193 thoughts on “Another below normal week for SWM

  1. Dear all,
    Some of the weather stations in Assam,. parts of west bengal & andaman have posted significantly higher quantum of rains, and hence the defecit maintained at 22 %. Acutally the defecit has further slightly gone up in the last one week, without considering those few stations. Next 3 weeks going to be very crucial and even city of mumbai at present face a huge defecit of 53 %. On the contrary the entire tamil nadu fared better.


  2. Quoting from Praveen’s findings:
    Rainfall stats (total in cm) for bengaluru since 2004..

    Year – City – HAL AP
    2004 – 115 – 112
    2005 – 149 – 142
    2006 – 68 – 59
    2007- 125 – 102
    2008- 129 – 118
    2009- 106 – 90
    2010- 104 – 90
    2011- 118 – 113

    Avg – 114 – 103

    Source : Compiled from weather report in Hindu newspaper

    Just as chennais average has increased, bengaluru’s also has increased in the last few years 😀

  3. Eagerly Waiting for july 31st to see a war in tis blog… Am the 1st one to report it .source : suggested by ulavu thurai (intelligence report of kea blog)

  4. Kea, hope u remember tis one,”august vs september battle during swm …last year hot words wer exchanged regarding dis controversial title”august-the rainiest month of swm”….. But tis year el-nino is holding the key in deciding the titles….


    The upper air cyclonic circulation over north Bay of Bengal persists and extends upto 5.8 km above  Under its influence, a low pressure area may  develop over northwest Bay of Bengal during next 24

  6. “I have to get back to Chennai on Sunday”

    OMG! 😯

    Ippothan lite’a mazhai vara aarambichirku..adhu unaku porukalaya??? 😳

    Be patient, stay there for another month, get tickets, enjoy IMAX and then u can return to Besant Nagar beach house :mrgreen:

  7. IMD delhi has thankfully changed the monthly averages for all cities to 1970-2000…its still old one,but better…check it out for all TN cities and towns and also bengaluru…those stats speak for themselves…!!…doesnt matter whatever insignificant ppl have to say…

  8. Btw El nino during SWM hs been good for North Tamilnadu,specially vellore and tiruvannamalai districts….already four stations(3 from vellore,and 1 from tiruvannamalai) got over 10cm rain in a day….Back in 2009,Polur got 18cm in july,ambur got 15cm in september….Loads of rain activity yet to come to TN…

  9. Karnataka-Everything is awesome about this beautiful state,except politics..

    Karnataka government has asked all the state temples,mosques,churches to perform special prayers for the Rain God. The state has received around 27% deficient rains which may be the worst rainfall in the 42 years. The apx cost of the prayers will be Rs 17 Crore!

  10. Deluge in Beijing.

    Fanshang district of Beijing records 460 mm and the city as an average got 170 mm. This is heaviest rain in 60 years for them and atleast 10 casualties reported

    • NEM 2012 will be above normal! 🙂

      September-November This season the effects of El Niño are strongest. Almost all of Indonesia, the Philippines and eastern Australia are drier than usual during most El Niño events. Large parts of India are often drier than usual, but the Sri Lanka and some southern states get more rain. East Africa, parts of Central Asia and Spain are also on average wetter than normal during El Niño in this season, as are Chili and Uruguay.

  11.  A fresh upper air cyclonic circulation may form over northwest Bay of Bengal around 26th.
    ♦  Rain/thundershowers would occur at  many place over the country outside south interior
    peninsular India

    • Won’t be entirely surprised if that happens. NEM is bound to fail, after years of good/average monsoons.

      The same forecasters were saying about excellent rains

    • Let government after government build dams, divert forests for mines, roads and factories and then expect monsoon to “behave”. It is the same ET which will crib about how environmental clearances are affecting the economy growth rates!

  12. “Lots of rain for chennai in coming days according to the radar” – July 18th

    Somebody wrote the above comment on this blog. What happenned after that? Rains which was almost daily past 7 days before that stopped

  13. · The low pressure area over north Chattisgarh and neighbourhood moved over to
    northeast Madhya Pradesh and neighbourhood yesterday evening. It has merged with
    the monsoon trough today morning.

  14. Chennai’s weather: take yesterday’s heat. +/- 1C. repeat. endless loop.

    Another hot day in the offing – yesterday we reached 37… 38 in the making today?

  15. Rainfall around Chennai ending 8.30 am today

    in mm

    Tamaraipakkam – 16
    Madhavaram – 10
    Uthukottai (Krishna Water Entry Point) – 9
    Ennore – 7
    Poondi – 7
    Puzhal – 6
    Redhills – 5
    RK Pet – 5
    Katpadi – 3
    Tiruvallur – 2

    For second consecutive day the rains missed Nungambakkam

    • When it was drizzling, I saw Kea’s drain pipe in the pic on homepage trickling water. So unless Kea’s tank has a leak, there must have been some rain in Nungambakkam too

  16. IWM – Indian Weather Man

    Our LOGO meaning “Orange circle = SUN”, “Green triangle = LAND”, “Blue triangle = Water”, IWM = “Indian Weather Man”

    We are in process of converting this service into a Private Limited Company, that’s why we have changed the LOGO.

    Soon we’ll be having a re-designed website & Android APP for posting weather reports. Totally going to be community driven.

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