128 thoughts on “Dry phase to continue into 2nd half of the month

  1. how come some ppl r expecting rains in Feb and Mar? This is not NEM. Any rain that comes during this period including April is a freaky shower.

    Chances of rain (thunderstorms) increase only during 2nd half of May due to excessive heat buildup. Lets hope for a hot April and May.

  2. am not expecting rain now..am surprised to c nw pacific is active even at tis point of time..all bcos of la nina..i dnt knw whether v could get any slim chance of it..

  3. @kea
    good question. ๐Ÿ™‚ the anomalies say that rainfall and temp is expected to be above normal within these months FMA and MAM (consistent with la nina) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Yesterday Bellary recorded 38 degrees maximum….Summer on its way…..
    Bangalore records 32 degrees yesterday and yesterday’s temperature in tirupattur was 34max-17min….Max = min*2…

    Tirupattur records a maximum temperature of 35 degrees today but minimum falls to 19 degrees…..

    “With respect to Tamil nadu plains,this season from Feb 5-Mar 5…Tirupattur is the hottest place in the day as well as the coldest place in the nights”…with max temperture hovering between 30-40degrees(with an average of 34degrees)….and minimum hovering between 10-20degrees(with an average of 17C)…

    After march 5,Tiruttani and vellore will becom the hottest place in TN..

  5. With 10 ARG stations coming up in chennai….the nearest to Tambaram is the one in Kolapakkam…Kolapakkam is a small village some 3-4km from Vandalur towards kelambakkam…Actully this ARG station is gonna be situated inside the Vandalore zoo area… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. 2004 Feb 16……..One of the Hottest februaries for South India….

    I can remember these figures….

    Salem 42 degreees…
    Vellore 41 degrees
    Tirupattur 40 degrees
    Coimbatore 39 degrees
    Bangalore 38 degrees…

    But what resulted is one of the best april/mays…with heavy rainfall…..Vellore touched only 41…Tirupattur dint cross 37…Bnaglore dint cross 34 that may!!

  7. cyclone taking the U turn and heading for madagacar again. so in for battering twice within 7days from the same storm ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Sudden unexpected extreme fog with light winds engulfs not only Chennai but entire coastal TN from early morning..actually i was able to view the fog particles-micro droplets-passing thru the air like dust!

  9. Ponting dropped from CB series. Might retire from ODI or even international cricket tomorrow.

    When will BCCI learn? As things stand tendulkar, dravid and laxman will play India’s next test.

  10. Freak weather in Mumbai, a week after recording the 3rd lowest temperature ever, Mumbai has recorded the highest temperature in the last 46 years for february yesterday

  11. respite from the heat only after the 2nd week of march for interior Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. Temp’s will stay around the 31 – 34 degree mark in bangalore, what will make things worse is that minimum temperatures will also start rising over 19 degrees from next week onwards.

  12. mysore, somehow managing to stay super cool while the rest of the state burns.. min temps between 10 – 13 in the last week.. max has crossed 31 only once. remaining a cool 29 yesterday

  13. Typical End of february/ early march conditions in North Interior Tamil nadu/South interior Karntaka…

    The diurnal range in temperature is a whopping 22 degrees in Tiruttani and Tirupattur….Both stations records max 36 – Min 14…..

    I was in Tiruttani in the evening at around 6pm..it was nippy…And in night till 8pm it was very nippy around tiruvallur….Coimabtore-Salem-Dharmpauri-Tirupattur -Vellore will be similar…The heat is only for around 1 hour in the noon…

  14. Keerthivasan, y u said so? Pre-monsoonal tropical activity is not a rare event …each year v wil hav some activity at tis point of time (march-may) but last year,v missed it out..2010 laila,2009 aila,2008 nargis,and it goes on….so lets hope 4 it..

  15. Interesting article in Science – one of the world’s leading scientific journals.


    Science 24 February 2012:
    Vol. 335 no. 6071 p. 910
    DOI: 10.1126/science.335.6071.910


    Drawing a Bead on India’s Enigmatic Monsoon
    Pallava Bagla

    India’s booming economy is still a gamble on the monsoon. In any given year, if rainfall climbs more than 10% above a long-term monsoon average, floods ensue. If it declines more than 10% below average, a drought is declared. Slippage in either direction brings misery. For example, a drought in 2002 shrank India’s GDP by an estimated 5.8%. Every meteorologist’s dream here is to accurately predict the monsoon’s arrival, distribution, and departure. Toward that end, this year the Ministry of Earth Sciences is launching a 5-year, $75 million โ€œmonsoon missionโ€ to improve the study of complex ocean-atmosphere interactions.

    India receives 105 cm of rainfall on average per year, 80% carried on southwest winds that sweep in from the Indian Ocean from June to September. A winter monsoon also brings moisture from the northeast. Farming is heavily dependent on the exact timing of the rain, especially where it is needed to germinate seed. Since official record-keeping began 137 years ago, the monsoon has never failed to arrive, and it has never delivered less than 75 cm of rain. But the spatial and temporal variations are vastโ€”and this is what befuddles scientists. โ€œEvery year, the monsoon is peculiar in its own way,โ€ says atmospheric scientist Jayaraman Srinivasan of the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore.

    The India Meteorological Department here issues monsoon forecasts but has not been able to accurately predict when the worst floods and droughts will occur. โ€œExtremes are really difficult to forecast,โ€ says Ajit Tyagi, the department’s former director general. Everything needs closer study: how clouds form, develop, and dieโ€”and, crucially, how global warming will change the monsoon.

    India’s โ€œcurrent prediction capabilities are inadequate,โ€ concedes geologist Shailesh Nayak, secretary for the Earth Sciences Ministry. A big bottleneck, he says, is a shortage of trained scientists. By Nayak’s estimate, over the next 5 years India will need about 1200 skilled meteorologists, but today has only about 350. The ministry has just launched a recruitment campaign.

    In the new initiative, Indian scientists and overseas colleagues will try to adapt computer models developed by the U.K. Met Office and the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction for long-range forecasting in India. The mission will also make use of data pouring in from Megha-Tropiques, an Indo-French satellite launched in October to monitor water and energy balance over the tropics. The Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology in Pune will take the lead in seasonal forecasts and prediction of active and break periods of the monsoon. A key aim is to produce a prediction model that uses open-source software such as Linux.

    The collaborative effort, Tyagi hopes, may at last โ€œunravel the enigma that surrounds the Indian monsoon.โ€

  16. The highest diurnal range in temeperture yet….

    Tirupattur records a maximum of 37 degrees and a minimum of 14 degrees…Its a 23 degree difference between day and night temperature

    Hassan at max 33,min 11…Diurnal range 22 degrees!!

    What must the record for the biggest diurnal range in temps in south India?!!…I have no idea!!.

  17. bangalore crossing 35 yesterday for the first time this year.. unbearable heat in bangalore coupled with dust clouds hanging low, trapping heat and making breathing difficult. Feeling sick in bangalore at the moment

  18. The max temps might read 32-33 in coastal TN…But the real feel for the last two days is 38-39…chennai is sucking hot….Minimum temperatures have risen to 25 degrees..its like May in february!…..since early february chennai had been recordin 32-34,but that really din feel hot…but now thanks to the humidity,it feels real hot!! …..Interiors are a far better place to be in though mx temp is on the higher side!

  19. North Interior TN,SI ktaka burning….Sharp rise in Minimum temperatures could well start the season of those really beautiful evening summer thunderstorms in these regions!!…

    Tiruttani – 39max
    Vellore,Tirupattur – 38max
    Coimbatore,Dharmapuri – 37max
    Mandya,Chamrajnagar – 36max
    Bangalore,Mysuru,Agumbe – 35max

  20. Hello all,

    I am back after a long hiatus! Missing the action in this blog for quite some time. Now summer is round the corner and let’s see how Chennai fares this time.

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