632 thoughts on “Southern TN may have some rainfall

  1. Good morning people.Let’s hope we break the dry phase today atleast in the evening with a few shattered showers.I understand the no-rain part but what about the summer like conditions?What gives?

  2. can c sime clouds around in east…. cloud moving in from south east.. trees are srandstill.. no surface wind… hope its changing its direction

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  4. Its raining in Karnataka…but nothing here….is it our NEM

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 06.11.12

    Aldur 65
    Karkala 55.6
    Aralasurali 51
    Tanigebylu 48
    Kanivedasarahalli 48
    Channahally 47.2
    Madapura 46
    Kanakumbi 45.6
    Kollur 41.8
    Kencharahalli 40
    Birur 39.8
    Murugamala 36
    Holur 32.1
    Megaramakki 32
    Kotagal 29.6
    Iavatur 28.2
    Somayajalpalli 28
    Ganjigunte 27.2
    Govinakovi 26.6
    Nuggehalli 26.2
    Chornur 26.2
    Dibburahalli 25.6
    Jamgaon 25.2
    Kerveshe 25
    Udevu 24.2
    Baasuru 24
    Channagiri 23.2
    Mudigere 22.9
    Tyagadabaji 22.4
    Balehonnur 22
    Attigundi 21
    Jayapura (C ) 20.8
    Basettihalli 20
    Kadur 20

  5. Hi All,

    It is really irritating to see other states getting rains but TN is dry during this season.

    I saw some low lying clouds coming in from West.

    Morning was little cooler today. My skin has become dry suddenly.

    Moisture in air is very less. We have to wait for some more time for rain.

  6. IMD says “the upper air cyclonic circulation over Gulf of Mannar off south Tamilnadu coast persists”

    Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli and Tuticorin districts got mild rains…Preliminary Rainfall figures in mm ending 8.30 on 07.11.2012 are as follows

    Nainarkoil – 31
    Kadaladi – 30
    Radhapuram – 29
    Tenkasi – 21
    Sholinghur – 17
    Rajagiri – 16
    Tuticorin – 16
    Bogalur – 10
    Tiruppullani – 9
    Thiruvattar – 8
    Mallasamudram – 8
    Kodumudiyar – 7
    Pechiparai – 6
    Tirunelveli – 6

  7. Cheerup all.

    The t574 model more or less accurately predicted the Nilam cyclone from very beginning. More over cyclones in November occurs in pairs. That is what this model forcasts.

    Also the probabilty of Depression becoming a cyclone is 100%.(Source: IMD Cyclone e-atlas page).

    Already a mild vortocity is present around 4N, 94E.


    Ofcourse, this vorticity may change continuosly. But it will persists and at around 10th may intensify to form an LPA.

    Hope for the best.

    • but in the previous post, it shows that until 20, there is no possibility of rain, usually dry prevails as per latest global hazard report

      • Wind shear is a block which protects the winds to blow in the same direction.

        This one is blocking the easterlies as of now since the easterlies are weaker.

        Once the easterlies strengthens then this shear tendency will reduce and move according to the wind pattern.

        As of now no chance of strengthening of easterlies.

  8. Kea, nilam getting dissipated. so its slowly getting back to normal… Active mjo in s.ind ocean has triggered a mild impact in s.bay and so an UAC is formed…am sure tis wil bring Ne wind flow in bay… I wnt get surprise even if a system brews..

  9. kea metsite is down for four and half hours.
    but no one have noticed from morning including kea.
    Last updated time is around 10am

  10. Rainfall figures in mm ending 8.30 on 07.11.2012 in Tamil Nadu are as follows

    Shenkottai – 110
    Nainarkoil – 31
    Tenkasi – 30
    Kadaladi – 30
    Papanasam – 20
    Needamangalam – 20
    Ayikudi – 20
    Jayamkondam – 20
    Sholinghur – 17
    Rajagiri – 16
    Tuticorin – 16
    Palayamkottai – 13
    Bogalur – 10
    Madukkur – 10
    Valangaiman – 10
    Perungalur – 10
    Ramanathapuram – 10
    Tiruppullani – 9
    Thiruvattar – 8
    Mallasamudram – 8
    Kodumudiyar – 7
    Pechiparai – 6
    Tirunelveli – 6
    Tondi – 6

  11. Hi Raja

    Another Ship named “Rathna” would have started the process of removing the ship named “Pradeepa Kaveri” from Chennai coast today. So don’t worry,
    block of NE monsoon as per your worry will be eradicated by 2day. Cheer man

  12. @kea

    Is the htx template is the only option to feed the live data from ws to website? Is there any other option while using the software such as cumulus, virtual weather station etc.? please clear my doubt

    • or is there any other option to feed the live data from ws to website
      without using the cumulus, virtual weather station etc.?

    • Raijin,

      I am using the VWS software and htx format is the only option available.

      As far as I know there are only 2 softwares available to connect to the Davis weather station. VWS and Weather Live. Cumulus is something new, but they don’t have live weather

    • we came close last month with 94 mm

      We recorded 107 mm Last year October on 25th

      But in November 150 mm in 3 days and another 130 mm in 2 days. Either of those could also be 100+

      • thanks kea..this year we are struggling to get 100+ even when we had cyclone.so all the best from them who predicted 100+

    • there must be some day, after that no one’s prediction for november contest should not be taken into account. please fix it

  13. College work keeping me tied down. 😦 .I heard it rained in the city?Well,sounds like an isolated one.Nothing outside the city except the sun.

  14. Honestly,we have had enough dry periods this year.We had a record breaking dry phase lasting 6 and half months.If a law of averages does exist,now would be a good time for it to prove. 😐

  15. Kea,there have been 2 rainy days in november excluding this according to IMD. The same day,but one before 8:30 am and one at 8:30 pm πŸ˜‰

  16. @sundar24

    ungal kelviyil pilai ullathu..is the question is for NE monsoon only ?
    if it for NE Monsoon, then ur answer(oct 27, 2005, 23 cm) is wrong
    correct is 42 cm(423mm)

    if it is whole year, then it’s in 19th May 2010 recorded 190mm when the chennai recorded
    18+cms in a single day

  17. There is no mention of UAC near Sri Lanka in the evening IMD bulletin. The UAC near south TN has now moved to Karnataka Coast. But IMD is predicting a easterly wave to provide scattered to fairly widespread rainfall after 10th November.

  18. Meenambakkam 15 mm! When did it rain? or Did it at all rain

    I remember it was dark towards that side around lunch time!

    No rain between Velacheri to west mambalam..

  19. Highest 24 hr rainfall in Chennai (24 hrs is not with any scale,just blank 24 hrs starting at a random time). This is as far as I know. Pradeep might know more.

    01 – 25.11.1976 – 452 mm

    02 – 27.10.2005 – 423 mm

    03 – __.06.1996 – 348 mm

    04 – 2/3.12.2005 – 253 mm

    05 – 28.10.2006 – 217 mm

    06 – 06.11.2005 – 195 mm

    07 – 19.05.2010 – 191.6 mm

    08 – 01.11.2002 – 160.1 mm

    09 – 28.10.2007 – 160 mm

    10 – 24.08.2011 – 156 mm

    Pradeep might know about other stats.
    Jan and Feb have produced 150 mm+ in one day too.
    This is completely only what I know.

  20. Chennai NEM results from 2000

    Normal or excess NEM thanks to one system is still counted as failure as overall the monsoon wasn’t good. This is my opinion.

    2000 – Terrible

    2001 – Excess

    2002 – Good

    2003 – Terrible

    2004 – Bad

    2005 – …….

    2006 – Bad (Ogni , or else <600)

    2007 – Average

    2008 – Bad

    2009 – Good

    2010 – Average

    2011 – Good

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