265 thoughts on “Rains from new system to commence today

    • Three cheers for the team, perfect prediction; people laughed when I told them yday it would rain from today. Keep going guys! I still maintain November rains would be finally around 250-275 mm as per my predictions.

  1. @aswind12…it was a sharp shower for 10mins and given the dry spell for the last 10days,it was a welcome shower..lets savour it

  2. In the radar,the red spots seem to be moving North…it was looking like heading for Pondy / Cdl an hr back..but seem to edging up a bit..I amy be wrong..pls validate

  3. Yes Mr.Gopal, u r right.. some clouds are edging up from that wave.. if it maintains that direction… we might get heavy shower around 11 am..

    Hope it comes up…

  4. bbc predict the system not affect Chennai light showers forecast for Chennai heavy rain interior tamilnadu and heavy rain for delta region rain up to pondicherry again disappointment for Chennai.next week development of cyclone in arbian sea heavy rain Kerala srilanka .

  5. going by all ur forecasting comments…i wud love to see the following words….from u guys…in the next few days.. “blasted….battered…pounded…pouring hellish….hammered..merciless…. ” “My street’s under 4 ft of water…” lol… come on rains…we welcome u with rose petals all the way……

    • Chennai’s hopes of great NEM 2011 rains “battered”
      Kea bloggers’ dreams of flooding rains from this spell “blasted” into pieces”
      My well is having under “4 ft of water” only
      Frustrated comments “pouring” in Kea blog

      Hope the words doesn’t appear in sentences like above ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Chennaiโ€™s hopes of great NEM 2011 rains โ€œbatteredโ€
      Kea bloggersโ€™ dreams of flooding rains from this spell โ€œblastedโ€ into piecesโ€
      My well is having under โ€œ4 ft of waterโ€ only
      Frustrated comments โ€œpouringโ€ in Kea blog

      Hope the words doesnโ€™t appear in sentences like above

  6. A trough in easterlies extends from westcentral Bay of Bengal to southwest Bay of Bengal with an embedded cyclonic circulation lies over southwest Bay of Bengal in lower levels. In association with this cyclonic circulation which is moving northwest wards a low pressure area may develop over comorin area around 26th November.

  7. The curators at Wankede stadium desperate for Sachin to get his 100th ton made the flattest pitch ever. It might not even break after 10 days.

    If they happen to play a timeless test match, the unseasonal rains next week will be the only obstruction to the match.

  8. Perfect!! 98B moving W-nw-w.(more west) Now the entire T.storms wil hit N.tn coast tat is forming in bay in between central tn and andaman…. clouds tat r brewing near andaman island wil hav a hit on us wen tis system moves further west… 25 cm in 2 days wil be a easy target..

  9. Climax wil b decided only by the movement of 98b..if it is stationary,more damaka… I feel the climax wil b 4m tmrw midnyt to sat noon…in btween heavy fall cant be ruled out..

  10. By seeing the radar.. A big mass or waves of clouds reaching us..

    The wave clouds is very long. is about 100 kms long… first part is moving to south but the tail end will surely reach us..

    Infact the tail end is a very severe one..

    Hope it reaches us ..

    • A lot of wind will this drive away the moisture ? I ask this because with the earlier NEM there was hardly any wind but lots of rain…I hope this is not that way.

      • Thats what I thought. With this wind I would have expected showers earlier….but with the wind persisting I have my doubts. I hope I am proved wrong…I also think NEM this year is a major disappointment apart from the last week of Oct.

    • Rajkumar,
      I have my doubts. Its too windy – the wind circulation must stop for precipitation to occur. Do you have a different opinion ? If so why ?

  11. Dear aswind12..

    Last Month we don’t had any system..so there was no wind in that NEM rains..

    But now the sea is very rough & system is forming.. so we will get very heavy rain along with strong winds…

    Clouds won’t get dissipate with this wind infact it gets still vigorous while reaching the land.

    We will Wait and watch

  12. All of us have seen the radar from 5pm…the clouds are not dissipating due to strong winds ..Still its maintaining that 100 KMS long wave..

    its getting stronger & stronger…

    • I see what you are saying Rajkumar. However no rain as of now. Sea is very very rough I do agree with you yes but so far no precipitation along the coast.
      Regarding last month why do you say there was no system ? It gave us nearly 40 cms rain.

      • Last month, no system formed in bay or near SL… it has formed in Arabian sea only and moved to OMAN..

        So we don’t had any strong winds like this.. we had our natural NEM rains..

        But this is forming near SL & TN coast.. so only we are facing this strong winds..

      • reg precipation, this system is not forming in our Chennai latitude ( 10N)…

        So, only S.Tn gets battered now, but once the systems gets organized, we will get shower..why means NEM pulls the moisture from that systems and provide the heavy rain for us…

        I don’t know its correct or not , experts kindly guide if its wrong..

  13. my mother always tells mew to unplug all electronic items during thunder storm do we need to unplug all electronic items or only tv

  14. One could sense that extreme north chennai areas like Ponneri is still bone dry ….seeing the radar….this night is for south chennai…the rains will take some time before it becomes heavy up north and stretch upto Nellore,kavali..

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