87 thoughts on “Dry phase to continue

  1. Britain to shiver in temperatures ‘colder than the South Pole’ as health chiefs say more than 1,500 people a week could die from killer freeze

    Department of Health issue ‘Level 3’ cold-weather alert as freeze poses significant health risks
    Warning of ice forming on untreated surfaces

    By Chris Parsons

    Last updated at 11:40 PM on 31st January 2012

    A cold snap that has left dozens dead across Eastern Europe will reach Britain by the weekend.

    Temperatures are set to plunge far below freezing point making the country even colder than the South Pole. Forecasters are expecting overnight temperatures of between -8c (18f) and -10c (14f) on Friday.

    The McMurdo research facility in Antarctica is currently recording -6c (21f) at night. The bitter cold has forced some countries to deploy their armed forces and set up emergency accommodation.

    Health chiefs have also started warning that as a result of the freezing conditions, more than 1,500 people a week could be killed by the weather.

    To help deal with the extreme cold, the Army has been put on standby. Around four inches of snow and ice could cover part of the country after a high pressure system hanging over Scandinavia which is pushing raw winds towards the UK.

  2. seems like a scene from ‘the day after tomorrow’, where the north atlantic current comes to a standstill and stops warm winds from reaching UK

  3. Cyclone Thane uprooted more than 2 crore trees in Cuddalore district. Disposal of trees will take atleast another 6 month’s due to shortage of manpower and other reasons.

  4. Kea, plz post this poll!

    What will make Kea blog bustle with activities again?

    1) April/May pre-monsoon cyclone
    2) Development of current NEM-like circulation in bay into a surprise cyclone near Chennai (Remember!..anything can happen..it is 2012!)
    3) Commencement of “Operation SUMO – Part 2” targeting Kea or thunder(Jupi)

  5. Hi guys, nice to see you all keeping the blog active, during the dry winter days….Missing chennai much… Hope to be back soon…
    As Martin pointed out, its freezing cold here right in Bad Homburg, Germany now…Temperature shows -13C currently….
    Forecasts predict -20c over the weekend…. But this year there was much less snow…only four snowy days as of now…

  6. How accurate are these Japanese scientists?

    Last week they said SWM will be below normal to average and NEM will be above normal.

    This week they are saying it will be a cool summer with no heat waves

  7. heavy dewfall this morning and now completely overcast in bangalore, although the temperatures have shot up, pretty warm night..

      • Yipee! Another 24 hrs of inactivity in Kea blog! 🙂

        If this continues, we can shut down this blog..Friends, let us work harder to make that happen before SWM 2012! This is going to be the target for our next Operation! 😀

        Sel, Jon..let us start it from now..we need to increase the period of inactivity to 2 days..

        But, andha Jupi payyan varama irukkanum 😦

  8. According to a series of studies being done by meteorologists, there would be a 26% fall in annual rainfall in the next few decades in Kerala with, predictably, serious consequences

  9. cyclone giovanna is a strong cat 4 storm.From latest satellite and MIMIC its clear that its going through an eyewall replacement cycle like cyclone funso.This will make system to weaken slightly or show a flat intensifcation trend for next few hours.Once the cycle is completed it will intensify again.


  10. kea that cant happen because its a la nina and mjo activity is good even during the driest month there maybe a few showers due to this so lets keep our fingers crossed… by the way are you going the models?… if so then dont go…. go by the mjo activity also la nina tends to bring good rainfall during these months for us…. 😉

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