156 thoughts on “Crucial SWM month begins

  1. same here in bangalore. Overcast skies. The lightest of sprinkles every now and then and really high winds. Around 40 kph.

  2. All India SWM Toppers from 01.06.2012 to 30.06.2012
    After 30 days into monsoon, Cherrapunji in Meghlaya has run away from the pack. (SWM 2011 comparative figures till June 30). There are only 35 stations which crossed 1000 mm mark for June 2012, compared to 53 stations in 2011.

    Maharashtra has 8 stations in the list in June 2012 compared to 25 stations in June 2011. Meanwhile, West Bengal which had 0 stations in 2011 has 7 stations in the list in June 2012. The surprise package is however Goa, almost all stations managed to cross 1000 mm rainfall. Karnataka which had 18 stations in 2011 has only 9 stations in 2012. Kerala has only one entrant in Vadakara, last year it had 7 stations. The dry phase of MJO is coming to an end so watch out for the toppers during next list. I would keep an eye on Chinna Kallar in Tamil Nadu. It had a quite June and yet managed to get 800 mm. July is its wettest month.

    Rainfall in mm (Minimum of 1000 mm)

    Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 3445
    Chepan (West Bengal) – 1550
    Falakata (West Bengal) – 1520
    Kumargram (West Bengal) – 1470
    Barobhisa (West Bengal) – 1430
    Pernem (Goa) – 1387
    Gokarna (Karnataka) – 1380
    Agumbe (Karnataka) – 1366
    Malvan (Maharashtra) – 1332
    Kokrajhar (Assam) – 1320 *
    Shirali (Karnataka) – 1258
    Kollur (Karnataka) – 1240
    Panjim (Goa) – 1177
    Coochbehar (West Bengal) – 1177
    Quepem (Goa) – 1174
    Gossaigaon (Assam) – 1170 *
    Mormugao (Goa) – 1149
    Patgaon (Maharashtra) – 1140
    Hasimara (West Bengal) -1140
    Vadakara (Kerala) – 1130
    Passighat (Arunachal Pradesh) – 1111
    Udupi (Karnataka) – 1110
    Dabolim (Goa) – 1096
    Karkala (Karnataka) – 1080
    Mapusa (Goa) – 1079
    Gaganbawda (Maharashtra) – 1065
    Buxaduar (West Bengal) – 1060
    Siddapura (Karnataka) – 1050
    Amboli (Maharashtra) – 1047
    Karwar (Karnataka) – 1047
    Devgad (Maharashtra) – 1037
    Honavar (Karnataka) – 1029
    Dodamarg (Maharashtra) – 1026
    Chiplun (Maharashtra) – 1015
    Sangameshwar (Maharashtra) – 1009

    * For Kokrajhar, Kajalgaon and Gossaigaon Some days of rainfall data is not available, yet they managed to make it to the list.

    All figures compiled with limited data and IMD resources. Other places such as Mawsynaram, Hulikal, Barepta, Bongaigaon and Kajalgaon would have also have made it to the list. Next cutoff list is 1500 mm (to be published on 10th July 2012).

  3. delhi 39 degrees at 11.30pm. Wow. I dont knw wat to say. Even chennai is about 12 degrees cooler at the same time

      • already there r water scarcity in few parts of the city.so no use of havin gud weather without rain

      • Water scarcity may also be because of poor SWM – since we depend so much on other states for water. Chennai is too busy converting its eris into dumpyards – we lose more from that than the few showers SWM provides us.

        In any case, SWM is NOT supposed to be our season right? 🙂

  4. What a lovely weather in Bengaluru yesterday..Awesome..Storng cool breeze .It was overcast all over this area….Now in Tirupattur…Lovely weather yet again,,there was a sharp shower in the evening in this area….Today’s morning Minimum temperature @Tirupattur was 20.2 degrees…awesome…that is the peak winter chennai minimum temperature….Ocercast skies now,with temperatute in late 20’s,without humidty…awesome weather!!

  5. Delhi heat to increase over the next 48 hours touching 45 degrees, respite from the heat only after the 7th.. a few TS expected and probably the onset of the monsoon as well

  6. Jon that site u just gave a link for (weatheronline.co.uk) should be banned, it shows POK as part of pakistan and Aksai Chin as part of china. no demarcation whatsoever

  7. Bangalore getting 0.2mm of rain yesterday.. Wow.. super!!!!!! Who likes heavy rain anyway 😦 , I am thrilled and filled with joy at the 0.2 mm we have received..

  8. @Jon,

    That 37.2 in tirupattur was the temperature 3 days back,whenn chennai AP and vellore recorded 40…Ever since that day there was no Sun here…..IMD’s stupid statistics struck ever since…Look out for dharmapuri’s max,that is the temperature prevailing around here…it was not more than 31 or 32 yesterday and day before yesterday…..

  9. @Ashwinds,

    As u already know,Chennai and rest of Tn coast has the worst weather in the world….Followed by interior areas like vellore,trichy,Madurai,Tirunelveli as equally horrible weather…

    Coimbatore,Pollachi,and places very close to the western ghats have really very pleasant weather year round…Then comes the North western Belt of Tn Including the areas of Krishnagiri(6harmapuri(485m)/Tirupattur(400m)…..This region has quite a better and rel00m)/Datively pleasant weather thanks to the altitude…..Here April-may is characterised by 150mm average rainfall…Avg Max of 37 degrees,and Min of 23.5 degrees(Sumthing like pune,Min falls…SWM is characterised by rainfall of 450-500mm and avg Max of 33,and min of 23c….Winter is similar to Bengloor’s,temps get even cooler than bengloor….

      • real feel shoots up only if the humidity level increases.so it happens only during the evenings(after sea breeze sets in).until then actual n real temp almost remains the same

      • Yeah – morning the heat kills you, evening the humidity. All in all, there is a certain homogeneity to Chennai’s weather. EVEN when it rains, it hardly ever feels cold. Most other places, the benefit of Min temp and / or effect of seasons is felt. Chennai is uniformly warm. Relentlessly.

  10. @Jon,

    On july 1…

    Vellore – 40.0
    Chennai AP -39.5
    Chennai City – 38
    Tirupattur- 37(on this day it was dashed out in the table,and it is wrongly being in a standstill)
    Dharmapuri – 35.5

    Which is the day are u referring to??…btw one thing u have to undertsand is this region will never be hotter than chennai in SWM days

  11. @Jon,

    In may afternoons Chennai’s humidty is around 40% ..that is enof to shoot the real feel to 45 degrees,if the actual temp is 40 degrees…we had afull coverage of real feel temps this year,specially in Indian wetaherman site….Many days real fel in chennai went beyond 45

  12. Broadly there are Four regions in in the Banglore chennai latitiude fromBng-chennai….In summers the avg temps and rainfall are likewise…

    Chennai-Arakkanonam => 37max/28min/50mm(but real feel :-o)
    Vellore region(till ambur) =>39max/26min/100mm
    Nw-Tn region =>37max/23min/150mm
    Bangalore region=>34max/21min/160mm

    • “The highest ever temperature recorded tirupattur town is 46.3C on May 7, 1976”.
      no town in tn apart from may be vellore can record such high temp 😀 😮

    • I told in this blog many times…KN was the first one to point this out…there is no reliability as to the weather instruments at that time…since 2003,never has tirupattur crossed 41…infatc in 2007 may it dint cross 37…in 2011 it never crossed 40 …highest ever recorded in this decade is 41 degrees……Let me see if it first crossed that 41 in years to come..then we can think about 46 😀

    • Can vouch for that – except for the brutally hot summer, (which is also dry – so you dont sweat as much), its weather often matches Bangalore.

  13. cant wait for this shit weather to come to an end in bangalore.. its so windy, unable to ride the 2 wheeler, dont want to drive 4 wheeler either the wind is causing too much of drag, sneezing since yesterday, lots of people with colds etc and lots of skin problems around as well. atleast another 72 hours of this weather.. wind speeds expected to come down to about 20km/h by the 7th or 8th.

  14. The contribution of July rainfall is decreasing in central and west peninsular
    India (significantly in South interior Karnataka (95%), East M.P.(90%)
    Vidarbha (90%), Madhya Maharashtra (90%), Marathwada (90%), Konkan &
    Goa (90%), and North interior Karnataka (90%)), but has increased
    significantly in the northeastern parts of the country..

    There goes my hopes of July as well

  15. I like this…

    Both total and low cloud cover over Arabian Sea and the equatorial Indian Ocean
    are observed to decrease during the ENSO events. However, cloud cover over Bay of
    Bengal is not modulated by the ENSO events.

  16. @ashwinds,

    Humidity at 5:30 pm as per IMD was 64% and KEA weather station was 62%. I dont know how METAR update at 6:10 said 35%. It should be more not less.

    • Its close to mangalore. About 50 kms East of mangalore. Bangalore to mangalore highway passes by Uppinangady. Immediately after the ghat section you find this town.

      • Uppinangady probably means “Salt Shop” in Kannada. This town is on the banks of netravati rives. Just 5 kms from this town two branches of netravati river meets. One branch from charmadi ghats and one from pushpagiri range. Predominant language spoken here is Tulu apart from Kannada. During monsoon the place is very beautiful 🙂

  17. Lovely sunny day in bangalore.. although wind speeds are still pretty high. Much better than seeing overcast skies with no rain. lot of huge thunder clouds looking south from electronic city.. looks like hosur or krishnagiri could get some TS.

    • After three days good weather in 31-33degrees….the sun was back again here at Tirupattur …recorded 35.8 degrees…But as usual temperatures started to dip,expecting another cool night with temperatures around 22c,the sandal town has wonderful weather to offer 😛 ……afraid i am returning to the world’d worst weather region tomoro 😦 ..Minimum of 29 degrees…

  18. SWM is doing very bad in Tamil Nadu….Only place to have got good rainfall is Vellore distrcit(from ambur) ….Melalathur near gudiyatham got 10cm in a day….Chnegalpet got 10cm in 3 consecutive days…!!

  19. 38.6c today …..god..we were 1.5c away from breaking the 1915 record of the highest recorded temp in July!

  20. சின்னக்கல்லாறு அருவியில் குளிக்கத் தடை
    வால்பாறை : தென்னிந்தியாவின் சிரபுஞ்சி என்றழைக்கப்படும் சின்னக்கல்லாறு நீர்வீழ்ச்சியில், சுற்றுலாப் பயணிகள் குளிக்க வனத்துறையினர் தடைவிதித்துள்ளனர். தென்மேற்கு பருவகாற்றால், வால்பாறை சுற்றியுள்ள பகுதிகளில் கனமழை பெய்துவருவதால் சின்னக்கல்லாறு அருவியில் காட்டாற்று வெள்ளம் ஏற்பட வாய்ப்புள்ளதாகவும், இதனையடுத்து, சுற்றுலாப் பயணிகள் குளிக்க தடை விதித்துள்ளதாக வனத்துறையினர் தெரிவித்தனர்.


  21. Today’s Max temperatures in Chennai –

    Poonamalle – 40.0
    Kolapakkam – 39.4
    Avadi,Guindy,guduvanchery – 39.3
    Meena – 39.0
    Sozinganallur,Nunga – 38.8
    Chembarambakkam – 38.7
    Taramani – 38.5
    Puzhal – 38.2

    Ashwinds – Catching up going on!

    • We had a 5 min drizzle – only thing it did was bump the feels like temp to 35.7C. At 11PM!

      Chennai is only place which defeats the vagaries of nature by not letting the min plummet. Little variation through the day. And across seasons.

  22. I understand Delhi was drenched today with the monsoon showers..there goes another region..Now it is Chennai battling with her southern neighbours like Nellore,Tirupathi..Come on Chennai..you can make it!BBC shows 40c forecast for tmrw..lets see whether we beat 41.5c tmrw..

  23. Monday onwards, expected Max around 32C and Min around 22C. With intermittent showers. Mean temp around 25C.

    Off to enjoy good weather in Hyd for a week or so – Sorry if I misled anyone but did you really think for a moment I was talking about Chennai? 🙂

    • No Ashwin, looking at the present trend this year, I would doubt if we could expect sort of temperatures even during Nov-Dec this time in this Chennai.

      • The temp I’d be interested in checking is Mean Temp through the day. The problem is not really the Max. Its how close it lingers close to the Max through the day. I’d suppose Chennai gets quickly to around 33-35 and spends a lot of time there. And very rarely falls below 30 until well past midnight. Thats what makes it feel so oppressive. Very little waking moment in Chennai is pleasant. Except for those who are up at around 4 AM 🙂

  24. This year has worst south west monsoon so far in Chennai this summer is very hot and humidity coming days any sign of rain.If south west monsoon is to Chennai we are really look to north east monsoon. Today any change of rain please reply any body

  25. Kea new poll pls…..

    NEM 2012

    1 Below normal (700-800mm)

    2 Near normal (750-850mm)

    3 Above normal (850-1000mm)

    4 Excess (1000+mm and flooding possible because of El Nino)

    5 We may also break the 2005 record breaking NEM

  26. short, brief drizzle in bangalore. very very disappointing.. almost giving up on the monsoon now.. its the 2nd week of July and instead of being over 100mm, we are yet to cross 10mm..

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