180 thoughts on “Severe cyclone Thane close to dissipating

  1. Is there any who can provide how much rained in AP and Nungambakkam from last night. We have been experiencing continuous rain from last night

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  3. Puducherry airport recorded a very heavy rainfall of 15 centimetres.

    The following stations recorded heavy rainfall in centimetres:

    Kalpakkam and Kelambakkam (both Kanchipuram dt) 10 each, Cuddalore, Maduranthagam and Uthiramerur (both Kanchipuram dt) 9 each, Chengalpattu and Mahabalipuram (both Kanchipuram dt) 8 each and Rapur (Nellore dt), Puttur (Chittoor dt), Chennai airport, Tiruvallur and Chidambaram (Cuddalore dt) 7 each.

    The other chief amounts of rainfall recorded in centimetres are:

    Nellore, Chennai, Anna University and DGP Office (both Chennai dt), Sriperumpudhur (Kanchirpuram dt), Chembarambakkam (Tiruvallur dt), Vanur (Villupuram dt) and Sirkali (Nagapattinam dt) 6 each, Tada (Nellore dt), Sathyavedu (Chittoor dt), Cheyyur (Kanchipuram dt), Kanchipuram, Ponneri, Red Hills and Thamaraipakkam (all Tiruvallur dt), Karaikal and Vanthavasi (Tiruvannamalai dt) 5 each, Gudur and Venkatagiri Town (both Nellore dt), Tirupathi airport, Tambaram, Gingee (Villupuram dt), Villupuram, Kollidam and Mayiladuthurai (Both Nagapattinam dt), Nagapattinam and Sholingur (Vellore dt) 4 each, Tirupathi (A), Srikalahasthi (Chittoor dt), Tiruttani, Poonamalli, Ramakrishnarajpet, Tiruvalangadu, Cholavaram and Poondi (all Tiruvallur dt), Tindivanam (Villupuram dt), Nannilam (Tiruvarur dt), Tiruvarur, Tarangambadi (Nagapattinam dt), Cheyyar (Tiruvannamalai dt) and Arakonam (Vellore dt) 3 each, Kavali, Atmakur (Nellore dt), Rajampet (Cuddapah dt), Chittoor, Pallipattu (Tiruvallur dt), Kattumannarkoil, Sethiyathope and Virudhachalam (all Cuddalore dt), Kumabakonam and Tiruvidaimarudhur (both Thanjavur dt), Kodavasal, Needamangalam and Valangaiman (all Tiruvarur dt), Vedaranyam, Ambur and Kaveripakkam (both Vellore dt) and Jayamkondam (Ariyalur dt) 2 each and Vinjamur and Seetharamapuram (both Nellore dt), Salur (Vizianagaram dt), Lakkireddipalli and Rayachoty (both Cuddapah dt), Punganur, Thambalapalle, Pakala, Kalakada, Venkatagirikota and Perumallapalli (A) (all Chittoor dt), Arogyavaram, Srimushnam and Tozhudur (both Cuddalore dt), Sankarapuram, Tirukoilur and Ulundurpet (all Villupuram dt), Adiramapattinam, Thanjavur, Orathanadu, Papanasam and Pattukottai (all Thanjavur dt), Mannargudi, Pandavaiyar head and Tiruthuraipoondi (all Tiruvarur dt), Arani and Chengam (both Tiruvannamalai dt), Gudiyatham, Melalathur, Vaniyambadi and Walajapet (all Vellore dt), Vellore, Tirupathur, Yercaud and Ariyalur 1 each.

  4. Nunga few mm away from having completed its NEM quota of 857 mm. It is not at around 840 mm. Can we do this with 31 hours, when officially the season ends.

  5. Thane will finish off in its style…Some Red spots nearing chennai…

    Those rain is going to be heavy…bocz its the tail end of the system wands..

  6. It looks like some heavy showers for chennai as east, south east terribly red lined.

    but a very strange aspect i noticed though there are red lines the rain rate is less than 10 MM per hour.

    quite strange. but i hope for better organised heavy showers till tomorrow early morning, as winds would start blowing from north east and east from now on, as the core system has not impact now. normal easterlies would dominate.



  7. Thane rains may cross the 15cm mark if rains continue till midnight.
    We may even overtake Pondi in terms of rain. Let’s see.

  8. Now that Thane is almost over. We should do a postmortem of all those weather models to see which ones even came a lil closer . I mean in terms of wind speeds affected areas and rainfall figures

  9. Thanks for Thane a lot of cric lovers forgot the disaster in 1st test or atleast not completely focussed on the Test Match. Hmmm Repeat of English Tour again I guess…get ready for another 4/0 whitewash. 😦

  10. News Item in CNN-IBN
    BANGALORE: Year-end revelers in this tech hub, home to thousands of young IT professionals from across India, have turned weather watchers as cyclone Thane threatens to rain out the New Year-eve bash.

    Chennai, which is also home to thousands of IT professionals, is in the direct path of the cyclone and it has been raining cats and dogs for the past 2 days. And all you whine about is Bangalore missing the party? What about Chennai – do you think people sit inside their homes and sing bhajans for New Year celebrations?

  11. Should we get ready for another system ? I feel that there is a small circulation in gulf of thailand.. Due to strong easterlies, will this system enter bay ?

    • :(….. i am not judging anyone.. but i dunno how can we say we want a severe cyclone or disappointed with cyclone when totally more than 35 people have died due to this cyclone… if we live in a forest then we can wish for extreme cyclones……

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  13. Whatever other mght say. To me Thane was a major dissapointment.

    We might have got almost 100 mm from it, but never actually got heavy rain. I know some people think it was heavy. It was infact not. It felt heavy because of the wind.

    At no time, did we get more than 10 mm in an hour. In november we sometimes even got more than 20 mm in an hour

  14. Very good rains in western TN and Northern TN.

    Surprise heavy rain in Kanyakumari dist.

    Expect to see avg 25 mm rains for TN today. Pretty good show

  15. It is quite warm and humidity levels also conducive. Quite strange for december afternoon. chances of thunderstorms from sea not ruled out during evenings. already we noticed some heavy showers 100 KMS east/north east of chennai.

    probably minimum temperatures would stay at 21 & 22. no dry chill for some more days, till the moisture totally disappear or easterly winds loosing strength.


    • ithukkaey intha podu.innum mazhai athigama vanthiruntha innum niraiya paer uyir poirukkum.

      chennai should be lucky to escape from this.
      10cm rain vanthuchula…more than enough.we have got enough.

      chanceless destruction see photos of pondy cuddalore battering.rain lover thaan but destruction paakum pothu romba kashtama irukku.

      • The answer to that is better city infrastructure. Better drains, better civic response. Wishing away the weather is futile. Atleast these destructions make people demand and expect more from the government. Look at Chennai – despite the oncoming NEM, they dug up and left drains open. Pathetic – luckily Thane hit Pondy / Cuddalore – if it had come to Chennai, we would have suffered like a village.

  16. NEM for TN as a whole is likely to end up over 20% above normal….will make it an excess NEM yet again…!!…it was excess in 2005,2007,2008,2010 also!!

    Fifth year since 2005 TN is facing excess NEM….

    But 2011 SWM was 2 percent below normal for TN…2010 SWM was 20% abov normal…

    For TN as whole 2010 was far better than 2011!!

  17. Destruction makes way for development…i have never seen a cyclone crossing…Lol..not that comedy piece Jal……i would like to see one…lets fancy our chances with murjan in april/may..!!

  18. destruction at its peak in cuddalore.absolute calamity 😦 more than 50 electricity poles have been bent like a wet noodle

  19. Thane batters Kanyakumari too

    Mylaudy and Nagerkoil (both Kanyakumari dt) 14 each,
    Kuzhithurai and Agastiswaram (Kanyakumari dt) 13 each,
    Lower Kodayar and Kurunthancode 10 each,
    Thiruvattar 9 cm
    Upper Kodayar, Boothapandy (Kanyakumari dt), Kanyakumari 8 each
    Pechiparai and Thuckalay (both Kanyakumari dt) 6 each

  20. Very heavy rainfall of 22 cm was recorded in Harippad in Alappuzha district, followed by Thiruvananthapuram city (18) in the 24 hours ended at 8.30 AM on saturday morning. How the western side got this much rain; it seems, more rain than cyclone path?

  21. In The New Year 2012,
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  22. happy new year to all the kea bloggers! 🙂 a nice wet and cool star tto 2012! 🙂 hope we get bountiful rainfall this year with minimal destruction! 🙂 🙂

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