181 thoughts on “All India deficit reduces to 7%

    • For Ex. lets take user ID 10941057. in WordPress it says tota; comments as 6,132, but your combined stats says 11,781.
      From Sep 15th – Dec 15th, he posts 1,500 comments, how will you find out this 1,500 figure?

      • Ehsan,

        it was in a table format…..first i sorted the 69000 comments into a table (69 pages …ie 1000 comments each page…..then i removed all the links)

        i put a manual find for each user…. the total find will indicate the total comments made by user….

        Its simple……but time consuming…we have apply our mind

        Eg.Karthik Narayan has used two names

        Karthik N and Karthik Narayan


        Jon has used two names

        Jon and Johnny (i will crosscheck with the place the indicate in comment if both are same person)

      • Kea ur absoulutely right…..

        I have start count from the first…..becuase when the blog started u allowed people to post without logging in

        All new memebers we can find out with user-id

        For old members we have export all the comments into excel and then add a count

  1. its 37.1…highest for this month 2012…..

    this month is going to be like this only….

    for past 1 week we are facing this situation only…very hot in early morning itself and very humid in noon..and rain from 10 PM..

    Sat image is very clear…and getting clear…

  2. How did India lose with 185 on board?
    Only MSD knows
    they shouldn’t have let kamran akmal score 92.They should have used ashwin to remove him

  3. Top Bloggers, Top Recent Bloggers but no Top Complainers ?? I would have won that hands down with Gopal666 at second place. Oh wait – there is Karthik – he’d be number one for sure there also.

  4. Meteorological analysis indicates development of an upper air antiยญcyclonic circulation in lower tropospheric levels and decrease in humidity over northwest India from 20th onwards making conditions conducive for commencement of withdrawal of Southwest Monsoon from parts of Rajasthan and adjoining areas from around 24th onwards. -IMD

  5. That congestus could become a cumulonimbus .It’s above Nunga i think.
    Its almost overhead me and im in t nagar.Just a bit north

  6. Its been very hot for the past two days, with clearer skies there should be a night temp drop at least, given the fact that its sep-end!!

  7. According to Rajesh from Vagaries blog, monsoon to start withdrawing from Pakistan tomorrow and by 10th the withdrawal line would have crossed Mumbai. We can expect NEM between 20 and 24

  8. TS forming in sea when wind direction is anywhere from W is not good as the rain would cool the sea down,resulting in clouds dissipating before reaching us.But this can also signify early morning TS soon

  9. Today might be a sign for rain in Nunga.Nunga always misses out on these kind of rains,if there is an evening thunderstorm,Nunga will get the core

  10. @raja,no
    look at surface rainfall intensity.The storm changed direction.Anyone else remembers last year when a storm was about to hit nunga and suddenly changed direction and started moving towards W?

  11. Stupid IMD hasn’t even updated the rainfall observation. 18 th morning observations are still in place.Shame for those lazy people

  12. Problem is that there is not much wind as SWM is weak.Yesterday night,all storms started moving towards West,but changed in morning.But for now,there is marginal movement towards East as usual,but weakening

    look at radar anim right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all storms which formed near coast are moving from east to west!

  14. Not to forget on oct 5/6/7 2011 …three days continuosly tambaram got battered by deadly tstorms fron the sea from 12pm-1pm in the noon in similar end of swm conditions…..tbm got 4cm/5cm/1cm respectibely….dry weather likely in chennai for a week….rains to come crashing on 27 sep according to my abdroid

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