134 thoughts on “1 Month to go for NEM

  1. No.not at all..I wnt agree wit tis…i remember, last year on oct 24 imd was saying swm is yet to withdraw 4m south peninsular region.but wat happened was our monsoon striked 24 hrs aftr imd statement……

  2. withdrawal of the southwest monsoon is erratic as seen from the past data. in 2005 the monsoon started to withdraw from extreme west rajasthan on 2nd sept. But it withdrew from rest of rajasthan only by 28th september and then it withdrew from the entire country by 15th Oct.

    But in 2007 the withdrawal started only by 28th Sept but still it withdrew from most of india by 20th October.

    There are a lot more factors i guess than just the withdrawal start date.

  3. I have seen green lightnings coupe of times before..the first time was during the night before Thane’s landfall last Dec..that time KR was reporting heavy rains with cyclonic winds lashing Tambaram with thunder..i was able to see mild green flashes in the sky..

  4. Today if one noticed there was good cloud build up from 11.30am which materialised at 4……with the progress of september it will materialize as early as 9-10am…..this is exactly what happens in a normal september…..

  5. anybody here is good in html codings?

    I have redesigned my website and have twitter plug in. But when the page loads there is some cross site scripting error


    any idea what it means, it comes only in IE

  6. @kea, the newer version of IE has many security advancement so xxs is obviously one of them but as dash said u can turn it off at ur own risk

  7. sudarshan today every Kms the rainfall amount varied in Chennai

    Rainfall in mm on 10.09.12 till now from the surprise Veppa Salanam storm in Chennai

    Marina Beach – 22
    Chembarabakkam – 22
    Katupakkam – 22
    Uttiramerur – 18
    Cheyyur – 18
    Kancheepuram – 16
    Nungambakkam Kea – 10
    Poondi Agro – 9
    Meenambakkam IMD – 9
    Ennore – 9
    Taramani – 9
    Cheyyar – 9
    Nungambakkam IMD – 9
    Ellapuram – 8
    Madhavaram – 7
    Sholnganallur – 7
    Poonamalle – 6
    Kolapakkam – 5
    Tiruvallur – 4
    Avadi – 3
    Kadambathur – 3

  8. Last 5 days rainfall in Salem

    Sep 10 – 25mm
    Sep 09 – 41mm
    Sep 08 – 22mm
    Sep 07 – 38mm
    Sep 06 – 13mm

    Its average september rainfall is 210mm …and I’m lazy to look out what it got in the first 5 days…..

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