Cyclone Nilam heading towards Chennai

The BOB Cyclone Nilam is finally official. According to the latest track it is expected to cross south of Chennai tomorrow Evening. Expect Heavy to Very heavy rain from tonight as it approaches the coast.

Of Course Cyclones are unpredictable, they can go anywhere.

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  1. Nilam suggested by pakistan, models were showing it could hit karachi but the whole drama turned towards bay !!

  2. The cyclone is likely to intensify further and move in a west-north-westerly direction and cross the north Tamil Nadu – south Andhra coast close to Madras between Cuddalore and Nellore by 31st Oct, 1994

    I am seeing some similarities already

    • As it intensified to a tropical storm,the wind field would reduce. You might have noticed LPA’s and depressions giving gusts when they are far away. But cyclonic gusts only occur if the cyclone is close by and / or if a strong storm in outer band is affecting.

  3. The system would move northwestwards and cross north Tamil Nadu and adjoining
    south Andhra Pradesh coast between Nagapattinam and Nellore by 31
    October, 2012 afternoon/evening

  4. Warning need to be sent out regarding the Cyclone. Better to be prepared than never.

    As of now Chennai going to be battered in 10 hours from now and the battering is going to peak tomorrow evening

    State govt should declare holiday for all Schools and Colleges now and not wait till morning. Offices should be closed too. Cant imagine driving home in the peak of a cyclone.

    • This.People aren’t very serious about it up and until this moment.Necessary precautions has to be taken.
      btw,All North.TN collectors are ready to go in for a state for emergency after receiving repeated reports and warnings.Maybe declared if cyclone intensifies more.

  5. Cyclonic storm β€˜NILAM’ over southwest Bay of Bengal: Cyclone Warning for North Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and adjoining South Andhra Pradesh coasts..

    Damage expected as cyclone approaches near the coast: Damage to thatched huts. Breaking of tree branches causing minor damage to power and communication lines.

    The system is under constant surveillance and the concerned state Governments are been warned.The next bulletin will be issued at 1430 hrs IST of 30th October, 2012.

  6. so IMD has reconfirmed in its 11 AM bulletin (issued at around 1PM) that the system is expected to cross between Pondy and Chennai.

  7. For Cat 1 it needs to attain, 65kt/120kph, SLP 976mb, CI 4.0

    Looks like it can gain strength as it moves in open waters further north..

  8. A holiday has been issued for schools and colleges in Chennai, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore, Kanchepuram districts and Union Territory of Puducherry on account of heavy rain being forecasted.

  9. Raining in IIT Madras. The enjoyable thing about rains here is that IITM being inside a huge forest one gets to feel rain in natural environment. (Even when the rain has stopped there is a constant dripping of water cascading off the canopy of trees for quite long by which time the next rains would have started. )

  10. gopi81, sudharshan,

    CI is used to rate the Current intensity according to Dvorak..

    Intense Tropical Storm = 55kts, 984mb, CI 3.5
    Category 1 = 65kts, 976mb, CI 4
    Category 1-2 = 77kts, 966mb, CI 4.5

  11. JTWC website is down from morning. Meanwhile some heavy rain bands approaching fast towards us. Seeing the radar surely another 10cm can be had before midnight today.

    • Just a bit further from the flyover leading to Mahalingapuram.
      Also “bizarre shopping area”- πŸ˜†

  12. Someone in the middle was talking about Orissa landfall????

    No way and no more discussion of any other track. I severely warn.

    There is an anti cyclonic circulation in Central Bay. The system cannot move away to north.

    The target is Chennai, Chennai, Chennai.

  13. Partha is warning bloggers not to predict any other path other than Chennai. Can we say cyclone will weaken rapidly before landfall ?

  14. Well,it’s Govt. job of protecting people and people hopefully,would’ve seen thane’s destruction and might have an idea of how it could be,so no problems

  15. Guys,

    Nilam will cross Chennai-Chennai-Chennai. so where in Chennai

    a)Chennai -Thiruvanmiyur
    b)Chennai-Besant Nagar
    c) Chennai-Light house

  16. @parthasri: We believe in your words. Do you think Chennai will be affected badly tomorrow because of this system? Please give us a heads up?

  17. Hey yaarupa adhu? Partha sir kitta modhardhu…Raja’va? Nethu Guruji’ku enna nadanthathunu theriumla? Beware! Mind it! Sir is in prime form and can win any competition now!!! πŸ™‚

  18. Asinga paduthala pa…every1 asking u ,wen wil it rain? Wen n wer wil it be heavy? Wer wil be the landfall? Y no winds? same happened to ramanan tday wen he addressed the media, sir puyal enga iruku? Epdi sir varum? Enga irunthu,enga pogum? Kaatru evlo irukum?entha side la irunthu varum.., tats y i said.

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