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  1. Kea is right..sat image luks hopeless and tat made him to post such a title..btw w.pacific system track has been changed to NW,so nothing can be xpected 4m it…easterlies hav to pick up to save us. ..

    • Thats not good for revival of NEM in TN. More fog means more winter weather expected. Means Thai/Margazhi weather – what a pity.

      Rains means more activity on KEA site. We all come together and report on our rainfalls. Plenty of reports, forecasts, arguments, debates , etc.
      Now if NEM disappears I wont even bother logging in 😦

  2. Satellite pic looks scrubbed clean. Almost 0 chance of those Dec 6-10th rains. Had a nice weekend at Hyd where the days were warm but cool (really cool – 15-16 min) nights. Landing in chennai at 11pm, the difference in temp was striking.

    • Sea looks very calm…the only storm is in my tea cup.

      However I have seen NEM in the last week of December plus 1st week of Jan in 2008. And in that year plenty of fog/mist was present too in December- so not ruling out NEM.

  3. This year north east monsoon does not touch 90 cm still we need to get 20cm but its possible or not i don’t know. But clouds are forming in bay of bengal its all dissipite when nears our coast. what is the reason for this year Longest period of dry of north east monsoon.Any change of raining to come for chennai gfs model says heavy rain start at 8th now its change to 10th again next day its 14 keep on changing what is exact prediction for tamilnadu coast why monsoon not fulfill this year.But december is always rain for sourthern tamilnadu srilanka and deltas get raining area andhra also this year not get average rain. cold is already started in Chennai its now 20 c. what is that end of our north east monsoon.Please update furthur weather update.But imd said its normal because of south west monsoon it excess for Chennai, cuddalore and pondy otherwise Chennai not touched the normal rainfall.So please update the current model prediction

    • Vinoth Kannan – I would relax a bit first. Weather is NOT bad at the moment. I have seen NEM rain in 1st week of Jan in Chennai 4 years ago. So nothing is ruled out yet..could be as much as 10 cms.

  4. Always south west monsoon will bang,like Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat interior India, southeast of India, orissa westbengal all got good rain.But northeast monsoon not in flow flow after 2005, 2008 good northeast monsoon. 2011 excess south west monsoon for Chennai, tiruvallur district and kanchipuram dist. we hope coming days to be better

  5. Got a sore throat and a bad cold after breathing in the heavy fog yesterday, more like smog.. seen a lot of people coughing… dust and fog creating a lot of respiratory problems in bangalore

      • Can you point me to a place on planet earth which is not polluted at all ? is the US heaven that we must all migrate there so we wont be afflicted by any disease ?

      • Relax. The comment was intended an amusing jig on a perception listed below that bangalore fog is because of pollution. As a result ppl fall sick.
        Btw I guess pollution is defined by automobile and industrial contents in air. The density of this pollution obviously differs from city to city. So to inhale better and cleaner air you need not migrate to US but take a ship and land up in andaman islands 🙂

      • Why andaman islands ? If you visit sirumalai hills in dindigul district you can breathe pollution free air. Parts of upper Kodaikanal are offer even better air. If you dont want to go that fair you can go to Kolli hills in Namakkal/Villupuram district. And all this only in TN. I dont even want to enumerate what other parts of India can offer.

      • Andaman islands are part of India FYI.
        Kindly excuse me for not listing other parts of India.
        Btw let me add few places, where I have had the fortune to enjoy tranquility and peace.. Malpe (coastal karnataka), Kaiga (near karwar), Kemangundi (chikmagalur) , Gokarna (coastal karnataka), linganamakki backwaters, the entire malnad belt from mercara to south goa-karnataka border . These places are in Karnataka.

      • Those are wonderful places – all the ones you listed. May I add Agni in Hassan, Karnataka to that list also.

  6. We need more rain this NEM. No way can meena lead nunga. This happens once in a 100 years. I am sure KAR will agree.

    Another easterly and it will be back to normal.

    • Looks a great forecast with some very wet periods. Its starting today with light rains. I hope we get it.

  7. Boring weather all around……East coast or west coast its the same…..and right in the middle people have winter for company. Cold nights and clear days are the norm. I always found winter days to be very boring. Clear, cloud less , pellucid sky makes you feel weather would be like this for eternity [all clear and lifeless] . Apology for boring inputs.

    • safe prediction but its always tough to predict the dec rain tats y all keeping mum…. and btw tday ncep/noaa will give the 2nd weeek of dec prediction ,lets c how they r coming up with…

  8. “IMD says that there is a cyclonic circulation over SW bay thats why clouds are brewing there!!!”

    i dnt see a cloud in the bay currently

      • Have we seen the end of NEM?
        Most definitely

        No way, expect a 20 cm+ December and rains continuing in January

        Some light showers possible next week

        Next rains not possible until May/June
        Looooooooooool!!!!!!! I cant stop laughing!!! Three options are very pessimistic………… 1 option is 20+cms and rains continuing in January!!!!! 😮 Extreme! 😳

      • New poll! 😀

        How long will thunderjove think NEM will be active and give torrential rains to Chennai?

        1) Atleast till Jan 31, 2012
        2) Feb 28, 2012
        3) April last week, 2012
        4) No SWM in 2012 for Chennai; NEM 2011 will merge with NEM 2012

      • What will be thunderjove’s reply for the poll???

        Hey Dasmanu..romba vayeeeeee..romba vayeeeeee..
        😀 😦 😀 😦 romba pesuraan Kea 😦 im going to be
        on fast from now till u take severe action against him 😦

        “The Thunder Kid” rockzzzzz!!!!!! 😀

  9. @ Thunder

    Cola is not mad…..If you see the latest GFS model…..its showing significant activity near Chennai around 12th-14th

    I dont think NEM has come to an end. The third wettest month DECEMBER is well and alive.

    The Fifth spell of the monsoon and first spell of December will start on 9th. however the next spell around 12th or 13th is the one we should watch out.

  10. Spells in this NEM
    First Spell from October 24 to 27 – 197 mm (4 days)
    Second Spell from October 31 to Novemeber 5 – 205 mm (6 days)
    Third Spell from November 16 to 17 – 67 mm (2 days)
    Fourth Spell November 24 to 28 – 192 mm (5 days)

    Will the Fifth spell begin on 9th December – to me it will and my target will be 200- 250 mm for this December.

    Hope ashwinds and Dashman are wrong and cola will again prove its reliability

  11. @Aswind12, with regards to ur question – Can you point me to a place on planet earth which is not polluted at all ?

    Yes I can..

    Verkhoyansk and many places of Northern Interior Siberia are said to be pollution / disease free. Low populations, less vehicles and most importantly the extremely cold temperatures under which no micro organism can survive has been attributed to the health and long lives of the people in these regions.

  12. Sel
    OUTLOOK FOR SUBSEQUENT TWO DAYS: Slight increase in rainfall over Coastal Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.




    for Deputy Director General of Meteorology


    🙂 😉

  13. North east monsoon start at Th up to Th December so much of dry days
    1.5nov to 15 nov
    2.18 to 22nd
    3.29th to 7th
    total -20 days of dry period so far 41days of monsoon only. 50% of days only rain. 20 hrs of heavy rain 40hrs of moderate rain 70 hrs of drizzle. so for still 4% short for chennai of north east monsoon

  14. “thunder is a very intelligent student..thatz y he gets double/triple promotions every year..hence he is studying 10th at a very very young age!”


  15. @ashwinds – take a walk to besant nagar beach. You can see the sea being rough. That itself is some indication. However till we see rain I wont make predictions. IMD does make good predictions once in a while 😉

  16. Temp started to fall again in in NW-tn after a long time…
    Tirupattur falls to 15 degrees…Bangalore 17 degrees…

    But 95km E-N-E of Tirupattur ,Vellore records only 20minimum
    And 65km W-S-W of Tirupattur ,Dharmapuri records 19minimum….

    Thats a sharp rise on both sides…its a significant difference!

  17. Thunder, y u care abt ratings n responses?? u just post ur views…. Content nly matters n not the name…..really i appreciate u for the interest in weather at tis young age…. u r 1 of the active person in d blog…so try to keep up the name…

  18. 12 degrees difference between bangalore & chennai Airports at 06:40 AM. Bangalore at 12 and chennai at 24 🙂

    • ooty main observatory recorded 4deg but many parts of ooty recorded even below 0c.meanwhile its a mild morning ere so rain on the way

  19. Thunder, til tuesday wind was 4m N-nw..so it was chill and it created fog,dew .. …but evrythng got changd 4m ystrday ,strong easterly winds along with high cloud cover reduced chillness and fog ….hope tis is the sign of approaching rain.

  20. Kea Blog members and myself congrats Virender Shewag for his world record Double century and Highest Score ..

    A Fantastic Knock..we can’t forget it ever…

    VIRU ROCKS………..

  21. Kea,i thnk v r xpecting too much…tis s the 1st rain cloud to enter into land witout any system …so v shldnt care whether it pours or dissipate…,tis s just the beginning ..

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