286 thoughts on “Onset of NEM possible between 48-72 hours

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  2. Roads are wet with puddles. Scocked to see 23 mm!

    Meenambakkam 2 mm.Others 0.Anna University 5 mm

    Waiting for Nungambakkam figures.

  3. Good overnight rains at besant Nagar..assume will be counted as the last SWM rains..my prediction for the highest one day rains in Oct is 60-75mm

  4. 60 – Ashwinds
    72 – KEA
    80 – Jon
    86.91 – vorticbob
    95 – Joel
    99.9 – Sudharshan
    105 – Rajesh
    110 – Raj Kumar Sir
    120 – Templetravel
    120-125 – VSN
    123.47 – Salem Iyer
    120-140 – Cat5Hurricane
    140 – Pradeep
    142 – arjunlv
    150 – Jupijove
    180 – Partha Sir
    180 – 200 – gtaman

    • 60 – Ashwinds
      60-75 – gopal666
      72 – KEA
      80 – Jon
      86.91 – vorticbob
      95 – Joel
      99.9 – Sudharshan
      105 – Rajesh
      110 – Raj Kumar Sir
      120 – Templetravel
      120-125 – VSN
      123.47 – Salem Iyer
      120-140 – Cat5Hurricane
      140 – Pradeep
      142 – arjunlv
      150 – Jupijove
      180 – Partha Sir
      180 – 200 – gtaman

  5. Sundar24 80-100 mm
    Ashwinds 120 mm
    Gopal666 175-225 mm
    Sudharsan Krival 180-230
    Raja 200 mm
    Cat5hurricane 200-250 mm
    KEA 210-250 mm
    Grully 225 mm
    Sudharshan 225-250 mm
    Guru 250 mm
    Chandru24 250 mm
    seshu94 250-275 mm
    hr649 250-300 mm
    Jupijove 260-270 mm
    skvsram 260-300 mm
    templetravel 270 mm
    originaldashman 272-322 mm
    Vijay 275-300 mm
    Jon 300 mm
    VSN 300 – 325 mm
    Ganesh Raja 300-330 mm
    Joel 300-350 mm
    Raj Kumar Sir 350 mm
    Arjunlv 360-410 mm
    Karthik Narayan 370 mm
    Mani 370-380 mm
    gtaman – 400-450
    Guna Sir 400-450 mm
    Pradeep 450-500 mm
    parthasri35 450-500 mm

  6. KEA has not accepted in declaring me as winner for prediction of ONSET of NEM from 14-16.

    Anyway whoever predicted the NEM onset from 18-20 will be the winner.

    My Hearty Wishes to those people who scores first mark.

    • in the beginning even i thot like considering the wind direction, cloud movement, the 1st rains would be the NEM’s onset.. but tats not the fact.. onset sets the perfect NEM period… so official announcement would be considered mostly..

  7. Based on last 2-3 years prediction, Kea is spot on in predicting systems and rain capacity of the system, even though his posts and titles will be misleading some times

  8. Is ther any1 other than me crazy about weather forecast?? How many weather related sites u hav bookmarked?? More than 40 bookmarks ,. Just to knw,Enna mathri yarachu aarva kolaru irukeengla??

  9. Rainfall stats :

    Hosur – 64mm
    Avadi – 33mm
    Chennai – 30mm
    Nilakotai – 24mm
    Kea -23.4 mm
    Periakulam -17mm
    Thiruchendur – 8mm
    Thoothukudi port -5mm
    Thirunelveli – 5mm
    Ooty – 5mm
    Guindy – 4mm
    Meenambakkam – 2mm

  10. Mjo update:Most climate models predict the MJO will strengthen over the western hemisphere and Africa region in the coming days and propagate eastwards over the western Indian Ocean.. am sure tis wil trigger cyclone in n.ind ocean wen it reach sw arb sea,ajoining w.ind ocean.

  11. “Dash, oru vellai flag eduthutu tmrw nunga pora,kea’s web cam munnadi nikkira…atha nanga pakkanum..”


    Idhu kaalam kaalama nadakara maaperum yudham..historical and never ending fight..im d only person able to keep Kea in check..sit back n enjoy! 😀

    Kea’ya Adambakkam vandhu vella kodi kaamika sollu 😆 appo naan en pera solren! :mrgreen:

  12. Arjun & Jon will not qualify, since they have opted 3 day variance from 16-19.
    Templetravel also opted 17-20.

    These people are disqualified because the rule is to give 2 day variance not 3 days.

    Sudarshan has given only from 16-17. Dissappointing Error.

  13. Ok Partha sir, but vl be gud to have updates from areas like Vandalur, Urapakkam, Gudu, MM and SP Koil..guys working in Siruseri SIPCOT can update us on OMR..

    Jon, freeya vidu pa…adhellam kandukadha..Kea and Sel shud not know that! 😀

  14. Poll questiions

    1.Dash’s work place?

    b)DLF IT Park
    c)Chennai Trade Centre

    2.What relation existsbetween VK and Dash ?

    a) He is the same person

  15. OMG! I cant tolerate this…im being compared to VK 😦 ..guys..he even has a public profile in FB..just hover on his name!

    Guna Sir, u were d one who supported me during that epic ‘-‘ battle in 2010…i need u now also….even now, KR thinks Jon and Dashman are one and the same..since both come from Mount 😀

    • I asked one simple question.U never answered. So we thought you are playing two roles one as Dash(expert in weather) and another one as VK, like MGR playing in Enga vettu pillai.

      Now it is clear that you are working in Pumping station, pumping rain water to Chennai

  16. @Raja, epdi correct’a kandupudicheenga? The right answer is

    b)Govt Office having net facility

    I work in the drinking water storage facility near that huge Porur lake..using Vaio laptop with high speed mobile broadband and sitting inside those huge pipes.. :mrgreen: 😆 😮

  17. Upper level Winds near S.andaman sea adjoining s.east bay is varying..soon ther may be a weak circulation. Gfs,cmc ,thailand model,cola wer showing the possiblity of weak low spinning up in swbay but ECWMF not agreeing with tis…

  18. Clarification regarding October rainfall.

    The 31 mm recorded by IMD today will be counted in October rain contest. Remember the contest is not to predict NEM October rain, but October rain in total

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