326 thoughts on “Chennai opens it account for 2012 SWM

  1. RT @karthikdot: It’s raining in #Chennai. Chaos on OMR! (6:37pm)

    RT @dsanjeevkumar: Crazy Rain. Heavy Winds. Traffic Jams all over the place. @ Chennai. (6:38pm)

  2. steady Rains for 15mins – between 6.45 pm and 7pm- in besant Nagar..and this time it was not drizzles..classic rainshowers!

  3. Hot Day ahead today… Already 31.2 at 8.10 am..

    Chance of a TS also today in eveng…

    More Heat will bring the rain heavy today…

    We have wait & watch..

  4. Mumbai monsoon update

    Santa Cruz – 0 mm (last 24 hrs) – 146 mm since 1/6 (deficit of 146 mm)
    Colaba – 0 mm (last 24 hours) – 70 mm since 1/6 (deficit of 248 mm)

  5. The last 2 rain sessions at Besant Nagar..ie. yesterday and the day before..were extremely localised..clouds forming directly overhead and leaking their moisture immediately..yet to see the classical SWM TS

  6. Believe it or not this monsoon has been a complete failure until now.

    Cherrapungi – 1687 mm- since June 1st. 1,300 mm of that was pre monsoon shower. Before monsoon set in it was +500 mm, now the deficit is -325 mm.

    Not good for the already struggling economy. Bad monsoon = disaster

  7. I liked this part – Bangalore, which has less than half of Mumbai’s population, is the largest urban region in the country (excluding Delhi-National Capital Region). The core city is spread across 771 sq km and the region 8,005 sq.km. ,.. However, Chennai must get larger. I liked the second option, the model of Randstad, develop each of Kancheepuram, Chengalpattu and Chennai urban regions separately but they will all fall under one huge metropolitan zone. kind of like the NCR. this could take chennai’s size to more than 10,000 sq kms

  8. what the hell is this?????

    Long Range Forecast Update for 2012 Southwest Monsoon Rainfall (issued on 22-06-2012) :

    ♦ Rainfall over the country as a whole for the 2012 southwest monsoon season (June to September) is most likely to be normal (96-104% of LPA).

    ♦ Quantitatively, monsoon season rainfall for the country as a whole is likely to be 96% of the long period average (LPA) with a model error of Β±4%.

    ♦ Rainfall over the country as a whole for the month of July 2012 is likely to be 98% of its LPA and that for the month of August is likely to be 96% of LPA both with a model error of Β± 9 %.

    ♦ Over the four broad geographical regions of the country, rainfall for the 2012 Southwest Monsoon Season is likely to be
    93% of its LPA over North-West India,
    96% of its LPA over Central India,
    95% of its LPA over South Peninsula, and
    99% of its LPA over North-East India
    all with a model error of Β± 8 %.

    Has IMD lost their mind, monsoon already in a deficit of almost 40% in June and they’re predicting a normal monsoon????

  9. @allymed01

    Chennai has received 4 straight good to average NEM”s. Its about time the trend is broken. I think either this year or next year NEM will fail miserably.

  10. Closing in on the elusive 40C which we have not seen since June 15th.

    3C to go, another 3 hrs left before temp starts falling. Come on Chennai – crank up the heat.

  11. some of the archives-posted by ashwinds in JAN (WINTER) πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    Yeah if anything its hotter today than yesterday.

    We have inched our way to 31 now. Bah.. 😦

    Need a break from this relentless heat… off to Delhi for a few days. Already dreading coming back – hope the temps dip a little by Monday.

    Damn, now Chennai is the only metro which never has a real winter

    As I left Delhi, people complained of a warm afternoon when it touched 22 which was also the β€œcold winter” night temperature people were complaining of when I landed back in Chennai at 8 PM. What contrasts this country has!

    only if the rain gauge is collecting sweat

  12. Nunga has never received less than 29 mm in June in the last 12 years. Its very much possible that the annual rainfall will be less than that at the end of the month with a zero in June.

  13. mumbai last 24hrs rainfall- TR

    vry poor start for mumbai and looks like tis trend wil continue for another week or so..

  14. Weather forecast until October 20th for Chennai:
    The sky will remain generally cloudy. Heavy cloud formation can be expected sometimes in the late evenings. But no rains please. No sea breeze. No significant drop in the max and min temp which will continue to be around 39 and 33 degrees!
    The weather bulletin will be updated once again during October once again based on El Nino or La NIna’s hyper active intrusion.

  15. This wait for rains is more agonizing than the one we had for Sachin’s 100th Hundred. 😦 He disappointed us by reaching this glorious milestone with an insignificant 100. Hope the rains atleast don’t disappoint us with just 2mm to break this 170 days old record. We need real BIG rains!!

    • Waiting for rains in chennai is more like waiting for a century from Yuvraj Singh in a test match – you know he has the ability for very big tons but very rarely does actually score

  16. Yesterday’s conditions seemed perfect to reach 40C again but we were denied – today conditions seem even better. Will we be denied 40C again? Our poor neighbors – Blore is struggling at 23C and Hyd is at 27C while Chennai strides to 34 at 9.30 AM itself.

  17. The Veneer of Chennai weather has been scrapped and the “39c / 80%RH with a 30C midnight temp” median weather Core has been exposed.We get respite from this median weather thru mild interventionsfrom SWM and NEM..and this SWM failure has made End June like Mid May

  18. SWM Toppers from 1.6.12 to 24.6.12

    The dry phase of MJO is spoiling the HRF figures. It is surprise that after 24 days into June, only one station from Peninsular India managed to cross 1000 mm. Just compare with 2011 figures for similar period. SWM 2011 comparitive figures. Meanwhile, the North Eastern HRF stations continue to impress. They failed miserably in 2011, but 2012 till June is definitely theirs. The MJO wet phase begins at end of first week of July, hopefully the peninsular HRF stations rock to their potential.

    Rainfall in mm (Minimum of 700 mm)

    Cherrapunji (Meghalaya) – 1975
    Kumargram (West Bengal) – 1135
    Falakata (West Bengal) – 1110
    Malvan (Maharashtra) – 1080
    Chepan (West Bengal) – 1000
    Agumbe (Karnataka) – 990
    Shirali (Karnataka) – 965
    Coochbehar (West Bengal) – 930
    Gokarna (Karnataka) – 920
    Kollur (Karnataka) – 920
    Udupi (Karnataka) – 900
    Patgaon (Maharashtra) – 890
    Pernem (Goa) – 885
    Barobhisha (West Bengal) – 870
    Panjim (Goa) – 865
    Gaganbawda (Maharashtra) – 820
    Karkala (Karnataka) – 810
    Mayabunder (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) – 805
    Dhubri (Assam) – 800
    Hasimara (West Bengal) -795
    Dabolim (Goa) – 795
    Gazoldoba (West Bengal) – 790
    Vadakara (Kerala) – 785
    Vengurla (Maharashtra) – 785
    Mapusa (Goa) – 775
    Mormugao (Goa) – 770
    Honavar (Karnataka) – 760
    Buxaduar (West Bengal) – 750
    Karwar (Karnataka) – 735
    Gangtok (Sikkim) – 730
    Passighat (Arunachal Pradesh) – 725
    Dodamarg (Maharashtra) – 720
    Panambur (Karnataka) – 710
    Dapoli (Maharashtra) – 710
    Quepem (Goa) – 700
    Devgad (Maharashtra) – 700
    Silchar (Assam) – 700
    Nagarkata (West Bengal) – 700
    Chinnakallar (Tamil Nadu) – 700
    Siddapura (Karnataka) – 700
    Diana (West Bengal) – 700
    Enamakkal (Kerala) – 700

    All figures compiled with limited data and IMD resources. Other places such as Mawsynaram, Long Island, Castle Rock and Hulikal would have also have made it to the list. Next cutoff list is 1000 mm (to be published on 1st July 2012).

    For more stats visit – http://tamilnaduweatherman.blogspot.com

    • Tamil Nadu SWM Toppers from 1.6.12 to 24.6.12
      Chinna Kallar (Coimbatore) – 700 mm
      Sholayar (Coimbatore) – 510
      Valparai (Coimbatore) – 470
      Devala (Nilgris) – 450
      Upper Bhavani (Nilgris) – 380

  19. Light cloud cover mitigating the early morning blast of heat. But it should clear up in a couple of hours and we should be back up at our regular 38-39 soon.

  20. Top 24 hours rainfall in 2012
    Wow Cherrapunji records another massive rainfall

    1.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 25.06.12 – 461 mm
    2.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 09.06.12 – 396 mm
    3.Malvan, Maharashtra – 19.06.12 – 386 mm
    4.Khowai, Tripura – 16.06.12 – 369 mm
    5.Dapoli, Maharahtra – 18.06.12 – 337 mm
    6.Dhubri, Assam – 16.06.12 – 315 mm
    7.Falakata, West Bengal – 17.06.12 – 312 mm

  21. during last night’s euro match a commentator said, “its warm here at temp of 20 c. what would be namma Chennai’s reaction?

  22. I saw the whole match and this is what the commentator told it is very warm for the players at around 24 degree c and reaction from our Chennai people will be laughing . The match should have been played here .

  23. Billa Song remix..dedicated to Kea… :mrgreen:

    Guys..u r invited to post ur situation songs..Kea will judge the best one.. πŸ™‚

    Ithayam Chennai Ithayam
    Innum Ethanai Veyilaithan Thaangidumo
    Ithayam Chennai Ithayam
    Innum Ethanai 40+i Thaangidumo
    Veppa Thoondilil Maatikkondu
    Uyir Thathalithu Thudikkirathey
    Kaayam Yaavaiyum Thaetrikkondu
    Mazhayai Marupadiyum Ninakirathae
    Ullukulae Thudikum Siru Ithayam
    Ethanayo Thaneerai Ithu Vizhungum

    Vendum Mazhai Endru Kaetkaiyilae
    Vaendaam Vaendaam Endru Varathe..
    Vaendaam Podhum Endru Vilagi Nindral
    Mazhai Vandhu Rombha Thullumae..
    Ithu Thavithidum Neruppaa
    Ithu Enna Eri Malaiyaa
    Ithai Arinthavar Yaarumillai
    Ullathilae Mazhayin Oosai Illai
    Mazhai Vanthidum Ninaivo Thirumbavillai

    Thoongum Bothum Ithu Thudithidume
    Aengum Bothum Ithu Vedikkum
    Mazhai Varaathu Èndru Therintha Pinbum
    Vendum Èndre Ithu Nadikkum
    Ithu Kadavulin Pizhaiyaa
    Ithai Arinthavar Yaarumillai
    Mazhai Illai Èndral Ènnanadakum
    Namma Chennai Rombha Thudi Thudikkum

    Ithayam ashwinds Ithayam
    Innum Èthanai Feelings’i Thaangidumo
    Ithayam Chennai Ithayam
    Innum Èthanai Kodumayai Thaangidumo

  24. Cherrapunji’s monstrous Rainfall in last two days. Records 772 mm rainfall in 24 hrs
    I have been waiting to see what Cherrapunji has produced in the last two days for the past 4 years. Atlast it came today morning at 8.30 am.Its not Cherrapunji which is getting battered in Meghalaya

    Jowai has got 200 and 224 mm rainfall in last 2 days.
    Nongostin has got 266 and 172 mm rainfall in last 2 days

    Cherrapunji rainfall stats are as follows –

    1.Past 24 hrs rainfall – 772 mm
    26-06-2012 – 772 mm

    2. Past 48 hrs rainfall – 1233 mm

    26-06-2012 – 772 mm

    25-06-2012 – 461 mm

    3. Past 72 hrs rainfall – 1370 mm

    26-06-2012 – 772 mm

    25-06-2012 – 461 mm

    24-06-2012 – 137 mm

    4. Past 96 hrs rainfall – 1521 mm

    26-06-2012 – 772 mm

    25-06-2012 – 461 mm

    24-06-2012 – 137 mm

    23-06-2012 – 151 mm

    5. June Rainfall till 26-06-2012 – 3207 mm

    6. Yearly Rainfall till 26-06-2012 – 5406 mm

    Considering all over India the top 24 hrs recorded in 2012 are as follows

    1.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 26.06.12 – 772 mm
    2.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 25.06.12 – 461 mm
    3.Cherrapunji, Meghlaya – 09.06.12 – 396 mm
    4.Malvan, Maharashtra – 19.06.12 – 386 mm
    5.Khowai, Tripura – 16.06.12 – 369 mm
    6.Dapoli, Maharahtra – 18.06.12 – 337 mm
    7.Dhubri, Assam – 16.06.12 – 315 mm
    8.Falakata, West Bengal – 17.06.12 – 312 mm

      • unbelievable yes. But there are many unbelievable records.

        1 minute – 3.8 cm (Barot, Guadeloups)

        15 minute – 19.8 cm (PlumbPoint, Jamaica)

        1 hour – 40.1 cm (Shangdi, China)

        6 hours – 84.0 cm (Muduocaidang, China)

        24 hours – 182.5 cm (FoeFoe, LaReunion)

        How could any rainguage measure these kind of events especially the 1 hour 400 mm record. Just impossible.

      • 1 hour – 40.1 cm (Shangdi, China)
        Thats scary. It can unleash massive destruction. Cloud burst is often underestimated. It can be as deadly as a tsunami or earth quake.

      • 1 hour 40 cms is very, very rare. A lot of cities on east and west coast have seen avg of 5 to 7cms per hour. Mumabi in 2005 june 26 witnessed around 94 cms in 10 hours.

      • I remember on peculiar rain way back in april 1995. Minumbakkam got 22 cms in 6 hours …nungambakkam got 4 cms……..electric train was stopped at mount….

  25. June – mid july was my only hope this season, the pacific is expected to get warmer from july and el nino conditions are a high possibility.

  26. bihar, UP and parts of west bengal and jharkand still under a major heat wave.. temp’s 8 degrees above normal in patna, 7 degrees above normal in varanasi, it has been this way for the last 48 hours..

  27. Southern Arabian sea is hotting up near the equator. about 1.5 degrees warmer than the bay.. could see some action coming from there soon

    • Strange, no activity in the blog. Nunga atleast got 42 km/hr wind and 24.2 min temp

      And believe it or not, the record breaking dry phase is close to touching 180 days

    • Anna Nagar Got moderate rains too. May be 4 to 5 mm.

      Avadi – 21 mm
      Madhavaram – 13
      Ennore – 7

      It was two massive storm north and south of Chennai. As usual Nunga missed. Record breaking dry phase continues.

  28. I was sleeping in my terrace wit my frnz…. Bfore gng to sleep,i checkd the radar twice n sumthng was forming near maha-kalpakkam.. And nothing lukd threatning for my sleep at tat time…. Around 2.15 ,i guess…i dnt knw wen n wer our TS formed ..it was like a dooms day, I am 1 among the co ,who witnessed it….winds really lukd like a twister and the rain was a real monster……i came dwn n again fast asleep so dnt knw how long it continued….

  29. Enjoyed riding motor bike in Rain today. Came home to Madambakkam from Guindy Via Chrompet. My Watch showed 34 degree in Guindy… When I reached Madamkkam it was showing just 23 degree…

  30. most models show bangalore’s maximum and minimum temp’s plumetting from tomorrow onwards, not sure why as precipitation expected is just about 2 – 4 mm a day.. probably just overcasr skies and high wind speeds..

  31. Tropical storm doksuri active in the west pacific, expected to cross philipines and strengthen in south china sea. Expectations are high of doksuri crossing vietnam, thailand etc and dumping moisture in the bay by the 03rd or 04th of july. However, if it takes a northerly route, it will suck away the monsoon moisture and we would need to wait until mid july for the monsoon to strengthen again.

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