1,023 thoughts on “Chennai to experience very heavy rains from Tuesday as Cyclone Nilam to cross the Tamil Nadu coast on 31st evening

    • latest position is not good. Is there an error ? Because it went from 9.37 to 8.48 in half an hour

  1. I woke up to see whether it is raining but not yet but radar looking good. Hopefully we will get rains soon.

  2. JTWC 2100 Z report out.. They are talking about Sri Lanka landfall in the graphics and also speak about east coast of Japan in the next.. NO I am not sleeping guys… That’s what it says.. I checked it thrice before writing this.. Something has happened to jtwc this time..

    They are saying that it has moved south.. But I could see clouds close to Chennai in Radar.

    Not sure what to Infer..


  3. Yes Pradeep.. Something is wrong with them this time… Waiting for IMD 230 bulletin… Doesn’t look like it is raining here in Mandaveli.

  4. Surprisingly Tropical Storm Risk website is also predicting the same track as jtwc… They have mentioned that it has moved south west…

    Aiyo… So much of confusion..

  5. To add to the confusion this website says it has gone back south east.. Hope it is an error…


  6. OMG what rain…..its gone to SUPER SUPER SUPER heavy….the heaviest spell Anna Nagar has seen this year intensity wise….

    SUCH A BIG drops i am seeing it after long time

    So much water every where in short span of time

  7. Agonising wait continues…. Even a small west movement should bring us heavy rains according to the radar….

    • it is such a pain to keep waiting for raisn.. so near yet so far… hope this one doesnt dissapoint us.. and there is still so mich of confusion and uncertainity about this system

  8. IMD still not out… May be they are sleeping.. But humidity in KEA website has started increasing and winds is also seen.. Hopefully rain is nearing..

  9. Sandy has just made landfall a few kms north of sea isle city in New Jersey, 1.5 million people without power already, Sandy’s central pressure on crossing of 901mb, the lowest for any storm ever to hit the US north east.

  10. many reports currently of the eye passing between atlantic city and cape may, NJ. winds and rain have reduced as the eye makes landfall

  11. latest reports says storm surge to rise from maine to new jersey, storm surge of over 10 ft expected from places north of New jersey. snow reported from virginia, west virginia and kentucky

    • yes BBC says that tuesday afternoon core of the cyclone moving north. again it shows the core near nagapattinam

  12. Sandy undergoing extratropical transformation, will soon become an extratropical cyclone,losing its warm core for a cold one as it goes further north and interacts with the existing north easter.

  13. The cyclonic storm is in the South-west Bay of Bengal was located about 100Km east of Mulattivu coast at 29th midnight. It is likely to move in west-northwestward direction and expected to move away from Sri Lanka area after 1200 noon today (30th).

    From SL met depatrement 1:30 am update. When will IMD learn?

  14. The pressure of the system has become 988mB suggesting that it has started packing winds.It’s now upto 50kts.

  15. I think that the fact that it’s track is not clear itself maybe a precursor to future events for Chennai.Well,a man can dream.

  16. IMD should really be ashamed of itself.

    The system is under constant surveillance and the concerned state Governments are been alerted.
    The next bulletin will be issued at 0230 hrs IST of 30thth October, 2012

    Inspite of writing the above at 19:30 pm, the next update still hasnt come. There have been many ppl who woke up at 2:30 for their update and still waiting.

  17. @KEA – the clouds we see in the radar are not the core right? I am hoping new clouds will keep coming

  18. Finally the wait for rain from this system ends and now almost all places in chennai will start see raining

  19. It is still moving WNW per this link… Hope it moves north


  20. who asked for cyclone? 😡 only 1 day of rain n too much of build up.a normal easterly would have stayed atleast for 4 to 5 days

  21. Guys! Please understand. If there are 2 systems.One is bigger and other one being smaller. Which one will we track ?

    IMD wants to become International model and hence tracking Sandy.No abuse please …

  22. Like they did during onset of NEM, they were waiting for wide spread rainfall in north TN. Now that it has, they will declare now.

  23. what is so confusing kea????.. NILAM has stopped moving WSW, will move W for a few more hours and then move NW quickly, making landfall between karaikal to cuddalore, also weakening quickly, dont worry, chennai will get a lot of rain from this system

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