90 thoughts on “Dry phase reaches 65 days

  1. Which place will end up as the Rainfall topper in 2012 SWM

    After last year’s epic rainfall race for being the wettest places during South West Monsoon. I have compiled a poll for viewers and rain followers voting for the season 2012. The link to the polls is here Poll code. The 2011 rankings can be found here – 2011 SWM rainfall rankings



  2. Consolidated list of topic contenders so far..

    1) Is pre-monsoon cyclone possible in bay this year in April/May? -> Dash
    2) Will there be a Century as Chennaiโ€™s dry weather marches into 81st day? -> Pradeep
    3) No sight of rain as Chennai dry phase marches towards 100 days -> Kea
    4) Will any one of Lailaโ€™s relatives visit us in May 2012? -> Dash
    5) Is it time for jupijove to change his name? -> Dash

  3. Interesting topic to discuss is what will Met staff in Chennai do from Jan 15th to May in their office day in day out? Any suggestions on how they can use this period.

  4. temperatures in bangalore in late evening to early morning really cool for the past 2 days.. making the 35 degrees afternoon heat more bearable.

  5. All India Rainfall Toppers – 01.01.2012 to 27.03.2012

    Manali (Himachal Pradesh) – 520
    Anini (Arunachal Pradesh) – 500
    Car Nicobar (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) – 430
    Dharmashala (Himachal Pradesh) – 360
    Kalpa (Himachal Pradesh) – 350
    Nancowry (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) – 330
    Tuting (Arunachal Pradesh) – 300
    Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh) – 270
    Kavali (Andhra Pradesh) – 233
    Hut Bay (Andaman & Nicobar Islands) – 210


  6. Was a horribly humid morning. When you see clouds in Chennai in summer, you know its going to be hell.

    And for the statisticians, the morning temperature at 8 AM-ish read 28C with a feels like of 38C!!

      • Real Feel has nothing to do with time. Chennai actually gets worse through the night ๐Ÿ˜›

        To further illustrate, now its almost 11 PM, even though temp says 29, the Real Feel is 34. Why? Humidity has shot up to 90% ๐Ÿ˜›

        Hyd – 30 Temp, Real Feel 29, Humidity 37%
        Blore – 28 Temp, Real Feel 28, Humidity 26%

        Only place close to as bad as it is in Chennai is Mumbai – 28 Temp, Real Feel 32 with humidity 79%.

        Curse of coastal cities is horrid weather, although Mumbai had a good Feb-March.

  7. Rainfall ending 8.30 am today

    Piravom (Ernakulam dt) 6, Tiruvaiyaru (Thanjavur dt) 3, Coonoor, Vaikom (Kottayam dt) and Neyyatinkara (Tiruvananthapuram dt) 2 each and Adiramapattinam, Orathanadu (Thanjavur dt), Konni (Pathanamthitta dt) and Kochi Airport, Tiruvattar, Kolli Hills 1 each.

  8. Hmmm……I am posting here after a gap of 3 months…With just 2 days felt for April to start, I am waiting for gusty thundershowers in bangalore. I believe like every year it would be violent and gusty showers this april too.

    On a very serious note sooner it rains its better as the whole patch from mudumalai to shiradi ghats are facing forest fire. Thousands of acres have been destroyed. God save the wild life!

  9. April almost here, cant wait for humidity to increase in bangalore and bring slightly more bearable temperatures… Light rainfall expected for bangalore in the first week on April, real summer showers will start from third week of april..

  10. First summer showers break out!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Reports of heavy drizzles in Tirupattur since 6AM,this morning…..Heavy rain lashing uthangarai!!….These are the rains that were responsible for bringing in to me the love for rains….Bcos down there in far interior TN and bengloor,after the blistering day heat…there is immediately cloud build up,and super thundershowers with temperatures dropping to 23c in a few seconds itslef.whne it rains in evening!!…..wow…these are tthe real raains!…bengloor and the rest of interior TN and ktaka is gonn rock from now onwards!

  11. Not the expected rains from this weak wave

    Kelamangalam, Krishnagiri – 21 mm
    Udhagamandalam – 19
    Annur, Coimbatore – 9
    Pennagaram – 8
    Adirmapattinam – 7
    Hosur – 6
    Yercaud -5

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