610 thoughts on “November opens its account with 13 mm

  1. BL says ” Meanwhile, the
    European Centre for Medium-Range
    Weather Forecasts has forecast surplus
    rains for extreme southern peninsula
    during November, December and
    January.” Where does extreme southern peninsula start? Madurai or tirunelveli or kanyakumari?

  2. My wife was saying it was pouring for about 3 hours with some good sound and light show in Padi. May be Pradeep’s figures would confirm if the rain was quite heavy on that side of the city.

  3. hey guys I think I got it right about the rainfall fo weekend, had predicted 35-40 mm, we got 15 mm so far. This nobody in blog dare predict except Kea who said 25 mm. cheers

  4. Rainfall from the TS :-

    Tiruvallur – 57
    Madhavaram – 45
    Ennore – 44
    Avadi – 34
    Puzhal – 33
    Poonamalle – 23
    Chembarambakkam – 20
    Cheyyur – 14
    Chennai – 13
    Kolapakam – 7
    Meena – 8

  5. Sandy impact: Gas shortage fuels tempers:
    Pockets of frustration among cold and hungry residents festered Friday, in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, even as other areas sputtered back to life.

    The biggest challenges in places like New Jersey and Staten Island — where the majority of New York’s storm-related deaths were recorded — include food and electricity shortages.

    Across 15 states and the District of Columbia, utilities reported that about 3.3 million customers remained without power.

    And people shivered, their heads peeking out from bulky sweatshirts, waiting hours at stations to fill their gas cans.

    Four days had passed since Sandy hit, and survivors pleaded for basic necessities.

    At a Hess petrol station in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, the line snaked at least 10 blocks through narrow and busy streets. That caused confusion among other drivers, some of whom accidentally found themselves in the petrol line. People got out of their cars to yell at them.

  6. US is a developed country.

    Vital forecasters were present before the storm.

    They were planning to move some people to safe area.

    They would have planned about recovering from damages and also providing shelters, food to people.

    Lots of precautionary measures taken.

    But still…….


    • But still they couldn’t avoid the damage and loss of life… what vil happen if something similar to sandy strikes India?? in this current political situation..

    • Definitely the supply will get affected, but the loss of life will minimal.

      Our houses have been constructed with concrete, not like US.

      We can take people who lives in hutments to safe area like Govt Schools, Public halls.

    • US has good prediction systems but nature is even more powerful. Also why sandy is highlighted so much is because the media and people are sensitive and reactive. Actions are taken very fast. Tsunami 10,000 minimum death in Tn….rehabilitation still going on. Nilam effects so less on chennai ..yet roads are terribly bad in chennai…who cares…all repairs will be done during next election only. Chennaites wont react we are used to live in these roads,mosquitos,dengue,sewage mixing with drinking water etc etc…people will adjust to any thing and life goes on…

  7. Most of the Kea bloggers were sleeping…while the TS (SW monsoon type) lashed Chennai, It was unusually slow moving due winds from SE as it neared the coast.

    Here are Rainfall figures in mm

    Gummidipondi -186
    Cholavaram – 60
    Tiruvallur โ€“ 57
    Redhills – 46
    Madhavaram – 45
    Kadambathur โ€“ 45
    Ennore โ€“ 44
    Poondi Lake – 37
    Avadi โ€“ 34
    Puzhal – 33
    Poondi Agro โ€“ 30
    Ellapuram โ€“ 29
    Poonamalle – 23
    Kanchipuram โ€“ 23
    Chembarabakkam – 20
    Cheyyur โ€“ 14
    Nungambakkam – 13
    Sholinghur – 10
    Kolapakkam – 7
    Meenambakkam – 6
    Guindy – 6

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    1.Quantitative Precipitation Estimate (QPE)

    The technique used here for QPE was developed by Arkin (1979) to estimate tropical precipitation for climatological purposes.

    Arkin found that radar-estimated precipitation was highly correlated with the fraction of the area covered by pixel colder than 235 K. Of course, the correlation coefficient depends on the area and time over which the precipitation is estimated.

    Richard and Arkin (1981) tested averaged areas between 0.5×0.5 and 2.5×2.5 latitude and averaging time from 1 to 24h.

    They found that correlation increases with averaging area and with averaging time.
    Arkins and Meisner (1987) call their precipitation estimate GOES Precipitation Index (GPI).

    They use a 235 K threshold and a constant rain rate R of 3 mm/h. The precise equation is;
    GPI = Rfฮ”t

    where GPI is an estimate of the mean rain depth (millimeters) in the area, f is the fraction of area colder than the threshold (235K), and ฮ”t is time in hours for which f applies (e.g. if the images are collected each 1h, then ฮ”t = 1).

  9. @nellaivel

    Yes,during NEM,there’ll be positive MJO (dry phase) atleast twice unless a low pressure keeps forming. It changes often

    • Untill there is a stronger easterly wave which meets the lower convection and pushes the MJO wave towards east will bring more rain.

      This is called negative MJO.

      Correct me if i am wrong.

      • even though we have easterly wind until may… why dont we get rain post dec 15, is this due to bay getting cooler

      • No,the MJO itself is a wave that moves east. When we’re under negative MJO,there’ll be a lot of convection resulting in cumulus and other cumulus family clouds.

  10. From what you have seen around,Do you think Chennai or any neighbouring part of tamilnadu will be able to bear the brunt of a Very severe cyclonic storm or higher?What few things can be changed to ensure it can?

    • I’m actually aspiring to be working in a position where disaster management and administration go hand in hand.Something like the civil services.Hence if you can give suggestions,It would be helpful for preparations and developing a different perspective.

      • if u want civil services then you wont be doing disaster management at the level you would love to do. You will face political pressure. so you will become a disaster. if u like corruption then u will shine. but if u want to serve society then do a MBA in a reputed college and join top NGOs and provide services to society. You will be paid well and you will be happy too.That way you will be happy to see results. Arun Kejriwal is fighting corruption , he is an ex IIT guy. tough life whether u are in the system or against the system.

      • Yes,college student.Yeah,I catch your drift.But that is the only position which can bring about some considerable change.Politics is not my cup of tea.I am aware of the ramifications around it but we can’t keep blaming the system without being in the system,sir.Given,a few are corrupt but there are some outstandingly honest officers who aren’t noticed enough,say,Ashok Kemka for example.You an never have smooth rides in any responsible position.But that is no reason to berate the system itself,isn’t it?9 times out of 10,the change is in our hands.

        For me,administration is about serving people,not ruling them.This is where most officers falter in their ideology according to me.

  11. Go through this lines – IMD to Hindu

    Cyclone e-atlas, an online facility, has been regularly accessed since it was introduced in January. On an average, nearly 500 persons use the service every month. On Wednesday, 613 persons had logged on to the website to check the crossing of the cyclone Nilam near the Tamil Nadu coast. The electronic atlas presents the tracks of depressions and cyclones that formed over the north Indian Ocean since 1891.

  12. thunderstorms popping again :mrgreen: btw is the smiley which looks like mrgreen,but is purple with a sweat drop on the right indicating a mistake available? ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. IMD has to come to a modern era of updating minute to minute weather updates.

    Also the 10 day forecast system like what Weather.co.uk presents.

    Also integrated system for cyclone predictions in 10 days advance like JTWC.

    Finally they should digitalize their website for current and future scenarios.

    As of now we are far behind.

  14. What kind of a forecast is this, that too on a news paper:
    See the last line!!!!

    Meanwhile, Friday remained relatively hot with cityโ€™s maximum temperature rising to nearly 34 degree Celsius, four degrees above normal as there was no cloud cover. Residents may have a warm weekend with the day temperature expected to be around 33 degree Celsius and not much rain.

  15. Cloud moving in from SW direction.

    Land to sea wind pattern, that is why it is hot.

    All because of Nilam, Nilam, only Nilam (Land to Sea Wind).

    This is the exact meaning of Nilam.

    • This was how yesterday’s volcanoes started ๐Ÿ˜€ Thick blue dots and became red masses. btw, anna nagar would’ve got around 50-60 mm. Ennore and Madhavaram got 45. So the core must have moved to korattur or somewhere close to that

      • I have the complete collection from 10 pm to 12 am. Maybe from 9 pm itself! But didn’t have the image when the storm hit us. Looks like Nunga missed by only a bit.

  16. Mid-Day Report

    LPA over telengana persists. A trough from this system extends to Manipur across Odisha and West Bengal.

    Scattered to Fairly Wide Spread Rainfall over TN from 10th onwards.

    Bapatla 14CM
    Gopalpur & Puri 13CM
    Bubaneshwar 10CM.
    Nandigama 8
    Angul & Paradeep 5,
    Gannavaram, Honavar 4

    All recorded due to the LPA (Nilam).

  17. wow

    All clouds diverging at 50 km w of chennai. ๐Ÿ˜†

    My story of the day after seeing storms

    ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ :mrgreen: ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    • yesterday also there was no wind shear. But the outer bands of LPA is supposed to be over us,so the LPA will cause TS

      • Partha,high wind shear increases the life of thunderstorm it doesnt mean that thunderstorm wont form in low shear.Moreover we have a low pressure over AP which will produce thunder storm.

      • All you have to do is create a new post in your blog with the readings. It will automatically update into my site. Just create a new post for eg. 4 mm (5pm 4/11)
        To change the reading just edit the post. If you want me to integrate into my site. Tell me your location and user id

  18. Rainfall in MM so far.

    Tiruvalangadu and Cholavaram (both Tiruvallur dt) 6 each, Pallipattu, Ponneri, Red Hills, Thiruvallur and Thamaraipakkam (all Thiruvllur dt) 5 each, Poondi (Thiruvallur dt) and Arakonam (Vellore dt) 4 each, Ambattur (Thiruvallur dt) and Kanchipuram 3 each, Poonamalle and Chembarambakkam (both Thiruvallur dt) and Sriperumpudhur (Kanchipuram dt) 2 each and Anna University and DGP Office (both Chennai dt), Chennai, Cheyyar (Thiruvannamalai dt), Alangayam, Kaveripakkam and Walajapet (all Vellore dt) and Barur (Krishnagiri dt) 1 each.

    • Depressions do occur in South west moonsoon but mostly it forms in north bay and it doesnt affect the southern regions wind pattern.North east moonsoon are not strong as SW monsoon.Wind pattern in NEM mostly depends on the tropical disturbance.

    • @parthsri

      the total views you are seeing in your blog means total # of people who have came to your blog. It has nothing to do with your comments here.

      currently you r #3 on the recent comments list.

      Sudharshan Madhavan – 172
      hr649 – 156
      parthasri35 – 137
      sampathca – 48
      Pradeep John – 45
      Jon – 44
      keaweather – 40

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