religion is flawed because men are so’

      My anguish is that even in these hitech world with sophisticated satelites, meteorologists are unable to predict the rainfall and landfall of cyclones and how could these astrologers predict rainfall . Some astrologers went to the extent of predicting the future of country after some party come to power. How ridiculous that was.

      Sorry for bit off-topic. No offence meant to anyone. Rain rain come fast atleast to kill these off topic quotes.

      • Since there was no development in technical point in India we are struggling today.

        By using these methodologies we should have developed technologies predicting weather.

        Due to british domination for more than 150 years and none to encourage our traditional values after independence we are still developing, developing, developing.

        I also saw that movie 7 am arivu, i accept we have great traditional practices which is copied by most of the countries in the world. Those practices have been left out by us after some time.

        Don’t forget this strong message:

        India is the oldest civilized country in the world. We who thought the discipline and dignity to the world.

      • Like elsewhere in the world, Indians too were interested in planetary constellations, etc. for various reasons. This led to a lot of original work done by Indian mathematicians (much like Newton’s development of calculus because the study of planetary motion necessitated it). Some of it was as early as during the Vedic age. Then came the likes of Aryabhatta and others. Subsequently there was lot of cross fertilization between Arab and Indian mathematicians and our next door neighbor Kerala can boast of a great Math tradition. So, one should be careful not to throw the baby away with the bath-water.

        For a brief history of Indian math, see for instance,


        For more on this subject, I refer the interested reader to the popular books written by George Ghevergese Joseph.

        Nur der BvB!

  23. @raja

    From 2000, only there are 2 times november have recorded below 100mm

    2003 – 85mm
    2007 – 95mm

    and in 2012 – 35.6mm(still 15 days left)

  24. Observations recorded at 0830 hrs IST on 15.11.2012


    Maximum Temperature ( ºC )
    29.9 30.1

    Departure from normal
    1 1

    Minimum temperature ( ºC )
    19.5 19.5

    Departure from normal
    -4 -4

  25. Guys,

    You people were saying no rains in November and it is unusual november.

    See Minimum temp fell 4 degrees below normal. This is also unusual in November in the past 110 years.

    Accept both the facts.

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