99 thoughts on “Dry weather expected till end of month

  1. Jon, KR, Sel…

    Epdiyo indha week’a Kea’ya vechu oatiyachu..now we have to find another target for next week..this has to continue till the next rains to keep the blog going..we are doing a big favour for Kea 🙂

    If we don get a target, by default it will be…Jupi Payyan/Idi Siruvan ! 😀

  2. Bangalore’s very own doppler radar has gone live in hesaraghatta in NW bangalore.. IMD will test if for a few more days before images will be updated to the site.. finally the long wait is over.. 🙂

    and SWM should be fine until August when neutral conditions persist..

  3. how will the world end???? quite surprise to c,
    most europian hav voted for “man made disaster” …. 73% says it may end bcos of war tat leads to nuclear attacks,… some hav said”it wont end” and few hav said it will end naturally but not in 2012…. wat happened to global warming,tsunami,eq,cyclones.etc…

    • Dear Selvan

      A tiny virus can also kill all the humans on earth in addition to the things you’ve mentioned. For complete destruction of our planet earth only a celestial object alone is capable of wiping out(like asteroids or any other space objects).
      Also if sun goes down then it will also be end of our world.

  4. cyclone funso now a cat 4 storm and it overtook cyclone japhet as the strongest storm in mozambique channel as far as i know.The shear remains low towards its forecast track and SST is very warm which should favour explosive intensification. shear is increasing to the immediate west of the system.Funso is a compact system.It looks similar to cyclone japhet in terms of size.Funso is expected to become the first ever cat 5 storm to record in mozambique channel.lets wait and see.

  5. cyclone funso remains to the north west of an upperlevel high which causing an increase in shear value to the west of the system which seemed to have inhibited the furthur development but the system is moving south which will make it to move away from the outflow of outer portion of upper high pressure which would cause the intensification of the system.

  6. In light of recent news, the following information is paramount. On July 14, 2010 we learned that our sun is passing through an interstellar energy cloud which excites/energizes the sun. NASA, along with The National Academy of Science and other world renowned scientist are so concerned about this up and coming solar maximum in late 2012, that way back in March 10, 2006 NASA issued a solar storm warning (in writing) for 2012. What NASA omitted in their 2006 solar storm warning is what prompted NASA in the first place to issue a 2012 solar storm warning four years in advance? Then in 2010, NASA again warns the general population of a pending solar storm, telling the population to get ready for a once in a lifetime solar storm.

    • I think most people don’t take extraterrestrial events seriously.
      Because most of the time they are not affected by it as portrayed by journals. But let’s wait and watch whether this sunstorm unleashes its destructive power. If it does then the entire world is in trouble.

  7. cyclone funso is now moved closer to uupper level high moving the system into a very low shear.The system has shown a halt in intensification eventhought it is under low shear and favourable shear.From the recent satellite and MMIS imagery it is clear that the cyclone is undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle .There are 2 eyewalls currently visible in the system .The outer one is squeezing the innner one which is causing the halt in intensification.The intensification is possible once the outer wall completely crumbles the inner one in next couple of hours provided the shear should remain low but the JTWC is expecting the shear to increase after 24 hours.

  8. There is a a large trough of low pressure which is producing rains for the indonesia and south china sea which is moving west towards the andaman sea in coming days.Still not clear to what extent this will develop .SST remains marginally favourable in areas close to andhaman sea and gulf of thailand but not that impressive in south west bay.

  9. Based on its movement towards the SE.. funso will in the next 24 hours become an extratropical cyclone, replacing its warm core with a cold one and enlarging in size

  10. cyclone funso has moved below the upper level high which was creating moderate shear to the west of system some 36 hours ago since it is below the upper level high the shear will remain low and high pressure would provide excellent divergence for the system.Although the above favourable condition exists, the system is yet to complete eyewall replacement cycle which is causing it to weaken .The system is going through the eyewall replacement cycle for more than 24 hours.The system is moving southward and it is expected to encounter the high winds from westerlies which is lying in the latitude 27S which would increase the shear drastically. At that time the system would also move into the colder waters which would obviously turn it to extra tropical storm as every cyclone does when it encounters a colder water.The intensification cannot be ruled once replacement cycle is over and it has some amount of time before it encounters the unfavourable condition.

  11. cyclone iggy now intensified into a 45 knots storm and moving southeastwards moving it closer to the inner area of upper level high which was producing moderate shear over the system some 24 hours ago since it is moving closer to upper level high the shear will decrease .The storm willl intensify rapidly under the low verticle shear and highly favourable sea temperature.There is a good chance that it will intensify more than JTWC forecasted intensity .

  12. funso moving into an area already filled with troughs in the southern ocean and could become a huge extratropical storm. but moving away from land and no danger

  13. cyclone funso is weakening and would continue to weaken .The shear remains low as the storm lies close to upper level high pressure but SST is degrading which causing the storm to weaken.The storm would follow a weakening trend as it moves into a lower SST and will become an extra tropical system.The shear will increase as the storm tracks away from the upper level high pressure causing the shear to increase.

    There is another area of disturbance over north of madagascar which is currently experiencing high shear from the upper level anticyclone which is close to cyclone funso and it also interacting with the land which is not favourable for intensification.

    Cyclone iggy will continue to intensify as it moves into the inner rim upper level anticyclone which would cause shear to decrease and provide good outflow.SST is very warm favouring rapid intensification.

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