356 thoughts on “Any hope for Chennai from Cyclone Thane?

  1. was in the elliots beach now..it is exactly the same scenario like Jal..winds and driizzles..it has been a hige letdown until now..

      • This is expected. What happens if the temperature increases but the amount of liquid water that can evaporate is limited? In a desert, for example, if temperature increases the rate of evaporation won’t increase substantially, because little to no liquid water is available to evaporate. Consequently, if temperature increases but water vapor doesn’t keep pace, relative humidity (The amount of water vapor present divided by the amount of water vapor that would be present at saturation is called the relative humidity) decreases.

  2. Todays max wind might have crossed 50km easily. But Kea’s homepage shows only 38 km as the max wind. Is that a error or only 38 km is the max we had today.

    • IMD says Chennai will get heavy rainfall tonight to tomo – is it likely? Is Thane weakening? Where will it have land fall?

  3. chennai – will not have any strong showers till 1am … and will pickup towards morning! Ground winds will be upto 35km/hr till 1am


  4. I have been following the blog thru email alerts in blackberry. To get email alerts I have post something and check the notify via email box. As I am not as good as you guys are in weather, I have nothing to post and hence a dot.

  5. I have been following the blog thru email alerts in blackberry. To get email alerts I have post something and check the notify via email box whenever KEA creates a new post. As I am not as good as you guys are in weather, I have nothing to post and hence a dot. Hope it clarifes your doubt.

  6. All this cyclone has done is remove the winter chill here in blore.. it is more than 9 and still a warm 23 by blore winter standards 😦 usually it will be 18 by this time…

  7. It was looking extremely positive this morning. The rainrate captured at JTWC was also very good..that was in the sea. If the same cloud mass had moved in, Madras city should have got around 15-20 cm and Pondy somewhere around 40 cm (20 hrs x 20 mm).

    Plot lost somewhere, like the big dissapointments of this week –
    Anna fast III
    MCG Test
    and now Thane

  8. Rainfall from Thane from 8.30 am in mm

    Madhavaram – 47
    Ennore – 46
    Gumidipoondi – 35
    Nungambakkam – 27
    Poondi – 20
    Meenambakkam – 17
    Kancheepuram – 17
    Madurantakam – 16
    Neyveli – 8
    R.K.pet – 8

  9. Hall of Shame
    2003 Dec cyclone (17 mm)
    2010 Jal (7 cm)
    2011 Thane (3cm + of course some optimists might still want to wait a few more hrs)

    In all these three cases, the city was within the inner band close of the eye but ended up with pathetic amounts of rainfall..what is the reason? why has the precipitable water in the system come down so dramatically?

  10. Cyclone Thane, which has been brewing in the Bay of Bengal since Sunday, is expected to impact Puducherry and Tamil Nadu districts – Chennai, Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur and Villupuram – between 4 am and 6 am on Friday, IMD Director General Ajit Tyagi said

  11. Recent Wind Speed of various Cyclones in CHENNAI

    With 42km/hr winds the cyclone Thane has tied up with laila and nisha.

    Cyclone Jal 47 km/hr (7/11/2010)
    Cyclone Laila 42 km/hr (19/5/2010)
    Cyclone Nisha 42 km/hr (26/11/2008)
    Depression BOB 08 40 km/hr (28/10/2007)
    Depression BOB 07 45 km/hr (27/09/2007)
    Cyclone Ogni 50 km/hr (28/10/2006)

    Other cyclones in last 20 years when chennai witnessed 100 km/hr winds

    On 6th, December 1996 (Tropical Cyclone 08B) – a Cyclone which crossed Chennai produced 100 km/hr winds

    On 31st, October 1994 (Severe Cyclonic Storm BOB 03) – a cyclone which crossed Chennai brought 120-140 km/hr winds

  12. SRI doppler is a lot better looking now than yesterday The clouds are moving north and chennai will receive some useful showers in the next few hours about another 3 cm or more.

  13. According to Kea…

    we got 38.1 mm + 15 mm today : 53 MM..

    Now, the thane will degrade to depression… we have to wait & see how this will give rain…

    Sometimes, the remants will produce more rain than the system….

  14. Thane has just crossed the coast 10kms north of sangoli kuppam in cuddalore at 07:01AM.. Wind speeds at cuddalore nearest to the eye said to be 118km/h at landfall


    AT 6.30 AM,

    LAT : 11.7N, Lon : 79.9 E, Pressure : 974 MB


  16. Nungambakkam – around 51 mm so far from 8.30 morning yesterday.

    We are just 10 mm short of 1800 mark for the year.

    and 7 mm short of 100 mm for the month

    What a year we had, 2011 is 3rd best in last 25 years

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