195 thoughts on “Forecasts look good until year end

  1. Foreacasts always looks good.. but seeing the radar, the circulation is likely to form near west coast of maldives .. Currently, the passing clouds are due to that system..

    @selvanfun.. as you said mild circulation may popup near srilanka, i somehow find the chances are very less due to strong westerlies… Anyhow, let us wait and watch..

  2. Nunga missed yesterday’s rainfall (in mm)

    Thirupathi Agro – 47
    Tirumalla – 46
    Sriharikota (ISRO) – 45
    Gummidipoondi – 42
    Neyyoor – 25
    Meenambakkam – 5
    Nungambakkam – 0.6

      • Expectations of Nunga are much higher than any other part of Chennai since it is “Chennai” by default. So we always want Nunga to get large amounts of rainfall higher than suburbs. Its not happening this year not sure why…..

      • Yes yes yes….did you not cheer Sehwag breaking Tendulkar’s record yesterday? Before that Tendular breaking Gavaskar’s record ? Before that Gavaskar breaking Bradman’s record ?
        Records are meant to be broken – in rainfall or cricket !!!!

  3. Satyavedu (Chittoor dt) 6, Tirupathi Aiport, Tada, Shriharikota (A), Tirumalla (A) and Tirupathi (A) (all Nellore dt), Sullurpet (Nellore dt), Srikalahasti (Chittoor dt) and Ponneri (Tiruvallur dt) 3 each

  4. did you not cheer Sehwag breaking Tendulkarโ€™s record yesterday?

    What record? I thought Indians had already left for Australia for some sightseeing and shopping before the series

    • Come on – Have some Cadbury’s chocolate…relax its saturday… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Regarding Indians well they do sightseeing and shopping but also play serious cricket. Remember Perth 2008 ? Durban 2010 ? Even Cape Town 2011 they came close to defeating RSA in RSA.

      Now you can say Sehwag made this on a batting track but he also made 153 on a wearing pitch in Adelaide 4 years ago. He also made 195 before tea in Melbourne 2003 on a green pitch.

      Sorry but I cant continue – we just had a heavy downpour in BN.

  5. Yes dash,But my Rain Guage recorded only 11mm till 8.30 am,there was a cloud burst here some 20mins ago which yielded 8.6 so totally 2cm today till now

  6. @ashwinds – Ferrari + Bugatti – ultimate in luxury cars ! You probably are on first name terms with Dhoni too right ? Calling him “Mahi” and all that ? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • For majority of KEA site users who are thinking aswind12 and ashwinds are one and the same person using the same system- This is not true. Our IP/Mac address are unique. Both of us do enjoy the fact that people think we are one and the same person. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have never met him in real life and have no clue what he is like. I do enjoy pulling his leg on this site though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Don’t remind me of that fellow, he crashed my Lamborgini after getting drunk the night CSK won IPL. After that I stopped calling him by first name and started calling him names. Luckily the car was 6 months old and due for replacement anyway ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. Both the “Ash”‘s live in the area which I reside-BN ..and both have witty style to their comments which I enjoy..Does Kea plan a small get together of all the bloggers at some point of time..maybe at the broken bridge?

  8. Broken Bridge is a Scenic place with a great view of the bay and the flora @ Theosophical Society..the approach is a bit tricky from the Southern end of Elliots Beach,but reachable.

    • Good idea. Does anybody know anybody from this site in person ? I doubt.
      After NEM is over I reckon people will go back to their lives….

    • About a month back, I read that cops are now not letting people go to broken bridge in view of its abuse for, ahem, anti-social activities ๐Ÿ˜› but yeah, it’s a nice place… And it’s approach is from North End of Elliots beach, through the slums.

  9. We (kea bloggers) have to catch all the dragon flies wherever they r hiding and force them to fly low over South Chennai ๐Ÿ˜€

    Guys, make sure not even one goes to Keaโ€™s street! L ๐Ÿ˜€ L

  10. Jon, the real fun is yet to start.

    Accu predicting 90 mm from 19-24th. General rule with Accu, multiply forecast by 3.

    Moreover rains don’t stop on 24th, anyone for 400 mm in December

  11. GFS Sat 6 AM run predicts a TN deluge on 24th.

    Accuweather is forecasting a High of 24 C Max and 23 C Min for Madras city.

    Of course only god knows whether this forecast will hold for even the next 2 hrs, but at current level looks fabulous.

  12. jon: according to me ,nem is over…..
    after 5 mins …….
    jon:v can xpect 100mm for dec…
    after 5 mins
    jon:i will be surprised if it crosses 100mm……….

    tis is really reverse woofing……………

  13. “v hardly seen an uac and a weak low” agreed but an active sytem even in arabian sea can impact us in some way.tats wat actually happened.

    oct mid-nov end is the most active part of nem.we hardly saw any active low durin tat period particularly in bob, how come we can expect it during dec, tat too durin the last week of dec and dec is always known for weak systems

    • i agree to ur point…..but at the same time v shldnot stick with the past occurences……bay will be disturbed by w.pacific weather..most weather models coming out with strengthning of la nina event(above normal sst) in dec -jan..so w.pacific may get active….and so bay may get disturbed….forecast map shows wet system entering from w.pacific(s.china sea).so i am sure tis dec will favour for us..tis was predicted bfore by 2 models..

  14. in the year 1987 we had very heavy rain in the last week of dec . I guess
    we can check the same if any records are available

    • wat reality?????? i never thought u will change ur view tat too so soon…..ur change is like is like gfs model run…..so u shld change ur view again in sunday,12GMT ,,, lol :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      • that looks fragmented and low down south – may dissipate. I think the winds are not working in our favour. End of the NEM – I guess with a deficit? Atleast lets hope the temp falls a bit now.

      • OK. It may fragment but rainfall for southern TN is still good. It adds up. Regarding northern TN lets wait. Still 20 more days. Anything can change.

  15. Only Nagai has been receiving light rains from yesterday..nothing for Chennai..atleast for another 1 week!

    thunder, come out of ur dreams and accept the reality as suggested by thala Kea..study for next year’s 10th exams..come back for NEM 2012..by that time u will be little free in 11th!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Ahmedabad-best-city-to-live-in-Pune-close-second/articleshow/11066689.cms

    Ridiculous poll result that says Ahmedabad is the best city in India to live.
    Its so polluted that its not worth even if they give a free ticket to visit.
    Funny how air quality is not considered to be essential to healthy life.
    What about the fact that Chennai gets rain in 8 months of the year ? What about the fact we get more rain than Bangalore or Pune ? And we get two rains – SWM + NEM.

    • we get rain in 8 months of the year? LOL – I must be sleeping more than I think I am ๐Ÿ™‚ Come on – I think we have the most oppressive weather amongst all those cities. Even Calcutta has a semblance of winter and Mumbai gets more rainy days during SWM.

      I think we were lucky to be put above Calcutta with its rich heritage! Looking at it positively, we are No 1 in the 2nd Tier cities.

      • Didnt we get rain in June through Sep ? Now Oct , Nov, Dec ?
        OK thats 7 months….still something…

        What about rich cultural heritage of Chennai ? Carnatic music ? Margazhai ?

      • Some of Chennai’s culture, like carnatic music/margazhi, is very much our pride yes. But like I said to originaldashman, there is plenty on the street for us to feel ashamed of too. Rudeness is too widespread.

        As for weather, its not fair to just quote a few rainy days when we suffer 37+ for much of the period. Even on the rainy days, to make ANY dent on comfort from the oppressive heat, we must have rain of atleast 50mm in the day for temp to fall. I am sure there wont be much more than 12 days in the ENTIRE period you mention. Please see how many 50mm+ days we’ve had in those 7 months and you will realize how little the rain has impacted our weather.

        There is plenty in that survey for us to introspect on. A city which sits on its haunches reminiscing on past glory, moves nowhere forward. Weather is one thing we cant change. But there are many we can improve on if only we are honest enough to accept that we CAN improve.

  17. Sachin Landed in Australia (Yesterday),

    Press at the Airport: “Mr. Sachin, your …World Record has just been broken, how do you feel ??”

    Sachin: (says casually) “Which one??”


  18. heat wave gripping karnataka at the moment, bangalore’s minimum 4 degrees above normal and Karwar recording highest maximum temperature in the country

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