150 thoughts on “Cold weather unlikely again

  1. Current Weather (METAR) For Bangalore International Airport

    All times on the weather descriptions are local

    Observed at 04:03 – (1 min ago)


    Fog , Hail
    Clouds: Broken Clouds at 400ft
    Wind: 140ยฐ at 04 knots, varying from 110ยฐ to 170
    Visibility: 300m
    QNH: 1017
    Dew Point: 16ยฐC
    Runway in Use: Likely Runway 09
    Sunrise Today: 06:42
    Sunset Today: 18:08

  2. BusinessLine and IMD has predicted rains to increase over Tamil Nadu starting Monday… Any update from this blog?

  3. Interesting information on heavy rainfall in India

    Stations in India which recorded 75 cms of rainfall in one day (1875-1990)
    Station State Rainfall (in cms) Date
    Bano Bihar 81 13-9-1959
    B. Ragamandala Karnataka 84 25-7-1924
    Cherrapunji Meghalaya 104 14-6-1976
    Drampur Uttar Pradesh 77 18-9-1880
    Dharampur Gujarat 99 2-7-1941
    Harnai Maharashtra 80 5-8-1968
    Jowai Meghalaya 102 11-9-1877
    Mawasynram Meghalaya 99 10-7-1952
    Naginor Uttar Pradesh 82 18-9-1880
    Navasari Gujarat 78 2-7-1991
    Purnea Bihar 90 13-9-1879
    Quilandy Kerala 91 28-5-1961
    Rewa Madhya Pradesh 77 16-6-1882

    & latest 94 cms of rain on a single day in Mumbai in 2005 SWM season

      • Big pattern changes in winter coming? Arctic Oscillation Flips to Negative

        Austria Friday: found itself buried under 4 feet of snow, creating chaos and disruption of traffic and power supply. Snowfall trapped some 15,000 tourists at ski resorts on the Arlberg Mountain. High winds are also whipping the nation. An important rail line that connects Vienna and Innsbruck with western Austria and Switzerland was to be closed until Sunday. Two rail lines that connect western Austria with Germany were also closed.

        India Friday: Hailstorm in parts of New Delhi and Amritsar. 3 feet snow closed down Kashmir’s main highway, and also knocked out power and telephone lines, plunging most of state powerless and cut-off from rest of the country. Temperatures in Leh plunged to minus 18.8 deg C. Many parts of Himachal Pradesh received snowfall, including surprisingly low altitude areas of the state. Records tumbled as many of these areas received snow after three decades or more. Kangra received snow after a gap of a whopping 67 years. Several villages of Pathankot and Hoshiarpur districts experienced snowfall on Saturday morning, the first in recorded history.

        These two events may look unconnected but they need not. They occurred the same time as the AO flipped to its weakly negative mode.


  4. Omg….Yesterday’s min temps

    Tirupattur – 17c (+1 from normal)
    Bangalore – 19c( +4 from normal)
    Dharmapuri – 20c(+2 from normal)
    Tiruttani – 22c(+5 from normal)
    Vellore – 23c(+5 from normal)
    Chennai – 24c(+3 from normal)

  5. I am a bit puzzled by this entry. The headline reads, “Cold weather unlikely again”, but the entry says, ” It seems likely that there will be sub 20 minimums anytime soon.” So, which is it?

    nur der BvB!

  6. south coastal andhrapradesh has been receiving useful moderate showers from early morning – right from machlipatnam to nellore.

    on what grounds IMD announces north east monsson rains cease, for which there is no proper basis. Still we could get north easterly winds and minimum temperature around 22 C. More over anticyclone not exist nearby coast, which is the reason why south coastal andhra getting rains.

    we hope for some showers to chennai as well as day progress of later part of this week.



    For next 24 hours:

    The sky conditions would be partly cloudy. Minimum temperature would be around 23 degree Celsius.

    IMD fails to predict rain

  8. Rain rate may be over 30 mm/hr. Easily more than 2 cm can be had from this sudden downpour.
    Surprisingly kea’s site is not showing any rain.

  9. Light to moderate rain would occur at a few places over Vellore, Dharmapuri, Krishnagiri, Tiruvannamalai, Salem, Namakkal, Erode, Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Tiruppur, Dindugal, Karur, Tiruchirapalli, Perambalur, Ariyalur, Theni, Madurai, Sivagangai and Virudhunagar districts of Tamil Nadu.

    What the hell….Y dint ramanana predict rain for ChennaiKanchi,Tiruvallur coastal areas…instead predicting rain for interiors!

  10. NEM rains ceased according to ramanan and it rains today..!!….

    What will Ramanan call this??…Veppa salanam?? ….He might say rain was due to heat(all places in south india running upto 6degrees above normal in Minimum temps…


    Any idea what will these rains be termed??…rain due to winter heat?

  11. 2day Evening rain marked a big bulb for imd….btw yestrday itself i tld ,”winds r favourable for sum rain”….i never thought it wil be so soon…. Tday clouds came 4m E-SE-S.. very strange But rain clouds came 4m east-N.east..

  12. Wow coimbatore minium 13??!!….S,coimbatore can drop to 13 in some rare years….But then if cbt is gonna drop to 13,wtch out for Dharmapuri-Tirupattur…..they may come close to breaking that 10.2 degree mark set by Tirupattur!

  13. minimum temperatures all across south india except for extreme south peninsula and kerala are expected to fall atleast 2 – 3 degrees below normal over the next 1 week to 10 days.. the last cold spell for S. India.. Summer is expected to take over after the 20th of January

  14. The real tragedy of cyclone โ€˜Thaneโ€™ which hit south west Tamil Nadu on 30 December is that it has already been forgotten by the media.

    Yet, over 50 lives have been lost, an estimated one million people (yes, one million) have been affected: a whopping 200,000 homes destroyed, hundreds of fishing boats lost and tens of thousands of hectares of crops damaged.

    The Development Promotion Group (DPG), a Chennai based NGO immediately sent out a team to assess what they could do to help. DPG blends an experience that combines long-term development work with quick and effective response to disasters. They are a well established NGO, having worked in South India since 1986 and on several occasions responded to disaster situations โ€“ including the tragic Tsunami of 2004. Today, DPG launched its appeal for long term rehabilitation work.

    Read: http://devconsultancygroup.blogspot.com/2012/01/dpg-appeal-cyclone-thane-long-term.html

  15. Kanyakumari getting battered by heavy rains in last two days

    Pechiparai – 73 mm
    Thiruvattar – 65
    Perunchani – 40
    Agastiswaram – 30

    Expect Kuzhithurai and Thucklay to join the list when IMD report is out

  16. Chennai and chennai AP got 12mm. Very surprising to see both having same amount of rainfall. Kea’s place which is barely one km from imd chennai got only 7.9mm.

    • deadly cyclone.effective video displaying the ferocity of thane.who can withstand this ? i should say we have poorvajenma punniyam to escape from the fury.

      even gud preparation for the cyclone would not have been a success.such is the effect of this thane.we dont want like this again.

  17. Less than 16 hours to go for Perth Test – some people had Party in the pitch drinking beer. Totally shocking – Issue taken up with Cricket Australia

  18. jon,ur post (new vdo of thane landfall) luks more scary…it luks more or less like a landfall of an atlantic ocean cyclone,….no v can put it in tis way, cat5 super cyclone thane…. tis is one of the deadliest cyclone..

  19. Batting last will be next to impossible on the WACA pitch.

    MSD decided we will bat first if we win the toss and bowl Aussie out in 4th innings

    Clarke decided we will have to bat only once anyway, let’s ask MSD what he wants to do

  20. But yeah,one thing….Tpt’s weather station is situated in the Sacred heart college,which is in the heart of the crowded Tpt town….Just a few KM’s drive towards either side Jolarpet or towards alangayam(wich are small villages) in winter,u feel as if the temperatures start plummeting…..So to be more precise,”Jolarpet” in within the tirupattur taluka might be the coldest place in TN plains…..

  21. For all the talk about urbanisation and heat,…Benagalooru did not even cross 34c last year…..its just that by nature,some summers are warmer and others milder….Last May Bengaluru presented a true Hill station…it would have been a big difference from 55c real feel chennai and 30c real fee @bengloor!!

    • chennai saw one of the coolest summers in 2011.touched 40c only on 3-5 occasions with fantastic rains throughout the year ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. ” why suddenly fot the past two years urbanised Nungambakkamโ€™s Min temp are lower than Meenambakkam?โ€ฆ..”

    yest’s min

    chennai – 22
    chennai ap – 19

  23. !!!!! Pongal Special Interview with Thala of our Blog – Kea !!!!!

    1) Where are you from? Native place? Mother tongue?

    2) Why haven’t u learnt even a single basic word in Tamil even after being in Chennai with a weather station for so many years?

    3) Haven’t you even heard a single Tamil word while running hundreds of kms for marathons in Chennai?

    4) Will you say you do not know anything about Pongal?

    Fans and Viewers expecting candid replies! ๐Ÿ™‚


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