181 thoughts on “Chennai’s real summer expected to begin this week

  1. All India Rainfall Toppers from 01.01.2012 to 30.04.2012
    The rainfall figures given are in mm (Top 25 places – minimum 400 mm upto 30.04.2012)

    Cherrapunji (Megahlaya) – 1417
    Anini (Arunachal Pradesh) – 1140
    Tuting (Arunachal Pradesh) -1080
    Silchar (Assam) – 870
    Tezu (Arunachal Pradesh) – 730
    Piravom (Kerala) – 680
    Manali (Himachal Pradesh) – 650
    Car Nicobar (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) – 590
    Gangtok (Sikkim) – 580
    Kochi AP (Kerala) – 532
    Kanjirappally (Kerala) – 530
    Passighat (Arunachal Pradesh) -530
    Tadong (Sikkim) – 510
    Nancowry (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) -490
    Dharmashala (Himachal Pradesh) – 450
    Punalur (Kerala) – 433
    Kailasahar (Tripura) – 430
    Dibrugarh (Assam) – 420
    Perunchani Dam (Tamil Nadu) – 400
    Kalpa (Himachal Pradesh) – 400
    Shillong (Meghalaya) – 400
    Pechiparai Dam (Tamil Nadu) – 400

    Other places may also have obtained more rainfall than the station quoted above.


  2. lovely weather in bangalore today.. was overcast until 10:30 in the morning, Sun came out briefly until 01:30 when it became overcast again with plenty of thunder, breeze and light rainfall here in North bangalore. Temp barely touched 31 degrees around 1:00 but then fell to around 25 degrees which it has stayed for most of the day..

  3. according to met dept – B Puttanna – says that same weather to continue for next 48 hours in SI Karnataka.. High Temperatures will start again from 04th onwards with chance of isolated evening TS after the 09th of May. According to him if conditions are favourable then Karnataka could start receiving heavy pre monsoon showers from 16 or 17th of May, Monsoon onset is expected to be normal.. around the 10th of June for Bangalore..

  4. Tamil Nadu has got widespread rains yesterday

    Rainfall in mm

    Kottampatti, Madurai – 53
    Namakkal – 43
    Sendurai,Ariyalur – 42
    Veppanthattai, Perambalur – 41
    Pennagaram,Karimangalam – 39
    Attur, Dindugul – 26
    Vadipatti, Madurai – 25
    Veppur, Perambalur – 23
    Ariyalur – 20
    Annur, Coimbatore – 18
    T.Palur, Ariyalur – 16
    Karimangalam, Dharmapuri – 14
    Kanai, Villipuram – 11
    Virudunagar – 10
    Sholayar, Coimbatore – 10
    Sarcarsamakulam, Coimbatore – 10

  5. “Rain can be expected in a few areas in and around Chennai.”-Kea on FB

    When the possibility of rains in Chennai is almost 100% and everybody eagerly expects it, you will say, “Wake up from your dreams guys!”…

    When we all know that there is not even a slim chance of rains to reach Chennai, you will say, “Expecting rains over Nunga”

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

    • decent rain? it was like cyclonic rain near hal ap.. extremely heavy at 12.30 in night.. one spell of rain from around 10 to 11.. another spell i am not sure when it started but it was extremely heavy at 12.30.. and added to tat severe lightning and thunder..

      • Wow! Good for you guys 🙂
        I saw the lightning initially in North East . Then slowly the rain moved west and southwest. Rain wasn’t so breathtaking in south bangalore. In Jayanagar , BTM and JP nagar it was on and off between heavy drizzle and light rain.

  6. this is the yearly norm… HAL AP races ahead during pre monsoon showers getting atleast 100mm more than city, but during monsoon city gets more than 200mm more than AP..

  7. At 7.15 am: Its cloudy and cool. Clouds streaming in some south west
    At 9.45 am : Its much clearer now. Sun is out. Some low white clouds here and there. Its very humid.

    • Clouds streaming in from southwest, especially early in the day is a phenomena I have seen in bangalore for the last 12 years. The event starts in early may and lasts till mid september.
      Right now its a sign of the SW monsoon coming in later this month.

  8. Today Temperature around Chennai again the topper is Poonamalle

    POONAMALLE – 43.2
    CHEYYUR – 42.5
    KATTUPAKKAM – 42.3
    HVF AVADI – 41.2
    KOLAPAKKAM – 41.1
    MAILAM – 40.5
    PUZHAL – 40.2
    ENNORE PORT – 39.7

    Ehsan’s kea site is not updating from yesterday morning

  9. OMG Kerala gets hammered by rainfall while we suffer

    Kayamkulam (Alappuzha district) 19, Kollam 17 & Mavelikkara (Alappuzha district) 15. Thiruvalla (Pathanamthitta district) 5, Punalur (Kollam district), Cherthala & Haripad (both in Alappuzha district) & Varkala (Thiruvananthapuram district) 4 each, Chengannur (Alappuzha district), Kodungallur (Thrissur district) & Perumbavur (Ernakulam district) 3 each, Alappuzha, Thiruvananthapuram city & AP, Kozha (Kottayam district) &Thodupuzha (Idukki district) 2 each and Kochi AP, CIAL Kochi & Aluva (all in Ernakulam district), Enamackel (Thrissur district), Idukki, Kumarakom & Vaikom (both in Kottayam district), Neyyattinkara (Thiruvananthapuram district) 1 each.

  10. Good to know that S India is heating up.. it should create low pressure areas and pull the monsoon in.. South India will have a normal monsoon no matter what happens with the el nino.. However, as north western india has not heated up yet and is a month behind, north and north east india will suffer due to this. monsoon could get stalled after covering S india. NW does not look like its going to start heating up before the 16th of this month as another western disturbance makes its way over J&K and widespread rain and TS is expected over the entire region from rajasthan – west bengal

  11. ArrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrCeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Are we expecting some showers today? Radar looks good and is cloudy in Mandaveli. But the blog is calm.

  13. Weather seems to have changed today. I can see more clouds around. Plus there are some structures forming. Good. Since last wednesday, it had been all quite in bangalore.

    • Good to know that the finals was taking place in Chennai in the first place.

      First match and finals in Chennai for 2nd straight year. Something fishy here.

      • cmda still hasn’t approved the 3 new stands so loss of almost 15000 tickets.tats the reason behind the change

  14. Good start to bangalore’s pre monsoon showers.. looks like a daily affair from today.. atleast 5mm expected daily in some areas, will get heavier and more widespread as the month goes by

  15. Good news: Monsoon to reach Andamans on time between 15 – 20th May, 2 Low’s to pop up any time soon in the bay of bengal and arabian sea to welcome the monsoon..
    Bad News: Sustained heating of North west will not happen as the entire region from NW – E is having below normal temperatures and the trend will continue for the next week or so.

  16. Of all days IMD bangalore updates upto 5.30PM in their daily night update today instead of till 8 PM as is done always.. reports just trace for city and nil for hal ap which is 5.30PM update.. IMD AWS has reported 25mm in bangalore till 7.30 PM..

    • Yes very unfortunate that there are no recording stations close to N or E bangalore.. HAL AP is slightly east but predominantly in the centre of the city. Closest to N bangalore is yelahanka, but even that is pretty far away.. to the east is hoskote which again is pretty far from the city. There wasn’t much rain in the city centre.. just a few small puddles near mg road.. thats it.. completely dry in the South near electronic city..

      • i m expecting atleast > 10mm in HAL AP.. lets see the numbers tomorrow morning.. the imd aws numbers are normally close to the bangalore city numbers.. i think it rained more towards kr puram etc than hal ap.. it was extremely heavy for some 10 minutes with even the building opposite not being visible..

  17. Distance between bangalore met dept and nungambakkam met dept is 290 km… The doppler page shows bangalore at 325 or 330 kms away from port . Chennai port is also slightly more north than Bangalore met dept. A straight line from chennai port would correspond to yelahanka AP in bangalore. Doppler needs some corrections, and please take this into consideration when looking at doppler for bangalore

  18. Decent rain for Jayanagar 9 block.

    2.40 pm to 2.45 pm : Heavy drizzle
    2.45 pm to 2.50 pm: Light Rain
    2.50 pm to 2.55 pm: Moderate Rain
    2.55 pm to 3.00 pm: Light rain

    I guess we got around 10 mm to 15 mm.

  19. Chennai’s dry phase seems to be coming to an end finlly. But still 2 more weeks to go for any real chance of rain. According to BL there could be a system at the end of the month.

    Rain/thundershowers would occur at a few places over Andaman & Nicobar Islands and at
    one or two places over south peninsular India with increase in rainfall activity over Kerala, south
    interior Karnataka and Lakshadweep from tomorrow.

    Hope it comes true and South INteriors of Karnataka gets more rain.

  21. We are surrounded by structures right now. The cloud mass over north west appears threatening. There is one more structure all the way from north east to east to south east to south. It looks ominous over south east. Its windless in bangalore right now. Hmmm ..lets see what happens by 5.00 pm.

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