346 thoughts on “Chance of evening thunderstorms

  1. Tiruvallur – 62
    Kelambakkam – 34
    Ennore – 26
    Puzhal – 22
    Chennai – 21
    Meena – 18
    Kattankulathur – 18
    Avadi – 17
    Poonamalle – 15
    Sholinganallur – 14
    Cheyyur – 11
    Madhavaram – 9

  2. @hr649… IMD was spot on with the track of this system… They have now mentioned that fairly Widespread rainfall will start over southern peninsula from 10. I am sure north east winds will start around then…

  3. Rainfall in AP :-

    Narsapur ( West Godavari dist.) – 306
    Yelamanchili ( Vizag dist ) – 194
    Maruteru( west Godavari dist.) – 193
    Anakapalle ( Vizag dist) – 153
    Vizianagaram ( Vizag dist) – 152
    Sriharikota – 49
    Darsi – 44

  4. A evening TS in NEM that too in november month is some what rare and special.. these TS will be strong than the SWM TS..

    Whether it happens before….any idea of year ?

  5. look at the latest satellite image now.. Thick dense clouds over North coastal AP.. I have a feeling that these clouds will move south and aproach the chennai coast

  6. This is Chennai speciality. Misses out when whole TN gets rains/gets less compared to others. But when there is no rain in TN, chennai gets hit. 😀

  7. guys dont u see the outer fringes of Nilam remnants now touching chennai.. I have seen this happen afew years back when a cyclone when almost up to vizag.. later the system weakened and clouds dispersed and started to head towards chennai…

    • yes, nilam outer bands now over chennai area. That’s why we are getting thunderstorms. Hope it remains ‘practically stationary’ as IMD says 😆 I don’t think it can actually make it to chennai,but you can never be correct especially with the track of a cyclone 😉

  8. i know forecasts indicate north east movement of this system.. But i dunno for whatever reasons inside i still feel the system is coming down towards see.. lets wait and watch the next 12 hours .. 🙂

  9. Rainfall in AP :-

    Narsapur ( West Godavari dist.) – 314
    Yelamanchili ( Vizag dist ) – 248
    Maruteru( west Godavari dist.) – 237
    Anakapalle ( Vizag dist) – 171
    Vizianagaram ( Vizag dist) – 155
    Amudalavalasa (Srikakulam district) – 97
    Sriharikota – 49
    Darsi – 42

    Vizag totally battered !!

    • Lucky…andhra….Nilam did not blow off like JAL…..the remnants of Nilam..still battering Andhra and Orissa….

      Unique Cyclone….i dont remember …. a cyclone’s remnants being so active pounding and giving 200 mm rainfall after 4 days crossing the coast

  10. Rainfall from the SWM type TS that lashed Chennai and surrounding regions

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 04.11.2012

    Gummidipoondi – 125
    Tiruvallur – 69
    Cholavaram – 50
    Kadambathur – 50
    Sholinghur – 39
    Katpadi – 37
    Poondi Agro – 37
    Kelambakkam – 34
    Poondi Lake – 28
    Ennore – 26
    Puzhal – 22
    Meenambakkam – 21.6
    Nungambakkam – 21.4
    Avadi – 17
    Poonamalle – 15
    Uttiramerur – 15
    Sholiganallur – 14
    Marina – 12
    RK Pet – 12
    Perungudi – 11
    Kancheepuram – 11
    Cheyyur – 11
    Guindy – 10
    Madhavaram – 9
    Taramani – 9
    Redhills – 8
    Ellapuram – 7
    Cheyyar – 7

    Lake regions battered for third straight day…..Good inflow….the combined storage is around 4350 (Mcft)…..it has increased around 1300 (Mcft) in the last 17 days….

    More rains to be needed last year same date the combined storage was around 9300 (Mcft)

    Precipitation accumulation was over 100 mm near the Ponneri / Gumdipoondia below pulicat area over North Chennai

    Gumidipoondi area near Pulicat got battered again http://goo.gl/maps/GdVVe watch out for Ponneri figures too…it may top the charts.

    • AP battered from Remnants of Cyclone Nilam

      in mm ending 8.30 am on 04.11.2012

      Narasapur – 314
      Yelamanchili – 248
      Maruteru – 237
      Kakinada – 203
      Ankapalle – 171
      Vizianagaram – 155
      Vishakapatnam – 149
      Amadalavalasa – 100

      • Narasapur became narasam I suppose.It’s painful to see these figures from Cyclone that crossed Chennai. 😐

      • Orissa too battered.This was yesterday’s Orissa Rainfall from remnants of Nilam in cm’s Bhanjnagar = 27; Banki , Aska and Krishnaprasad = 20 each; Madhabarida = 19; Belaguntha and Niali = 18 each; Sorada =17; Chhatrapur = 14; Puri and Gopalpur = 13 each; Jagannath Prasad , Mundali , Digapahandi and Purushottampur = 12 each; Khandapara , Athgarh , Nimpara and Tangi =11 each; Bhubaneswar and Pipili = 10 each;

      • What the hell!What is wrong with this cyclone?Doesn’t want to dissipate?It’s going on an All India picnic tour.

      • Athan,sir.It is supposed to be our monsoon vera.Our Drinking water supplies would have been in excess and we would have no problem for the next year. 😦

  11. Praveen,

    Karnataka too getting rains from the trough which existed from the remnants of Cyclone Nilam

    in mm ending 8.30 am on 04.11.2012

    Kedinje 56.4
    Nandi Hills 52
    Mulikar 47.2
    Belthangadi 42
    Channagiri 37.2
    Yalduru 36
    Kerveshe 35
    Puttige 31.4
    Ramgiri 31
    Sangabettu 31
    Mudabidri 26.4
    Kaiwara 24
    Ajekar 24
    Linganamakki 23.6
    Mavathur 22.8
    Amasebail 22
    Madhugiri 22
    Itakadibbanahalli 21.2
    Chickjajur 20.5
    Devarahalli 20.2
    Joldal 20
    Holalkere 20
    Chickkaballapur 20

  12. alltime top posts — because of Ehsan, my posts are toppers

    Chennai to experience very heavy rains from Tuesday as Cyclone Nilam to cross the Tamil Nadu coast on 31st evening 1,023
    Warning : Cyclone Nilam to cross near Mahabhalipuram by late evening today with 100 km winds. Chennai people are warned to take precautionary measures. 852
    Expecting intermittent spells of rain from today 824
    Nilam intensifies into Severe Cyclonic Storm. Expected to make landfall near Chennai later this afternoon. 793
    More rains from this amazing Low Pressure 740
    Cyclone Nilam spares Chennai 723
    2 months to go for NEM 631
    Cyclone Nilam heading towards Chennai 614
    November opens its account with 13 mm 610
    Will it be a normal September? 605
    Low pressure brings good rains 605

  13. Top comments….update…

    This sudarshan is always toppping the charts….you remind me of erstwhile active KAR and KN…..going at this rate……you are going to be atleast a Gold member of Keaweather blogger community when next update is due on 15th December.

    Vinodh to move out of the list soon

    Sudharshan Madhavan 206
    hr649 157
    Pradeep John 83
    karthikstorm 77
    parthasri35 70
    sampathca 62
    vinodh1986 31

  14. There’s something about Andhra that attracts a lot of rain to it.I’m not sure what.Maybe it’s geographical position extending out from the slant or whatever.It sure does have thing for heavy,flooding rains.

  15. 250 – gtaman
    310 – sksvram
    350 – keerthivasan
    375 – gokul
    380 – aruns1411
    400 – chandru24
    400 – Guna Sir
    425 – Sudharshan
    425 – sampathca
    425 – gopal666
    445 – rajesh
    450 – Skywik
    450 – nellaivel
    462.5 – Vijay
    465 – vithasansen
    475 – hr649
    485 – Mani
    500 – tonypinto
    520 – karthikstorm
    525 – Ganesh Raja
    530 – Joel
    550 – Pradeep John
    550 – jon
    555 – dashman
    600 – Raijin
    650 – rajkmr
    680 – Kea
    700 – Jupijove
    710 – Parthiban Paramasivam
    750 – sudharshan krival

  16. only two things are possible in andhra.
    if it rains it will be most probably heavy and will be flooding.
    if it does not rain,it will be extremely horrible with scorching sun making our entire body sweat and even nights will be extremely uncomfortable which force us to switch on continuously.
    u know chennai is far better than vijayawada.thats why i feel cool even if i come to chennai.i can say that those people who can live in andhra and tamilnadu can stay anywhere in this world.

    • I sincerely empathise with you.I’ve heard many of my A.P friends say this.Chennai maintains a nice maritime climate while that doesn’t seem to influence A.P much.

      • AP is giving krishna water to chennai through telugu ganga project and due to cyclone nilam the telugu ganga canal that supplies krishna water to chennai is also flooded due to cyclone nilam.this is one major source and rain harvesting is another great source and these two can always save chennai.

  17. Weather Station Price (Need info is this true ???)

    Oregon Scientific, Lacrosse, Acu-rite, Honeywell, Fine Offset/Ambient
    Slower wind updates, questionable accuracy and reliability, Most likely made in China.

    Davis’s Vantage Vue
    Best station for the money. Highly accurate, high quality parts which are replacable, made in the USA,
    Only drawback is the sensor is an all in one unit which makes installation easy but means rain or wind aren’t going to be at ideal height for best accuracy.

    Davis’s Vantage Pro2, Rainwise MK-III-RTN
    Vantage Pro2 is the most popular choice. It’s sensor unit is flexible to most installation situations. This allows the anemometer to be up high (NWS standard 33 Ft 10m) but the rainfall temperature and humidity to be lower (NWS standard 2ft-5ft 0.7-2m). You can also add things like Solar and UV sensors.
    Rainwise which is at the top of the range has the best quality construction and componets and also some of the best accuracy. However the MK-III-RTN has no rain gauge.

    Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with 24Hr fan aspirated radiation sheild, Rainwise, Texas Weather instruments, Weather Hawk, Maximum inst.
    Best quality instruments with the best accuracy. These are the type used by colleges and in rough conditions where “lower” stations would fall apart.

  18. Ehsan’s system (the reply he gave me when i requested to setup a AWS)

    To set up a weather station first you need to invest in a good weather station. In my opinion you should look no further than the Davis range of Professional weather stations. The link is below,


    There are different kinds of Vantage Pro range of stations there and basically you need to decide if you want a wired or wireless. I would recommend a wireless.

    Wireless costs $400 and wired costs around $324. You might need a tripod to moint which costs around $50 and you need the Virtual weather station software(internet edition), which costs $100. You need a data logger serial port version. THere is a software glitch with the USB model. I had to exchange to a serial cable.
    You need a desktop computer with a serial port. You need to be careful here, not all computers have this. Serial port is a bit old technology. I would not recommend a USB version.
    You would need a website to host and a internet connection and you are all set.

    THe total cost of the weather station and software comes out to $550. But these peopledo not ship overseas. There is a distributor in Delhi and they rip you off. THey charge almost double due to duty and freight.
    Info-Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd Davis reseller for over 10 years! Authorized repair center.

    New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 11 261 97981

    Info Electronics Systems
    New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 11 261 97981
    New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 11 261 97981

    You can contact and ask for their quote.

    If you need any help you can let me know.



    New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 11 261 97981
    New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 11 261 97981

    Info-Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd Davis reseller for over 10 years! Authorized repair center.

    New Delhi, India
    Phone: +91 11 261 97981

  19. Recently found this picture.Just look at it.Wonder what the captain must have said.
    “Everyone,we are flying right into the apocalypse.Over and out”.

  20. Am sure,ther wil be a cyclone in tis dec also.. By considering the last three december, frequency and intensity of the disturbance is in increasing trend., 2009- depression ..2010-DD 2011 : VSCS THANE ….

  21. The East Godavari district is witnessing heavy rains for the last three days in the wake of cyclone ‘Nilam’ which has affected rail, bus and air traffic and power supply in several parts of the district.

    Rains continued for the fourth day on Sunday also, with the influence of stor

  22. vanradhakrishna in the month of septemper itself i thought this is going to be a nightmare for andhra this year. and informed the same in kea blog. one more thing This is just the begining and already 77,000 hectare crop is lost.

    • the situation here in andhra is very bad.water every where.great loss of paddy and cotton crop.
      RIDGE LINE AT 200 hPa PASSES THROUGH LATITUDE 14°N OVER THE REGION.so any cyclone till onset of summer will make landfall in tamilnadu only.

  23. சென்னை: நிலம் புயலால் சென்னை மாநகரமே பெரும் பீதியில் இருந்தபோது ஒரே ஒரு குரூப் மட்டும் உற்சாகமாகவும், சந்தோஷமாகவும் இருந்துள்ளது. அவர்கள் வேறு யாருமல்ல, இயக்குநர் மணிரத்தினம், கேமராமேன் ராஜீவ் மேனன் ஆகியோர் அடங்கிய கடல் படக் குழுவினர்.

    நிலம் புயலால் ஏற்பட்ட கடல் கொந்தளிப்பையும், கடல் சீற்றத்தையும், பலத்த சூறாவளிக் காற்றையும் இவர்கள் படம் பிடித்துள்ளனர் தங்களது படல் படத்துக்காக.

    நிலம் புயல் தமிழக கடற்கரைப் பகுதியைத் தாக்கி கரையைக் கடந்த சமயத்தில் மணிரத்தினம், ராஜீவ்மேனன் உள்ளிட்டோர் ராயபுரம், காசிமேடு ஆகிய பகுதிகளில் முகாமிட்டிருந்தனர். புயலின் கோரக் காட்சிகளை தத்ரூபமாக படம் பிடிப்பதே இவர்களது நோக்கம். இருப்பினும் புயல் இவர்கள் இருந்த பக்கம் வராமல் மகாபலிபுரத்தோடு நின்று விட்டது. இருப்பினும் கடல் கொந்தளிப்பையும், சீற்றத்தையும், சூறைக் காற்றையும் இவர்கள் படம் பிடித்துள்ளனர்.

    இந்த சமாச்சாரத்தை இப்படத்தில் வில்லனாக நடிக்கும் அரவிந்த் சாமி தனது டிவிட்டர் பக்கத்தில் குறிப்பிட்டுள்ளார். புயல் சீற்றத்துக்கு மத்தியில் சில காட்சிகளைப் படம் பிடித்தோம். அது புதிய அனுபவமாக இருந்தது என்று கூறியுள்ளார் அரவிந்த்சாமி.

    புயல் பலருக்கு வாழ்க்கையைக் கெடுக்கிறது, சிலருக்கு வாழ்க்கையை புதுவிதமாக அனுபவிக்க சொல்கிறது…!


  24. Rainfall :- in TN

    Tiruvallur and Poonamalle (Tiruvallur dt) 7 each,

    Tamaraipakkam (Tiruvallur dt) 6,

    Cholavaram and Tiruvalangadu (both Tiruvallur dt) 5 each,

    Ponneri (Tiruvallur dt) and Mahabalipuram (Kancheepuram dt) 4 each,

    Koratur and Poondi (both Tiruvallur dt), Kelambakkam and Uthiramerur ( both Kancheepuram dt) and Vandavasi (Tiruvannamalai dt) an Ennore AWS 3 each,

    Chennai Airport, Chennai, Anna University and DGP Office (both Chennai dt) , Sriperumbudur , Chengalpattu and Tambaram (all Kancheepuram dt), Polur and Chengam (both Tiruvannamalai dt) , Arakkonam and Sholingur (both Vellore dt) 2 each,

    R.Pet. Tirutani and Redhills (all Tiruvallur dt), Cheyyar (Tiruvannamalai dt) Walajah, Kalavai AWS ,Gudiyatham and Alangayam (all Vellore dt) 1 each.

  25. Kea,

    I am looking for complete weather station which will give me temp, humidity, rainfall measurements.

    Then forecast too.

    How much it will cost and what brand and where to buy.

      • s i too saw that comment from pradeep. that a bit costlier. what will the price for a wireless ws that doesn’t connect to system but should have the display.

    • sorry. the above is to sudarsan.
      i feel more difficult to comment from my mobile. sometimes i mistakenly clicks and reply it at another places.

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